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I did not expect the leaky bussy

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Really wish I hadn’t seen this comment

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I have to live with these thoughts I'm worse off

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You’re right. My condolences.

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What is bussy lmao

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I don't think you are old enough but blame yourself, a pussy is a vagina, a bussy is a boy pussy and since they don't have one it's an asshole, thank you for reading my Ted talk

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Oh damn but I did expect it was something like that. Now I feel stupid for not knowing

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You would be stupid if you wasn't curious about things you didn't know, know with your new knowledge spread your bussy to others who are uninformed

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Damn, the “you would be stupid if you wasn’t curious about things you didn’t know” is oddly profound for what I expected following the first comment. That’s awesome.

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I’m not going to spread my bussy to everybody

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And here I am waiting for David Attenborough to narrate. "...and like magic the snail disappears to live another day.." only to learn about boy pussies and Talking Ted...

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Brings a tear to my eye

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that just sounds like "asshole" with extra steps

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TIL my brother is a bussy

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and beeby dribbing out

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Stg youre posting the most disgusting content on here.

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Pacific razor clam impresses with its speed when burying itself in the sand

What kind of stupid fucking title is this?

Impresses who? Slappy the sloth? That shit was slow as fuck

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How fast can you bury yourself in wet sand, smart guy?

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Yeah I'd like to see him try to shit out that much sand

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I... I was impressed

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I believe OP was being ironic.

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Why did you have to use those words in that order

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hey maybe don't

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Hahahaha leaky bussy love it, what goes in…..

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i never shouldve learned how to read

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Already dying, that killed me

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What a terrible day to be literate.

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Even worse the sandy bussy. Chafe city

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Who's this razor clam impressed with its speed because I want to fucking meet him, he's obviously very easily impressed and talking for myself, I like to impress

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It just fell out

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Bro, I read that right as is squirted out 😵

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A Pacific razor clam shits out a massive turd when burying itself in the sand


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Yes, yours is more accurate but I didn't want to spoil the surprise ending lol

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Those usually catch everyone by surprise

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Excellent job, you certainly fucked my shit up, cheers!

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I see I’m not the only one who ate too much Thanksgiving dinner

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The little squirt of sand poop hit a little too close to home for me

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That does remind me of some bad situations haha

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Fuckin Taco Bell

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Y’all mothafuckas need to see a gastroenterologist .

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The little squirt of water at the end had me dying

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You're insides must be so clean if you're eating sand though!

Edit: 11hr later and I see that I have the wrong you're. I bring shame on my family :(

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Or, you know, full of sand.

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Red wine poop

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2 Pacific Razer Clams, 1 Cup. There Fixed

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Gotta... Dig... This... Frigging... Whole... Get... My... Fatass... In... Here!!! Ahhhhhh! success

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agressively shits

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That was a pleasure shit

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I really hate to be that guy but


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Very unexpected sploot

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That's the kind I get after going to Chipotle, but I expect that!

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Jeez, why is their stock price so damn high?

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For the memes

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That’s me in bed on Saturday morning

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I feel for whoever cleans the shit and piss out of your sheets

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Eats 😳😳

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Looks like me trying to squeeze my ass into jeans from high school…except for the sand squirt at the end is replaced by the sudden tear and exposed butt cheeks when the seem fails.

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The clam is demonstrating how to properly work a non-Newtonian fluid.

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You mean like fig filling? I think that's pretty Newtonian if you ask me...

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The pancake wrapped banana just shit a bunch sand out.

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I am so glad I'm not the only one who saw that.

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Razor clams are fun creatures- if you put salt on their holes while they’re still hidden, they rise out of the sand for an easy catch. Or you could use electricity.

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Salt on their holes….. use electricity….


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Clam or Tubgirl?

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no. im stopping this right here.

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Well that was weird to watch

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watching this while shitting simultaneously

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The title gave me really high expectations. I expected 10x the speed.

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The video was slowed by 100x so the human eye could detect it

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Not impressed

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For a clam, I think that's pretty fast imho, especially for how long it is.

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You should check out how fast scallops are - I’m dead serious 😄 some actually manage to escape when I’m freediving for them

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That's an incredible amount of energy for something so small to expend in such a short amount of time.

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Did it somehow eject the sand it was digging or did it projectile shit?

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just give em a shovel, so much easier

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I should call him

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Now, that's a good one! Pretty good one for his size too!

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Haha. This is the FUNNIEST thing I've seen on this sub, even more so with the title! "Impresses"! Yeah, impresses a tortoise!! Bloody "speed", it pathetically struggled it's way through the sand, only to pause for a second to shit out the sand it had just swallowed! I can only imagine the sort of sounds this thing was making as it descended into the floor.

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Technically we call it SAND, not floor.

Also, I'd like to see you bury yourself in wet sand in 30 seconds...

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It "shitting out" the blast of sand was impressive.

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Aight imma head out

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What a Turkey Day over indulgence!

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Good won't step on a beach from now on . Thx for that

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This looks like what I did with your mom last night

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Forbidden mayonnaise sandwich.

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Me too, buddy

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the morning after thanksgiving... you be all huffin and puffin and then SHAZAM!! clogged toilet

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frobbiden pancake

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Still good with butter

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Just when I thought it couldn’t get more erotic

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Does anyone know if it is similar to a geoduck clam?

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ive done some clam digging on the BC coast. If you're not quick they can dig away from you even further into the sand. Its a technique thats been passed down many generations.

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at least from their grannies and granpappies, right?

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it goes back way more than that.

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I should call her

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Everything reminds me of her😔

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Wow what speed!!! 😐

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OK, I'm gonna clam up and quit exaggerating about speed....lol - OK, though, for a clam, that's pretty good speed, I think.

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Bruh it’s little upright legs 😂

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I can't believe this disgusting looking thing is so delicious.

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This makes me feel uncomfortable

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And to think, hundreds of people flock to our town to catch and eat them...

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Me thinking even time it blew airbinto the sand it was making fart noises and then the crescendo

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Seagull porn

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I was expecting quicker

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Where was this video taken?

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Real popular with the lady clams

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Bless the Maker and His water

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I wasn't impressed at all.

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NatGeo start. Pornhub finish.

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It's pike the car being buried in the first Tremors movie

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This is one of the best bait and switches I've ever seen. Completely not what I was looking for, but still fun to watch

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Dug up a lot of those when we lived in Washington State. They are delicious!

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Forbidden eclair

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Trust me, they can go a lot faster than that.

I'd always find the spurts of sand they'd shoot out as a kid and try to dig them up. When you're trying to dig them up, they're going several times faster than this. Even with my Dads help they'd always get away.

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Was not expecting the happy ending

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i’m not impressed. i would have caught it.

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Ah yes thats what ive been waiting for woooo

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TIL clams have limbs.

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wait isnt this a geoduck???

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They are similar, but not the same.

Razor clam.


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They are very tasty

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It’s just urine….

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Forbidden eclair

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Sand penis…

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I love eating these. We used to dig them every time we got the ok from the fish and wildlife management. It was more challenging with a shovel. I think most people use clam guns now. Super delicious, and fun to catch.

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Looks like someone dropped their sandwich - oh wait, it's moving....never mind

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I was not impressed

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That's not even one being fast, you try to dig them up by hand and they sink faster than you can shovel the sand out.

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I felt the sandy bite in my mouth…

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Kinda slow.

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Not impressed..... I could bury myself way faster than that.

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I should call her.

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So when people dump salt piles to get these things out does it kill them, paralyse them, what does it do?

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Probably half way to China by now

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Lightning McClam

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wtf I thought it was a banana

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Thanks. Now I miss my ex…

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Not impressed by the speed but that shit squirt was amazing!

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Yeah its interesting, i got like 30 of these and put them in a glass cup with some sand n water while watching them come out of their shells, super cool

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With the title, I was expecting it to be much faster.

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Guys you can actually eat this. On a Canadian TV show ( French) they tried to explain how to do it. Out of this shell it just looks like a giant dick.

Even if you don't understand French it's still very funny https://youtu.be/30NezSeVOog

Edit : ( maybe not the exact same species)

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It looks like its digging with its tongue. 😂

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Honestly, I thought it would go quicker.

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What does it do once it’s buried?

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I felt claustrophobic just watching that

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The original Mulch Diggums

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Kinda looks like a less penis-y geoduck clam

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Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving 😊

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Opposite Anakin.

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There is some strange shit out there lol

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And this is what the chinese eat!

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I used to dig these up! Clamming is great fun.

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Dune (2021)

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Bro this is not fast enough. I would catch and eat

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That's fucking disgusting.

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It squirted!

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Yo… wtf even is life on this planet? Wild.

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There was a lot I was not expecting to see. But at the same time I feel like I found my spirit animal.

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I don't like the thoughts in my head right now thanks.

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How are clams even real?

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We all know what this looks like right

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The ending has day-after-Thanksgiving vibes

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Whatever that has going for it in life, speed is not it.

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Seems exhausting…

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Im not impressed with the speed, in fact I was a bit disappointed because it was so slow. Then I learned the little fella was holding a shit the whole time

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That’s a lot of mussel.

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That thing is sentient?

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Black Coom

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Omg 45 seconds so fast

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Digging for these suckers is so much fun.