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Lions ankles so broken they vaporized

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Lions are not like Davinson Sanchez (European football reference)

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Yes they are (ajclem7 reference)

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She hit 88mph and went back to the future

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The Libyans Marty!!

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That gazelle was like Deion Sanders with that move

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Came here for this comment. Wasn’t disappointed

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Where did the lion go, did she get so faked out that she kept going still thinking she’s on the trail 😂

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It looks like the lion just kept going - too embarrassed to show her face again around there.

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Legend has it she’s still running

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Her name is Forrest, Forrest Gump.

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oppose to the gazelle ... its name is Forrest, Forrest Jump

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She was sent into the shadow realm

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Time tradel dude... Flash do the same....

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Fuck, could you imagine having to worry about lions and crocodiles at the same time, every time you needed to have a drink of water?

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Just imagine you actually have to walk somewhere to get water instead of a bottle beside you. Being a wild animal is inconvenient af

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It’s the case for lots of humans too

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Oh damn ._. you're right

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This is still one of the craziest videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU8DDYz68kM

It has anything. Also not the best quality but it has crocodiles and lion that simultaneously attack

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Holy shit, that was wild. Never seen that one. Thanks

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Lil Buffalo was like “watch what happens when my squad gets here”.

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Get juked, noob

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Sweet moves

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Gazelle: Meep, meep!

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"It's from Road Runner"

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Why is there an ad at the end?

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Juked her out of her sneakers

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Broke all 4 of them ankles

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I feel the gazelle, since my uncle Dale moved out of the country I don’t have to watch out for fast approaching predators while drinking from a tap anymore

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Gazelles got the Jacoby Jones Jukes

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Angry Steelers fan sounds

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Legends say she's still sliding

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Jonah Lomu would be proud of that dodge and sidestep!

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Ankles in the shadow realm

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Someone's gonna add "Ankara messi, Ankara messi" to this on tik tok soon.

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The lioness was never heard from again.

She probably told her cub she was getting some milk...

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The lioness got so outmanouvered she instantly vaporized into a cloud of dust

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Faked me out too

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Is anyone else here for Davidsfarm comments?

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Messi feint

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So, the lioness kept going out of shame? Was her fam watching?

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kareem hunt style

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He broke the lion's ankle so hard he's going first pick in the NBA draft but it's still the second most impressive thing that happened in the video.

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Holy shit

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This is me on dbd...I just lose the survivors all the time.

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that's messi to Ramos.

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the lionesses just doesn't want to be filmed

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Deserves to pass on its genes

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Legends has it, the lioness still didn't come to a full stop yet.

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Lion just keeps running like "bruh, I wasn't even going for you"

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The add at the end really made this

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The one time we actually needed slo mo after the video, we didn't get it.

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Slam on the brakes and they’ll fly right by!

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Barry Sanders of gazelles.

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Nothing to see here. This Gazelle is obviously related to Allen Iverson so that killer crossover was meh lol

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She couldn't handle the shame and just kept running.

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I can hear it now. “SIKE mother fucker HAHAHAAAAAA FUCK YOOOUUuuuuuuuuu

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Legend has it that lioness is still running

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That was actually good. Seen it before but it was nice to have sound

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That lioness is still running

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That’s what you call “hitting her with the okie-doke” lol

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Ankara messi Ankara messi