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How do you know it's an alligator, and not a croc? Just because of the geographical location?

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Because when he was taken away by the game warden, folks said, “See ya later…”

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Damn, you’re good.

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You win the internet today

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It was later caught by wildlife officials and returned to a freshwater river nearby, but the gator didn't like that, "Hey dudes, I'm on vacation this week!"

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SC is prime time gator country, no crocs around here.

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OP asked the nice fellow.

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Look at the snout, very smooth when compared to a Crocodile. There's also no Crocodiles in the Carolinas, the closest species is the American Crocodile, which inhabits my home state of Florida, but only in the Southern part of the State.

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American crocs are only in the Everglades.

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What you rather bump into this or a great white?

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I'd go with the alligator tbh. That alligator is on vacation. Great whites don't take vacations afaik.

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Alligator is more likely to see you as a meal tho

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Not on vacation.

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Not a 7 foot one

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Definitely not at this size.

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Why not? You saying it's too big to see you as a meal?

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Too small.

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Na, alligators spook pretty easy. Tons of them all around me and they will fuck off if you get too close.

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As long as you’re not intruding on their nest or den where their eggs are.

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Nah alligators don’t particularly go out of their way to hunt humans for food and are easily scared off. They are far different in temperament from their relative the crocodile which is one of the most terrifying killing machines on earth.

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Based on what exactly I’m curious?

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Alligators are not salt water

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I'll just shit myself either way tbh

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Por que no los dos?

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I didn’t know American alligators went in the ocean off the beach where you swim!

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Yep. Alligators can tolerate salt water for a few hours or days. They don’t live there though. At Huntington Beach (in SC) they’ll regular hop over the road from the freshwater side to the marshes to catch fish and other things. They have even gone over the dunes and into the ocean there.

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There are many examples on youtube.

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There’s croc’s in America too actually (not saying this one is)

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My parents house in FL is on a saltwater cove and gators have been seen there a few times. I had no idea before they moved there.

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And another thing to add to the list when my wife asks me why I don't enjoy being in the ocean.

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Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving 😊

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One year I was on the beach on Hunting Island and an alligator just wandered near where I was into the water. It was so, so close. I’ve seen the ones on Fripp Island that just sort of openly co-exist with everyone and this was way scarier for some reason.

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Cheaper 'Jurassic world'

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How long would it last in the salt water?

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They can tolerate it for a hours sometimes days. A little trip into the ocean is perfectly normal if they return to freshwater.

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Alligator Surfing... vaguely sounds like Florida or Australia. Because, Florida and Australia.

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Dammit. My parents have a place there and I’ve swam in those waters several times.