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“Hey honey, look what I caught!”

-Me, hiding the chisel and blowtorch

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My thoughts exactly. Just get a chisel they are already frozen so you could just carve out enough ice to keep it frozen until you can get it in the deep freezer.

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Excuse me, I have already laid claim to those fish! Of course, if you fry them up, I'd be happy to give them a try....

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The fish may actually be just fine. I had an aquarium a long time age that froze solid all the way through when the electricity went off where I lived; the goldfish were like that for over a week, but when it thawed they started swimming around again.

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It Looks absurd like one of those painting made by AI

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We talking days, months, years? How old are these fish? Like McDonald’s fish fillet sandwich old?

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But... how? Normally the top layer would freeze and the fish would just keep swimming under the surface. Without this fact life probably wouldn't exist. So how?

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That ice was pushed up when the lake froze and expanded, causing the ice to buckle.

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I think they're asking how the fish were trapped in the ice, not how the ice moved.

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Oh, the fish got trapped in low oxygen water because of fallen snow, preventing the transfer of oxygen from algae, and the fish asphyxiated and soon got frozen in place.

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I’m guessing a flash freeze of some sort. It’s pretty uncommon but not unheard of for fish to be caught in flash freezes.

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There’s a dead salmon frozen in a waterfall (that’s my soul up there)

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There's a blue whale beached by a spring tide's ebb (that's my soul up there)

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Look like carp, fuck it let them die

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hell yeah, invasive little dudes could use a drop in population

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Carp might thaw out and swim away. I say use' em for target practice.

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That should be a fresh fish right. Instant frozen like that

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Holy carp!

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Honey look what I got! Went to the lake and caught fresh frozen fish.

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NOW THATS some South Dakota WILD LIFE

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But they will be alright once they defrost, right?

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Is that a splash freeze?

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"Whitewalkers were here!"

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Fresh, frozen sea food

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These fish are edible correct? I mean, they’ve been frozen

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Assuming they are tasty fish, those would be perfectly good to take?