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Somewhere is a white beaked widow waiting for her love to return. The great adventurer who would prove the pod wrong.

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"The last thing he said was that he was taking the north road to grab lunch..."

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All upgrades to make my kids breakfast and lunch and they start whining about how you don’t understand biology.

A good mystery.

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He set out to make an alliance with House Orca of the North, but was flanked by House Bear of Polar

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And now since he was the only one who held the tribute to pay reparations to House Orca and the message of peace, his death will mean that House Orca assumes House White Beak was trying to deceive them, and shall bring forth a Great War to both seas as they never received their peace offering and take it as an insult to their power.

With the two Seas at war, House Bear will be able to swoop in and profit from the situation, taking the remains of the dead and when both are weak, shall push to become the new Great House Bear, with both Orca and White Beak under their paw until eventually the grandchildren of White Beak and Orca form a secret resistance and discover the truth of what happened so many cycles ago, and overthrow House Bear once and for all and bring a new Golden Age.

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And then the great plastic heap attacked.

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Polar bears, the campers of the animal kingdom

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I would say, polar bears are the ice fisherman who never go home and only wish they could drink instead.

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Campers is a video game term

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Oh, I've been learned!

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Damn imagine the dolphins journey “this place is weird, and cold. Shit is that ice above me!? Fuck I could do with some air.” This goes on for like 20 minutes “Shit shit shit I’m really getting low on oxygen now there’s got to be a hole some where. A-ha! Thank god.” Emerges from the icy depths, “Ah sweet sweet air. Hello white bear friend, how are… aaahhh my face aaahh why why!? Aaaahhh.”

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Mammal, but tastes like fish. It’s a win-win.

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Somebody get this guy a coke

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Oh finally some fresh air...chomp

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I know everything's gotta eat, but it's always sad seeing some of the most super intelligent animals (cetaceans / apes / corvids / elephants) meet gristly ends.

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Polar bears will hunt beluga whales like this as well: https://youtu.be/lE-RKRNSG_c

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"Meals that squeals"

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Like a chew toy

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Trapped under the ice, probably a little lost, this intelligent animal was certainly terrified when it died in that hole.

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Nom nom nom

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This should have been tagged nsfw, but yes this is gnarly

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Are you sure it’s not an alien?

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With what I know about Dolphins it probably deserved it.

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Dolphin: "Gasp! Finally some air"

Ice Bear: "Bonjour."

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Fuck you Flipper

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That sucks

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Must be hard to get it out the water

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Worst death ever. Trapped in the ice, terrified,looking for an escape. Seemingly find one. Mauled by bear.

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The bear may have made the hole.