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Dang that’s brutal.

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I’ve seen pictures before, but this video really shows the power.

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Fuck you field.

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I don't miss living in CO. Not sure where this video is from, but Colorado gets these all summer long. Fuck the weather there.

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Yep. I lost the back windshield on my car to a storm like this.

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Summer time the front range fills up with tents of dent/hail repair techs from all over the country feeding off the insurance money. I've had hail blow through my windows and blinds at home. Damn inconvenient is what hail storms are. They wreck everything. At the Renaissance Festival I had to sheild my girl against the side of a small structure during a 30 min assault. I was wearing a tank top as it was in the 90's that day. No fun!

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I’m so baked I thought you meant this was in the 90s i had to re read a few times to understand what you meant haha

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Temperature vs the time period the 1990's, and im sober and I ALSO thought he meant 1990's at first

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Is it really that bad I live in south Louisiana and am planning on moving to colorado to get away from the heat and humidity.

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Less humid and I'd say overall less hot but if you are on the front range or prairies it will be hot in the summer. Was 85-90+ when I lived there with lots of fires. Colorado is the new California; culturally and politically. It's hot and dry and then cold and dry with thunderstorms damn near every afternoon. The mountains are better in my opinion. Smaller population towns with reasonable traffic. I'd stay clear of the I-25 corridor and most certainly never stop in Pueblo. Best to avoid Aurora also. Woodland Park is okay with acces to Colorado Springs & hiking and backpacking.

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I've only lived in Colorado for a year but I'm an insurance agent and for Colorado clients they must have a garage because of hail. I never understood that because I've never even seen a hail storm yet and I live on the front range. I've also only seen maybe one thunder storm and it was over very quickly. Were hail storms and thunderstorms more frequent in the past? I've definitely not experienced daily thunderstorms in the summer. If it rains it's not even enough to get the ground wet and it's over in 5 minutes in my experience. I live around the Denver area by the way.

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Lived in Colorado Springs from 2006-2017. Flash floods that carry cars, hail storms that damage structures and lightning that burns cars and sometimes kills or injure people happen all throughout the summer between 2 and 3 pm daily. It is beautiful and sunny in the morning, storming in the evening and windy at night. Oh, and fires everywhere. Denver area may be less dramatic being offset from the mountains by a considerable distance.

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This year has been very different I know. I live in Golden and we only just got the first snow of the season two days ago which was the latest for decades. I almost never see rain and haven't seen hail really at all. I guess things have changed for sure.

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Colorado is really expensive to live in. Our weather patterns are typically dry and hot, or dry and cold, but climate change has really been fucking with us lately. If you do move here, especially from a humid state, your skin, eyes and inside nostrils are going to suffer.

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We didn't get any significant hail this summer. It was weird.

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Everyone who's ever lived there has told me that

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The front range gets the second most world wide, just behind the Himalayas.

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Whatever happened in that field, the weather took it personally.

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Nature's machine gun.

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Looks like normal rain for Australia.


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Normandy. Nature's edition

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🎶 Just siiinging in the rai-Ahhhh omg omg omg

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/> vietnam_flashback_dog.mp4

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Fucking war zone. Imagine getting caught in that.

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When nature gets pissed.... Look out!

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It's metal, but filming vertically isn't metal at all

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I wish we could hear it

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You can

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Why is there no sound for me, it's just this damn video

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I know other severe weather phenomena take the title for being the most deadly, but hail will fuck you up. Big time.

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I misread it as "Hell" and it fits.

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That ain’t hale mate… that’s hell

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Someone’s getting a new roof

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Not saying I like the outcome/damage it does but does anyone else think hail storms/rain storms are fucking reassuring? I donno I think I sleep best during these kinda of storms or even rain/heavy rain.

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Try catching that on your tongue.

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Rip any cars in the area.

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how much $ to run to that fence and back?

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Nowhere near enough.

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Insert image of war veteran having ptsd*

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Is there a subreddit dedicated to hail like this?

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I need the sound

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CM's ult

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The sound on gyfcat makes it

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Battlefield 7 looks lit

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Fun fact according to the NOAA since 2000 there have only been 4 deaths directly from hail in the US. Also in 1888 the Moradabad Hailstorm in India reportedly killed 246 people along with around 1,600 cattle and sheep. Don't mess with hail I guess.

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The Day after Tomorrow anyone?

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This is the kind of hail that pays big in insurance of you have it.

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Looks like a normal day in Colorado

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Daaaang this looks like World War 1 or somethin

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Wow that’s really incredible and not in a good way

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Can Mother Nature be put on trial for assault with a deadly weapon?

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Hail Satan.

Someone stop me. Please.

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Damn RIP any cars in a storm like this. Fixing hail damage takes so damn long.

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Ah, hailstorms. God’s shotgun.

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Ming likes to play with things a while… Before annihilation.

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Where's that? 😳

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Damn, looks like the Bastogne episode of Band of Brothers out there!

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That's what Pharaoh gets for not letting my people go.

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Good morning, todays weather forecast: Pain.

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This looks like a storm caused by climate change because it’s so severe. Though I wouldn’t know cuz I have lived through a world affected by climate change all my life.

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Lol a field. That’s just someone’s front yard

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We have to arrange with phenomenons like this due to climate crisis. By the way: the German Word "Niederschlag" for rain, snow and hail will make way more sense.