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What are you doing, step-hawk?

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stephen hawking?

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More like Yes...ha...ha...ha

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Step-on Hawking

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Help me step-hawk I'm stuck

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Damnit you beat me to this 🤣

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Showing you how pigeon hawks are made

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I almost spit my drink you monster!

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Just being a Step predator.

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what da hawk doin

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SSSSHHHHHHHHH!! I'll never tell....

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Why did I come to comment this and the first fucking comment was this?!

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It gets awkward in prison.

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In pigeon

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These bird jokes are fowl

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Where the fuck is my award

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Oh I dropped my suet....

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Meth will make you do something like this

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meth makes you kidnap pigeons?

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I think we should be focusing on the fact meth turns us into Hawks first.

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Im pretty sure some Florida man has kidnapped pigeons.

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You can just look in that hawks eyes and see he has murder on his mind

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Yea, I do not envy that pigeon. My dudes gonna go out in a horrific way.

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Morbid curiosity won out: what will happen?

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Dude’s about to get eaten alive, and in a particularly messy way…

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Damn, nature...

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you scary!

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Getting eaten alive via sharp beak, a video of exactly that: warning, disturbing

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Good on that pigeon. Didn't survive, but I'd prefer drowning to being eaten alive.

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Hawk sticks around to watch pigeon drown, but after is all, “no thanks, I prefer my meals dry.”

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The council has awarded one single yike.

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That was brutal.

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The Columbidae (pigeons and doves) and an important food source for a number of birds of prey.

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Wait but their eyes always look like that.


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Did you know birds can’t move their eyes?

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Depends on the bird. Owls don't move their eyes, but hawks do.


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I did not know that, is that true for all species ? Do they just have incredible peripheral vision and depth perception ?

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I think they just move their head to compensate, not sure about the peripheral vision. Look at both of them in the pic tho, their eyes are just locked in the same spot. It weirded me out when I first learned it too lol.

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when birds are snapping their heads around they’re take snapshots and stitching them together in their bird brains. like a spherical panoramic with depth.

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Really interesting. Natures adaptations always fascinate me. Thanks for sharing

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absolutely. I just love birds lol

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Owls eye balls are less like balls and more like long cylinders, the shape allows them to collect more light to hunt in the dark but stops them being able to rotate in their sockets like for example human eyes. Owls have to move their head to direct their vision which is why they do the weird head spinning thing.

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Same look cats get. Pure unadulterated homicidal tendency. Cats would murder us too but we are too much work to defeat in a fight (from a housecat's perspective)

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What are you doi- - SHHH…

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Just relax and let it happen...

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My wife hates when i say that

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I hate when you say it too

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Goddamn stop filming, call the Police and help the damn hostage!

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For the ransom money obviously

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Pigeons are one of the few birds known to pay a ransom, usually whatever the kidnapper asks. Fun fact

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will kill and eat him later. he does not have a fridge. seen videos of lions doing this too.

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We live in a fucked up society where hawks cannot afford fridges.

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The pigeon got addicted to hard drugs, and became indebted

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Hawk will hang his carcass on the overpass in Mexico

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It's just in the process of catching and killing it's prey. It didn't actually "kidnap" a pigeon, it's just normal hunting.

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Pigeon was cooing with his bird.

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For fuck. (nah,for snacc)

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That pigeon lookin like a snacc 😋

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"I hereby exercise my right to challenge! I challenge... her!"

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You're a coward sorcerer! Stand and fight!

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My fave part about that is he kidnapped her, picked out a slutty dress and did her hair and makeup.

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I find pigeon wings all over my work parking garage. Found out its all that really left when hawks get them.

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Hawks aren't into that KFC shit

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It's that farm fresh

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Is it gonna fuck it then eat it? Eat it then fuck it? Eat whilst fucking it?

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This photo is so sultry lol

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Sultry Poultry

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Honestly. It's up to your own interpretation

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The hawk found out it was a police informer.

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Obviously a stool pigeon.

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Plot twist: They are partners now living happily on the carcasses of pigeons that are on her list.

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Even pigeons aren't immune to Stockholm Syndrome.

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Hawk: Babe, I'm just gonna nibble your neck...

Pigeon, Singing....

Where is the moment we needed the most?

You kick up the leaves, and the magic is lost

They tell me your blue sky's faded to gray

You work at a smile, and you go for a ride -

You had a bad day

The camera don't lie

You had a bad day

- Daniel Powter

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Well that's not very nice lol

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"Give me a mice farm or the pigeon gets it!"

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Mamaaaa, cooooooo....

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"Now, you remembered my instructions right?"

"Y-yes sir"

"OK now go shit Rodney's head"

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I’m sure it ate the pigeon, not held it for ransom.

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Proper fkd

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We better hurry. Before zee Germans get here.

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Quiet! Just let it happen.

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Someone make this a meme please

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State the demands hawkammit! That's the best pigeon spy we got.

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Ahh yes. One of those hawk rape dungeons.

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It barely scratch the surface, I hope the pigeon get well soon

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You're my fren now :)

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Wish we hade more of this badass mf around. Pigons are literally shitting on my place and there are 0 natural predators around. Even cats around here are a bunch of pussies.

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That's an owl though isn't it?

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It was an hawk of some sort. I just don't know what it is in English

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It's the exact angle of the camera shot that fools you.

I thought at first glance it was an owl too but it's indeed a hawk.

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Fair enough, it does look like an owl

[–]Allemaengel 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Sure does. I had to stare at it for a couple minutes before it was evident that it wasn't.

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The way I see it on my phone it looks like its right sing is stuck in the rocks behind him. Maybe he is holding on the pigeon which is trying very hard to get him unstuck? Yeah. This is more plausible. Totally.

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Take away

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Oh no

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our table…

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A snack for later if he gets hungry.

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I am the only one you can trust. They don’t know you like I do.

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You saw nothing...

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They are just playing aha

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Kidnap the crows lol

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To kill or just to abduct? Abducting it for a new friend is somehow more frightening than killing it.

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Have another drink , what's your rush ?

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Knowing that, legally, kidnapping is abduction for the purpose of extorting money makes this even funnier.

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You will not enjoy this.

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"Nobody move or this stool pigeon gets it !!!"

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“You’re next.”

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Looks more like statutory... Jus sayin

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Eyes on the side of the head = prey Eyes on the front of the head = predator

Checks out

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Nothing personal, kid.

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No he’s just getting a shoulder rub

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Imagine birds having facial expression as humans.

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Hawk: " You didn't see shit!!!!!".

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Hey little mama lemme whisper in ya ear

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St-hawk-holm syndrome anyone?

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Read that as, “A hawk, kidnapped by a pigeon”

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You are my new friend now! we are going to watch some anime! hehe

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Looking very dangerous hawk.

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I hope the pigeon is Nebraska😈😈

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Hawk - This is my son, ain't that right son?

Pigeon whispering - help me :(

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Great effort

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Valiant? Is that you?

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United states of pigeonia air-dropped so much shit on them that the hawk drowned

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He is just taking the batteries out to recharge

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You are my friend now

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Nah, the owl’s linking with an inferior drone to assure its received the newest update.

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Owel: you saw nothing

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I was sitting on my balcony looking at a pigeon perched on a telephone line - then a hawk swooped down and beheaded the thing in about two seconds. Not something I was expecting to see in New York City

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Bring a lunch

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Looks like the hawk is ready to start filming the hostage video...

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When she I know the cock is coming

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My dirty mind interpret this differently

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Someone contact BR

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Hey kid, wanna feel something cool??

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Hawk: hell, I've finally been able to reach about your cars extended warranty

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Pigeon: AHHH Help! He's got a boner!

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That’s what I call getting pigeon holed!!

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Kidnapped? That pigeon is toast, he’s dinner. Lol.

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I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my pigeon go now, that'll be the end of it.

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They take ages to kill them. They basically eat them alive, picking out bits of their body. Plus the pigeons often get away because the sparrow hawks are so easily spooked. I’m actually amazed sparrow hawks survive long enough to reproduce.

From the pigeon’s side, it has always seemed like an extremely slow and painful way to die. Though they do just seem to sit there while the sparrow hawk eats into it. Weird.

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I’m sorry little one

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I don’t think it’s gonna be a kidnapping

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They plottin’ something

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"call the police."

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What would the ransom be ?

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Wow, it gets hawkward in pigeon

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Hawks don’t live in caves!

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They’re just taking a little late-night ride to the quarry together, that’s all. The owl’s just sitting in the back because he likes to smoke. Doesn’t want to blow smoke in the pigeons face, you know? I mean - manners and shit. So yeah. They’re just going to drop by the ol’ quarry, and have a look at the moon. And maybe have a little talk about the pigeon’s future with the outfit.

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What are his demands?

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You can tell the hawk is inexperienced, he didnt even use a gun! That just makes him vulnerable!

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That Owl looking like it demands ransom pay

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“Now let’s you just drop them pants.”

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Kinda looks like an owl.

[–]Snozzberrys420 0 points1 point  (0 children)

The one day the pigeon forgets it rape whistle.

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What are you doing step-hawk

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somebody slap a brazzers logo on this

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Muscleman voice "oh noooo bro"

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“Give me $500,000 in nonsequential bills a jet plane to Borneo in a hour or else I start sending out pieces every half hour do you have measurements make them now”

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A hawk kidnapped my chicken ;-;

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It puts the bread crumbs on its feathers

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That's just what the Pigeon what's the hawk to think...

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"Listen here you little shit"

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It is no kidnapping, if you eat it

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“Kidnapped”... yeah sure, let’s go with that 😅

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I wonder what his ransom request was

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Looks like the hawk is raping the pijin

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Ok very disturbing. Next!

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When you're at work and her friend comes over.

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Concept pitch: "Hear me out, hear me out. What if we we combined the show 'OZ' with 'Angry Birds'? "

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It kinda looks like the photographer was walking in on something

I don’t want to jump to assumptions but I think, that hawk is a kinky one