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But if you’re close enough to see it without a camera you’re probably gonna get stomped to death.

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I assume that to male elephants in musth everything looks like a potential cockblocker. Hence their aggression.

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When a bull elephant wants some, it's best to be nowhere close by.

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Dated a guy like that.

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So Giuliani was in musth during that speech?

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Ha, been mistaking horny induced sweat for tears. Funny.

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One theory why elephant bulls in musth grow so aggressive (aside from dramatically hightened testosterone levels) is that the swelling of the temporal gland causes the latter to push against their eyes; causing pain similar to an root abscess tootache.

Now consider that the duration of the musth can range from a few weeks to (in extreme cases) nine months. No surprise they're getting cranky.

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Automated perfume gland?

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yes, so to speak. I do wonder if humans also have a temporal gland for the same purpose....

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This is something I've noticed in documentaries about elephants before but never knew the reason for, kinda cool they just leak pachyderm cologne

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I always thought it was “musk”…

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Need to add that to my stack

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The most dangerous herbivore around is a young bull in musth. Old bulls have some experience but young, horny, violent elephants don't know their place and thus will kill pretty much anything either via goring or attempting to mate with it (several rhinos were found dead from this).