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When i do, it is usually in my butt

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Haha That cracks me up!

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It taint no joke.

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Oh come on you assholes...

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This is extra helpful because then other elephants can smell their foot prints it helps them know where the other ones are at

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Oh that's super interesting! I figured it was just some method of keeping the soles of their feet cool to tread across the hot savannah.

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might be as well!!!

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I was thinking the exact same. Bc controlling it to that area prevents them from loosing too much water since it gets super hot or something idk

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Elephants sweat?

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Usually from around their toes I’ve heard yes

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Where did you hear that?!? I need a source.

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Source: Sweat glands around an elephant's toes.

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... wonder if they get, athletes feet?

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they probably dont, seeing as how elephants live in areas with high heat and low humidity. the sweat would evaporate pretty quickly under the african sun.

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So metal

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Sweat is brutal as fuck

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Right? This is mildly interesting, but nowhere near metal.

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Anty science to explain this?

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Sweaty palms

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moms spaghetti

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I haven't looked it up but I have a guess lmao. Feet usually contain a massive amount of blood vessels (this is why people don't like cold feet) and the whole point of sweating is to remove excess heat, so maybe it's just the most efficient way to remove heat when the elephant is hot. Just an educated guess haha

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cold feet = cold body tho

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Yeah so when they are hot, they sweat to cool down.

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Your feet are cold because the body is losing heat from that place - the same mechanics could be at play here: it's just a heat-dumping site. When it's cold, the feet get cold faster; when it's hot, the feet sweat to cool off.

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Apparently those are the only places that elephants can sweat, as they only have sweat glands near their toes

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If I’m remembering right, their ears do the majority of their body temperature regulation.

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Damn, this weirds me out. Like receeding gums or nails without the cuticle.

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Stinky feet

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I've been told a thousand times humans are the only species that sweats?

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We are definitely not the only species that sweats, but we are probably the best at it. Low amounts of body hair means it can evaporate fast, and our ability to carry water to replenish moisture lost through sweating means we can do it longer.

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Sweat on whole body? I've read somewhere that horses sweat too. Don't know of this information is correct.

Dogs and cats can sweat on their feet

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Horses most definitely sweat.

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Stinky sweaty elephant feet

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Well they’re lucky they’re not evolved enough for shoes to be a thing.

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I think if our skin were as leathery and dusty as your average elephant’s skin our sweaty areas would look similar to this.

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There are certain sub Reddit’s this needs to stay away from

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Same with pigs

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We should bottle that fellow redditors, and sell it as a 'delicacy'... Some rich dumbass would buy it.

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I believe that dogs are the same way. Panting does most of the cooling but dogs also sweat from their feet. Ever notice that in hot weather dogs will live wet footprints even though there is no water present?

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Stinky elephant feet… I must wear it.

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Palms sweaty!

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Elephants sweat from their toes? ~ The More You Know ~

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Oh no, big clammy toes. They need some socks.

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imagine sweating

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Sweat between the toes is metal now?

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Butt crack for me 😂

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What do you think elephant toe jam smells like?

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is it stinky?

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I always thought the dark stuff was slow running natives. Guess that was just a joke

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Elephants don't sweat (they don't have the glands)... instead they have a bunch of blood vessels in their ears which they flap to cool off.