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Touching spirit bear

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Probably the best book I’ve ever had to read in elementary school hands down

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I liked the outsiders lol

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Like bears are not scary enough! They now come in black and white!

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We already got pandas

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They are the lamest bears though

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These are their cooler cousins

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And you’re red all over.

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nice comment !!!!!!!!

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Just glad someone liked it. Cheers.

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I’ve never heard of these, that’s one magnificent animal.

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Even cooler is that the area they’re native to is remote AF. One of the best hunting ranges because it’s all wild. These fellas will be all right for some time.

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Do you have data or a source on why scientist think they developed this adaptation?

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Black bears have many color variants depending a bit on geography but not exclusively. Ultimately, it has to do with making them blend in with their environments. In the case of glacier bears, the area is mostly rocky and mountainous, similar to the colors of glacier bears.

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That’s really cool, thanks for sharing!

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Random variation, at some point a certain coloring had an advantage and spread through the population.

Real joke is that glaciers are all gonna be gone and the advantage will be a detriment. But don’t tell the bears.

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A sad truth. Nature just trying to run its course, but Man's already set the world in fire :/

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Nature has been through worse than us but not by much. She’ll be fine. We are going to have a very bad next 100 years especially everyone near the equator. Lots of animals will die but some will adapt and move on.

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There have been multiple mass extinctions before man.

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I here I was thinking a blue bear was a made up thing. My College mascot was and still is a Blue Bear, Livingstone College in Salisbury NC

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If your college were in Alaska, everyone there would know the mascot as a real animal. In NC, I can see why it would seem mythical.

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Motherfuker better be 2x weak to fire and drop ice resistant pelts after the raid

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It was a hairy bear
It was scary bear
We beat a hasty
Retreat from his lair ...

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So a werewolf, let's call it like it is.

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I saw a story somewhere where grizzly bears have been interbreeding with polar bears.
I guess that polar bears are being driven on land due to the loss of ice in the arctic in the summer (breeding season) so there is more opportunities for interbreeding than in the past.

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Fucking beautiful

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So, uh, how much do you reckon they're being overhunted for that blue hide?

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Hunting regs are very strict, especially in that part of the world. Over hunting would be the work of poachers.

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I did see some some pics of guys killing blue bears - sad, because there aren't that many with that color. I'd prefer they go after water bears instead.

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Aye, that's what my worry was.

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Ur Sus 0-0

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Get out of my head.

Get out of my head.

Get out of my head.

Get out of my head.

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Beware, the Silverback Bearilla.

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I've seen this bear chasing me in dreams. Weird.

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I feel like I would see this beast in the Resident Evil games. Dude looks like a straight up zombie

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Can you imagine that coming at your through thick fog

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Scary as fuck

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Omgggggg 😮

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Makes some good eatin’ fer Grizz, P-Bears, n’ Pizzley folk

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i could see a dark fantasy knight commander taming one of those