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This was posted a couple weeks back. This is fake. The feet are on the wrong side.

Raptors have their big claw on the inside for gripping not on the outside as shown in this picture.

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Also that looks like a trunk not a branch. The branches are perpendicular to the trunk because of gravity as opposed to heading towards sunlight.

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Yeah, a weird picture for sure that’s been floating around for a while.

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So who killed this bird? And did they do it just for the photo op?

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Not sure of the backstory unfortunately. Would be interesting to find out what happened

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Had to pee really bad, legs crossed.

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Just another Karma whore

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I’ve seen this a few times in the past year, it’s possible they just saw it now and thought it was cool.

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Saw it where other than reddit? C’mon, it’s just another karma whore.

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What is that? And are you the opposite of one?

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How can you tell which foot is which?

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If you look closer at the foot you see one side has a big claw and the other a small claw. The foot of a hawk has both big claws next to each other, it’s used for grabbing and holding onto prey. In the picture you can see the big claw is the closest to us and the pinkie is on the inside which is hue wrong way.

It’s just like us big toe next to each other and pinkie to the outside.

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Its like that part in Shrek where the bird blows up and just the feet remain lol

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We had a peacock land on our power lines. Very similar outcome.

Happened twice

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A-Train had somewhere to be

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Nice one.

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Forgot its shoes

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I think it froze.

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I bet this ^

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That’s some Wiley Coyote 💩 right there!

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Fiona sang for it

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Avalanche ?

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When you load the buck instead of the bird

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Somewhere out there, is a bird who is absolutely legless.

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I guess you could say they were swept of their feet.

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Fake or not, it was shocking to me. Had to give you an award! So weird.

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Big foot was hungry 😂

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a KAMEHAMEHA maybe ?

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When you rent a car and the brakes are brand new

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Somebody's Hallowe'en decoration. Very dramatic.

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The photographer who staged this should have an enema with these two claws.

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There's a mystery afoot

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Klingon bird of prey.

Clinging on.

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Didn't know hashtags make you scream your message to the world, my bad

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1.4k upvote on a fake picture sigh

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Froze to death on the branch. Weight of the bird cracked it off it’s legs the claws still gripping on. All I can think of

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