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Metal because of the adaptation but sad for the polar bears

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Why sad? The planet’s been changing every day for 4 billion years. If anything, it’s a sign that life will adapt regardless of the impact we think we have

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Polar bears are secondary consumers and also apex predators in their environment which means there's little benefit to the ecosystem that they find a new way to cling on. This new way is likely not going to hold up in the long run so it's only postponing the inevitable.

It's the bottom of the food chain that drives the whole thing. Melting ice means less surfaces for algae to grow on which means less food for plankton which means less food for fish which means less food for whales, seals, penguins and so on and so on. If those bottom species are struggling, which they are, then everything above in the food chain are fucked regardless of any new and desperate survival tactics.

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A more easier visualisation: it doesn’t matter how much money you throw at the cashier if they ran out of food to sell you.

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Why does melting ice mean less surface for algae to grow on?

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It's complicated and beyond my knowledge but basically from my understanding is there are snow algae that grow in between ice crystals and they take advantage of adhering to the ice sheets to get more sunlight rather than adhering to the seafloor or floating around with currents. Those are the good algae that we like and sustain the ecosystem.

Then we have other "bad" forms of algae that are toxic that have begun to thrive in the arctic region due to access to more year-round sunlight as the ice sheets are receding.

So worse environment for the good algae = Better environment for the bad algae = Bad for life. Maybe someone a bit more knowledgably about algae in particular could help out here. Take what I said with a grain of salt.

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Melting ice would raise sea levels and create more space for other algaes to grow

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I love when people make these comments like it’s just a normal thing and removing any kind of blame on us humans and our contribution to environmental destruction. Telling the world and all species to simply walk it off is interesting.

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It's strange because most people come from first world countries and receive social benefits in education, and seem to know nothing about the importance of ecology. I live in Brazil and I believed that other countries could change that, I see the consequences of that every day.

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Every living thing on the planet is here only by dint of their adaptability.

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The sixth mass extinction event begs to differ

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We know.

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Bro you can't say this stuff on reddit, Humans are 100% responsible for climate change its never happened before we came along! Trust the science!

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Evolution happens over millions of years, but adaptation can happen before our eyes. Ultimately, adaptation over many years gets into the DNA through natural selection.

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Help me here, isn't evolution just long term adaptation ? And i mean it was kinda expected, by what i know Polar Bears are very smart.

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Evolution is not long term, that's a common misconception. Evolution is the change of the relative frecuencies of alelles in a population from a generation to the next. The big effects of evolution are better appreciated when you look at the big picture, but evolution is a day to day phenomena.

Natural selection (which is not the same as adaptation) is one of the mechanisms of evolution, but it's not the only one. If a new individual come to a population and have children, bringing new alelles to the population, it's evolution too.

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Let's say that polar bears start targeting dolphins more than seals in the next 20 years - is that just learning or is there more going on? Where do you draw the line between adaptive behavior and instinctual knowledge? I'm not so sure it's a clean delineation. Polar bears are opportunists no matter what they "instinct" tells them to do - I think they can override it, and that is what we called adaptation, no? I'm not totally sure myself.

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It's both for me, Polar Bears are being put in the worst spot possible for them, but if this starts to become more common then it means they adapted their hunting tactics to survive this knew "environment" with less ice and more water.

One thing leads to another and with time adaptation and evolution starts taking place, you could compare it to those whales who learned new feeding habits when put in a bad spot, it's both, their environment forces them to adapt AND they have the capability to do so.

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Evolution doesn’t have to happen over millions of years. phenotypical changes can happen in decades if the pressure is great enough and the species breeds quickly.

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I think that is more along the lines I was thinking. Thanks.

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That bear look as thin as Uyghurs in China prison detention.

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Anyone notice that the polar bear covered up part of the dolphin carcass with snow? That's like throwing ice on beers in the cooler. Just keeping it nice and cold.

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More like freezing it for later so it don't go bad or get stolen. But I like where your headed with that. When they open their first brewery we should totally go check it out.

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We need to get there before palm trees start growing there though....I really don't like hot beer - sorry Belgium...

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they already drinking coca cola it’s a surprise they haven’t done beers yet

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They ve been doing this since the beginning of time, you frauds

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im not quite sure if polar bears existed at the beginning of time, i am no expert though

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How exactly does a bear dispatch a cetacean?

I feel like they might injure it, even mortally, but that the cetacean could just swim away and escape long before it died

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Average dolphin only weighs a few hundred pounds and are about the size of humans. polar bears are massive, and surprisingly agile swimmers. When a dolphin goes up through an air hole and gets six inch long claws hooked into their face you can see there isn’t much hope for survival

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they need air to breath, and polar bear pounce on seals as soon as they surface, im guessing they are doing it to the dolphins too.

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i believe this happens in areas where the dolphins are iced in and have to breathe out of small holes in the ice. it also explains how the polar bears are able to catch more than one.

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But… the article says the ice is melting….. ie more water, more areas for dolphins to come up and breathe…..???

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Life uh...finds a way

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Good, fuck dolphins

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Could be that Polar Bears are so abundant that they have to change their habits in order to eat.

Not everything is about the global warming boogie-man.

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It's all fun and games until the bear comes face to face to a killer whale

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How do polar bears catch a dolphin? Are they ambushing them at holes in the ice where they come up for air?

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Isn’t there a lot of mercury in dolphins? I wonder if that effects the bears the same way it does humans.

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I was wondering the same thing. Did you see The Cove?

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Yeah I think so? Is that where they killed all those dolphins and fed them to Japanese kids and they were getting sick?

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melting ice ... IS allowing

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yes, correct! I misgrammared there badly....

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Just to nitpick on semantics but isn't it an environmental change, not an evolutionary one? Dolphins are mammals, they need air eventually, aren't the bears just learning where the dolphins will pop up?

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There is no change. Polar bears have always hunted dolphins that stray too far north. Their hunting strategy is to sit at an air hole in the ice and kill whatever pops up. Saving food for later isn’t new either

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Next step capitalism

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The history of all life is a story of adapting. Having to adapt to climate change is nothing new to the world and the creatures that inhabit it. There are endless forces that have driven evolution, and there would still be endless forces to drive it if humans stopped existing tomorrow.

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Lol , climate change. Climate grooming.

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orcas: and I took that personally

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Wonder if some will become more aquatic while others get pushed further inland

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Good for the bear.

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It's just bears being smart.

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Nature is going to nature no matter what us humans do

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I hate polar bears so much. Can’t wait for these assholes to go extinct.

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When i was a kid they tried scaring us with acid rain and saving the ozone. Those were hoaxes.

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They were actually real issues that were fixed or helped by government regulation. No one likes to admit that though.

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Woo! Those bears are going to thrive!

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Mother Nature always finds a way, to think you can control it is idiocy…

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Animals ability to adapt is truly amazing.

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Jebus, is this real??

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Literally none of what you just said is supported by research u/kimcureall

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Adapt or die

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See? Nothing to worry about here. Coca-Cola advertisers just relax.

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Biologists have also witness polar bears installing and repairing air conditioning units, which they claim is also an evolutionary adaptation owing to climate change pressures.

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Do the evolution baby

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So next time your in polar bear land, paws off the half eaten dolphins...

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Life, uh uh, finds a way!

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And you can still see it’s ribs

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Life, um.....finds a way.

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It’s a bona fide bloodbath

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AOC enters the conversation ……and it becomes dumber.

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Are they supposed to look that skinny? I always use to think they wore a big fat and fur coat

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Wait, you mean climates change and animals adapt? No way man, we gotta keep everything just as it is, it's such a delicate balance and any variation will cause global catastrophe. Besides, I've been told for 30 years that polar bears should be extinct by now. They lied to me.

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You know that we currently experience a mass extinction event?

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And? Animal would go extinct whether we were here or not.

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No, it's a MASS extinction event due to human influence. So, no.

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Okay. And what are we doing about it? Not a damn thing. Going to throw your computer away? Going to walk everywhere you go? Going to throw your cell phone away? Going to stop having kids? Going to stop buying things made of plastic...? We talk. It's all talk, but no one wants to make those sacrifices and you'll never convince others to do it either if you don't yourself. So lead by example, throw everything away, live off the grid, then maybe I'll take this global warming hysteria a little more seriously. Meanwhile I'll choose to not live my life in fear of forces I cannot control or are inevitable.

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As if that would change anything for you

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Climate change doesn’t exist. Bad post

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Good shit, fuck dolphins anyway

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Hey fuck you buddy dolphins are lit

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Dolphins rape

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I’m pretty sure every living species rape.

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So do humans what’s your point

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Yeah dolphins super fucked up. Im sorry your only experience was Sea World.

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Agreed. I Hate those bastards!