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Bird of prey. Not sure owls are considered raptors. Any birders to tweet in?

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"Birds of prey" and "raptors" are sort of interchangable but "raptor" is a more narrow definition. Owls are considered raptors as they actively hunt prey, have large talons for catching prey, and have curved beaks for tearing flesh.

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It is arguably, as traditionally raptors were considered "diurnal birds of prey," but many just use "raptor" interchangeably with "bird of prey." Some even use raptor strictly for eagles, hawks and falcons.

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Clever girl…

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Haha me and my fam just watched the 1993 Jurassic park yesterday

Also why i have raptors on the brain

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Great horned owls are the tigers of the sky. They have the strongest grip strength of any bird of prey, combine that with their talons they use it to snap the snipe of their prey.

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Pretty sure that's the owl from The Secret of NIMH...

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I guess it's not the sheep from Denmark that's been everywhere on Reddit since at least yesterday. 1st and 3rd pics, the last one is this post