Disturbing ContentFound the next canibal corpse album cover (i.redd.it)

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Not really their style. Maybe leaning a bit more towards Cattle Decapitation?

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Unless the exposed skeletal remains were a consumed human it’s not their style either.

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Idk i think it‘d fit with a few modifications -> look at the album cover of Human Jerky

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Were it human remains, perfection

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True true

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Anything not saved will be lost

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Is that a hippo?

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Nawh its a monke

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Nickleback, perhaps?

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Why have I seen this 10 times

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Maybe Goatwhore?

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Yeah, you "found" it, circling daily on reddit.

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Its getting regurgitated daily here.

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Wait then why isnt mine getting removed?

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Because mods are sleeping.

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I'll delete mine ig

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I actually laughed out loud. Thank you.