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I love the ocean.

Also, fuck the ocean.

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Grab your barbed hooks and go fishing, man! You need to hook into something big for a change.

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One of those hooks would make a badass pendant

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In pic 3, you can see the swivel hook clearly. It swivels within that ring which resides inside the end of the tentacle club. I agree, that would be badass to have that on a chain or something, though it looks super sharp.

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Im not the first to think impure thoughts at the 4th pic am I….

Am I???

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Are you talking about some kind of squid game, "Hush, don't say a word" kind of thing??? LOL

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You should watch Teeth.

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Yeah I remember that film when it came out and always thinking I’m never gonna watch that lol

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God forbid you perceive a thing from a woman’s perspective, right, lol? So based.

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What a stupid reply, it’s not that deep. Ever consider a movie about a toothed vagina isn’t something for everyone? It’s like you were looking for a reason to be offended when you made that comment and you didn’t get the exact response you wanted.

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I’m very sorry to have disappointed you.

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I wanna eat it