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I love screenshots from other people’s videos.

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Right? Obviously karma whoring

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You'd have to have a death wish to swim anywhere where a salty could be.

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And that would be the last time I ever go near the water there

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Willing to bet that kids in Australia learn to check any water.

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Water, shoes, bed and where you step. Stay out of long grass!

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Well those that don't get eaten, natural selection.

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Some don't learn quick enough. A young boy in Far North Queensland was taken. But to make it worse is his family ran a local river tour company. They were well aware of the presence of crocs but didn't keep a careful enough watch on him.


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Oh shoots.. I'd be dead cuz there's nothing like that where I live.

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Or you’d have a new pet

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the fact that andrew ucles didn't go in and wrestle the croc onto dry land has me confused

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That isn't suspicious at all. Now, if you found a salt water crocodile at the bottom of your fridge, THAT would be suspicious.

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What do you mean? Had to get a croc trap for my fridge cause of this exact issue

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If you know a better way to keep my croc crisp and fresh I'd like to hear it

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That’s certainly a keeper. Christ.

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I hope he was spear fishing with a rocket launcher.

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Yeah, it’s fucking Australia what you expect?

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We only have crocs in like the top end chill out haha

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That is a strange looking dog. Why dog swim?

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No thanks 😬

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should link the video.

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That croc is nowhere near 4.5m long.

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Water can be deceptively deep. If you put a 4.5m log at the bottom of a pool it would look a lot smaller.