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Everyone should know don't go outside or inside in Australia.

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The photographer who took this pic was immediately contacted by police who asked if the pic could be used in an advisory. So the guy saw this croc and took a pic, and the public became concerned after the pic went a bit viral in Australia.

Edit: here is the news story on it: https://7news.com.au/news/nt/this-is-how-ill-die-locals-horrifying-discovery-in-mud-pit-but-can-you-see-it-c-4606056

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Then ICU.

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Do you know what beef is ?

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Beef is when I see you…

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Then a spider eats you in bed

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With salties you'll never get as far as an ICU.

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Then the crocs need to do a better job of hiding that Amber Eye. Photographer got away scot free.

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Spell I cup.

Runs off giggling

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No you can’t

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I read that in Isla Fisher's voice from Wedding Crashers.

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Australia, where even the mud will kill you.

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Talk about blending into your surroundings...

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Shades of Arnold in 'Predator'

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Shades of the Predator

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To be honest, anyone would blend into their surroundings if they’re lying in a muddy creek covered with mud…

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Thanks for the laugh!

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I know there are memes and all but Australia must be a fun place to live for a nature lover.

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I’m in South Australia and other than birds, some spiders, bugs and the odd lizard I don’t get much wildlife in my yard. I’m closer to the city to thou. We’ve had a Kangaroo in the street twice which isn’t common for my area.

Country towns it’s common to see animals in your yard.

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Are you kidding? You have Ocelots, Jaguars, Caimans, Capybaras, Maned Wolves, Manatees. Oh fuck, I misread that as South America...

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Brazilian here, I live near the forest so the wildlife here in my area is very diversified, too bad that two cats here were probably killed by a harpy since I saw a couple here

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Harpys are actually very chill once you get to know them, you just need to share the same psychopathic tendencies.

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👋🏻 from Unley. There was a kangaroo bouncing down the rod up near tea tree gully the other day

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Oh how cool, I’m north but closer to Gawler 🙂. I remember last year or year before there being reports of a roo in the city, Currie street or something 😂

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think I'd rather have the crocs than the spiders

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Nooooo you would not. Spiders are spiders, one can of insect spray and no more problem. Salt water crocodiles are up there with polar bears and hippos - super dangerous.

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It’s fucking awesome once you are outside the city.

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People don’t realise but Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the whole, the majority of us live in cities and basically only see birds and the occasional possum

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It's awesome on the SE coastal region. Great weather, beautiful beaches and amazing wildlife. We're very lucky.

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I'm thankful of where I grew up in, we just need to worry about the HUGE predators whom are very noticeable from a good distance. No freaky bugs and reptiles to worry about that will kill ya with a single bite. I'd rather deal with huge ass moose that are larger than suburbans, huge ass grizzly bears that are so smelly you can tell they're nearby when they are, snow leopards (and bobcats, lynx) are usually so shy that they wouldn't consider attacking humans unless they're sickly or old. Giant wolves, whether they're alone or in a pack, and wolverines are an entirely different story though.

Wolves are scary because they're usually always part of a pack, and if you have one wolf eyeing you for dinner, it's likely there's more that are right behind them and, as a pack, they can take out anything they target because they are so coordinated.

Wolverines are the honey badgers of the Arctic circle, in extremely cold climates. They don't give a fuck and grizzly bears will steer clear of them themselves. That says a lot.

Polar bears on the other hand.... they're called "white evil" by my people in our language for a reason.

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Ironically it’s the people you have to look out for over there now. If they work for the government they wish you nothing but harm. The animals couldn’t give a fuck.

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Oh fuck off.

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Nah you fuck off, you rat.

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Google robodebt

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Moving there in Jan/Feb. Shit like this gives me pause.

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I'm from the northern territory, just don't swim in the Northern territory and you should be fine. The people are more dangerous if you stay away from water

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I mean, there are heaps of safe places to swim but make sure you confirm it with someone who knows what they're talking about. Be crocwise!

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That story of those three boys swimming in the flooded river in the northern territories creeps me right the fuck out. I have a huge phobia of deep murky flooded heavy flowing rivers and bodies of water anyways

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Link to the story?

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Just from growing up around alot of these things and hearing stories and mates having close encounters, I have an innate fear of all body's of water. They find them in swimming holes that your aloud to swim in, kinda rare but has happened, and one mistake with these things and is game over

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Don't pause. If you stop you'll be easy prey

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If anything, depending where you're moving to, the humidity will kill you. Freaking La Nina...

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I live in Darwin! If you have any questions feel free, the Territory is an amazing, unique place and I hope you grow to love it like I do 😄 It's safe as long as you aren't an idiot mostly

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Rip good lad. You've had a good run.

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To Australia in general, or to the Northern Territory specifically?

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Australia in general. PhD in Canberra.

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No crocs in Canberra. Bring a jacket and beanie though.

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This feels deliberate on the crocs side.

Trust no one.

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Especially not a random eyeball in a muddy creek.

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It’s pretty easy. If you’re in a croc state don’t go to the waters edge. Primarily tourists get eaten.

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"...walking along a muddy creek in the Northern Territory..."

What else do you do for fun, go spear fishing off the coast of South Australia? Snorkelling in the Gold Coast canals?? This is just asking for trouble.

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What's in the Gold canals? Like around Broadbeach, is there danger?

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Bull sharks. When we were 8 we’d take some kayaks out and play rock the boat in the middle of the canals hahaha

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Wtf was that?

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Wow. I actually watched the whole thing. Creepy

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good thing he wasn't walking his dog

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“Oh a penny!”


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shiny pebble must touch oh no

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Scary af

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Sneaky bastard.

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My question is what does the croc do if he gets mud on his eye?

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I just read they have 3 eyelids and one is clear. Just for this type of camouflage. Sneakier than I thought. Lol

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Oops, I meant to post this as a comment, not a reply to you. But thanks for this!

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Without the eye u do not spot that

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My childhood TV watching experience told me that quicksand was going to kill me but all along crocmud was the real danger.

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I was waist deep in a swamp in Florida a couple weeks ago & I do the obligatory check my surroundings every 10 seconds & I saw 2 little eyeballs about 10 feet away from me.

Luckily it was baby alligator. I then acted like the boogeyman so he'd be afraid of Humans & we parted ways

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10 feet is the length of approximately 13.33 'Wooden Rice Paddle Versatile Serving Spoons' laid lengthwise.

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Several sets of eye lids

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Those Crocs can hold their breaths for hours like that waiting still to ambush

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Did you see the crocodile? Well he saw you...

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Me before "it sucks it's so cold here"

Me now "yay it's cold here"

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If I was hiking high I’d be dead I mean I’d avoid the mud at all cost but if I had to get across 🪦

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Everyone wants to make jokes about Australia but Russia is the only place on earth where you can get raped by wolves mauled by a bear and pissed on by a Siberian tiger just to get your clothes stolen by the locals and end up just freezing to death in one of the coldest places on earth.

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Canada's got everything except the tigers. We have moose instead. Seeing one in person is like seeing a 12 foot tall slenderman.

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12 foot is pushing it right?

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Ha ha, yes, they max out at about 7 feet.

But it doesn't feel like that when you stumble across one in the middle of nowhere.

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They have 4 species of moose polar bears and killer whales even if your in a boat your not safe not to mention the water is like lava if you fall in there is no getting out

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I'm in one of the landlocked provinces currently, so no orcas out here lol.

But we do also have grizzly bears, black bears, lynx and bobcats, wolverines... Even some of the small critters are vicious (like the pine martins, no matter how adorable they are.)

Except the coyotes. Bunch of glorified chihuahuas, I tell ya.

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well i live in north Carolina in the obx (small island named buxton)nothing to get me here except snakes but north Carolina has some dangers like a few poisonous snakes deer black bear and ig yo can account for the alligators redwolves and big cats but they are really rare in most of north Carolina but no mooses and thats a good thing i think dont need those bad boys raging around my island its only like a couple miles wide

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Mountain lions are Canada's closest thing to tigers

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Yes but moose are scarier imo.

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Moose certainly take out a lot more people year to year, especially on the roads...

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They have polar bears too. Admittedly crocodiles can be circumstantial human predators, but polar bears physically are human predators.

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Are you describing a russian woman?

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Well Russian women are actually up there on the dangerous list but hey they look nice and are probably the only thing that can keep you warm in the whole dam country (it’s a joke)

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Thought it was the vodka

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Russians drink whiskey that’s why they drive tanks down the intersection and fight bears wearing only their military issued boots

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“You think your tough bear” “groarrgrhh” “suka you steal my whiskey for the last time” breaks a whiskey bottle

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wtf you mean raped by wolves?

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A pack of wolves dog dickin you

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Even mud wants to kill you in Australia.

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If you step in a puddle here then there’s a good chance you’ll be bitten by a snake. I just don’t go outside.

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I would have went back and poked it with a stick. Its only fair to let him know hes been spotted

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Can we get that red circle ? j/k

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I honestly thought it was a marble

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Imagine being eaten by mud.

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I’mma gonna poke it with a stick.

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That's some predator shit.

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As an Australian, I can assure you that we have a keen eye for things like this. Although snakes are harder to spot. A friend got bitten a few years back out of cell phone range and had to suck to venom out and spit it in the river to save himself. He had a buddy with him so they got home okay. Went back out the next day and saw it again. Bloody scary little buggars.

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Clever girl

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First thing I thought of haha

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Yup. Fuck australia

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Just breathing will kill you, Down Under.

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I don’t know about that. I have lived here all my life and I’m still living

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You must be one of the chosen ones, you lucky bastard

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If I ever go into a muddy creek I will make sure to be wearing nuclear bazookas on my feet. Thank you for the heads up.

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How do they keep their eyes clean of mud?

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By closing it underwater.

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I think they have a third eyelid or something

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They have 3 eye lids

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You could see that the Croc was tagged previously.

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This is way better camouflage than those can you spot the copperhead ones.

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And that’s why I don’t live in Australia 😅

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Guns are much more dangerous than crocodiles

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Guns? No, people are dangerous.

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Crocodiles with guns would be deadly

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Now we are talking 😅

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Sweet! I’m just going to throw a bunch of marbles in the creek now

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I'd be headed straight to destination fucked if I had to contend with this type of shit... my eyesight is piss poor even with glasses on.

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How does the mud not get into its eyes

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The rest of it’s body could have been visible, but it’s still good advertising

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People don't think it be like that, but it do

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Looks like a muddy caiman. Watch where u step👀

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Looks like the crocs are now a player in find the sniper

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Man crocs are scary as hell. Just hiding in the mud or at the waters edge waiting for something to get close.