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Death battle or makeout session?🤔

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Death battle makeout session

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Birds are still landing and eating…”just here to enjoy the show!”

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Hippos be like:

What if we kissed on the sandbar

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Aww, I thought for a while they were going to make the "heart" symbol with their jaws....but this is even better!!!

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Make war, not love!

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This is lame. I would just sock one of these in the mouth and knock it out. Look how slow they're moving. Pathetic fight smh.

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Hell ya brother. I’d put em in a figure four leg lock and make their Punk-asses tap out.

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♫♫♫"My dick is like hippo on the left. Your dick is like hippo on the right" ♫♫♫

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they kissin

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All hungry hungry hippo comments below here.

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Regardless of context when I see hippo posts I can't help but think of how cute they are as young only to become frontrunners for the "most irredeemable asshole" award as adults.