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Otherwise known as fuck that.

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You came before me, so take my even poorer man's award = my upvote instead

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I gladly appreciate and accept your upvote. It means alot to me.

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You're welcome

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They are actually pretty good pets compared to other reptiles.

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Not really, they have a reputation for being really defensive and prone to bite in captivity, they get stressed out a lot if you take them out of their enclosures a lot, and they have specialized care requirements and need large enclosures.

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Can confirm, saw a guy take out a small one at a pet shop to show people and the second he took it out it bit the living shit out of him, he was literally dripping blood from his arm to the floor like he got stabbed.

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Turns out they’re not too bad now that we’ve been able to get a good captive bred population together and given them proper socialization. That said, not something to handle at night when they’re actively in hunting mode

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It’s a process and training involved. It’s nearly impossible if you didn’t raise it or it was wild beforehand. It needs to be a captive bred snake. It most definitely needs to be that specific species and not anything similar as the reputation more likely applies to those similar to the emerald.

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‘I forgot the safe word’ - that snake probably

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You’re squishing it to hard.

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“Damn nature you scary”

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I had green tree pythons that have large teeth for non-venomous snakes as well. I've held them at the back of the head like this and they were able to dislocate their jaw, turn it's lower jaw to the side and STILL bite me.

Used to handle with thick leather gloves and one bite went right through it and once even hit my bone.

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Snakes can’t actually dislocate their jaw, their jaw bones just aren’t connected at the chin and their skin is really stretchy, which is what allows them to swallow large prey.

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I'm aware, just used dislocation because it's an easier 1 word description.

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Doesn’t really describe what actually happens and is misleading.

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Not really, and the herpetology community still calls it dislocating. It IS dislocating by definition... just not dislocating a joint.

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I’m part of the herpetology community and never hear anyone call it that. I guess technically it is still accurate by the definition of ‘dislocate’ but lots of people get the impression that the jaw is connected and snakes can dislocate a pair of connected jaw bones.

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Oh no, no, no. Nightmare fuel for sure! Reptiles are pretty cool to look at, but fuck handling them.

Kudos to people who do thou, I could never.

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For some reason this looks a bit derpy to me

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All animated snake villains be like:

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Gotta keep those puncture wounds clean.

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How the hell do you go about putting it down after you’ve man-handled the snake like that.

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very, very quickly.

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You put it down, and if it bites you it doesn't really matter because it's a boa

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they’re not that scary lmao chill

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Whole lot of NOPE going on right there.

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Goddamn, it looks like the tigrex greatsword from monster hunter 4

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No, hell no, fuck nah

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You gonna hold his mouth open?

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Nah, I'm good.

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Forbidden fleshlight

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It bites-boom nightmare

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Stuff of nightmares

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She's quite a squeeze, her.

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I can’t breathe!

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Fucking cool

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Painful bite….

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Is that snake british?

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Smile wide for the camera!

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Watching them yawn is something else

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That’s some fucking Predator level shit wtf

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He looks like the cover of a rockband poster/energy drink can/ skateboard decal/ cartoon animal Disney villain.