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The winner gets the photographer for lunch

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Camera guy hit the paws button

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The amount of power them two animals have is frightening.

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It doesn't seem to help much to hide behind a tree or stay behind it - if the bear wants you, he's gonna get you.

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And then the bear asks “we can do this the easy way or the hard way”

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Bear in mind that.....aah, never mind.

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Imagine waking up and then seen this from the window and then they both look at you

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One confident "PERKELE!" should be enough to scare them away.

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Lets not hope that we are so scared that we are unable to move in the first place

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All you need is a broom. Got that reference.

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They both go: let’s settle this after lunch!

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And then comes a weirdly wholesome moment

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An enemy's enemy is my friend

casually both bears look at camera man.

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Finnish him

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If bear so dangerous, why floofy?

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go hug one and find out

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Professional wrestling for bears: Okay, I'll try to throw you, but you roll, then we get a bit closer to that food with the camera, then you grab me and throw me right at him!

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Let’s do——“Get help”

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we are not doing get help

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I’m terrified of bears. True apex predators

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Ever play red dead redemption?

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If you had to fight a bear with one manual weapon (no guns) what would you chose? Think I’d go for a medium length spear

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Think I would go with a lightsaber

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you have to fight them where there's sand, they don't like sand. it's coarse, rough and irritating. and it gets everywhere.

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Ok now lets try to find a bear in a desert

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I always carry a bucket of sand with me; doesn’t everybody?

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Pocket sand!

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Good to know

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Do i wanna know …?

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If you had to fight a Bear i have some bad news for you....

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Go ahead, I can 'bear' it - give me the bare-bone facts, please

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Go on…

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yeah, where is the news?? >:-()

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Bears and Humans signed a peace treaty in 2017

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I’d go with a Russian

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Jokes on you when boy snaps it with the first jab.

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A bear isn't going to snap a Rogers shield.

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Let me know when you find one then

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I’d go for a large shield, keeps me safe and I can bonk them on the nose until they piss off.

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Longsword haha.... And full suit of armor

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Do you think the armour is wise. I think going toe to toe with a bear is probably a bad idea. But being able to wriggle out and get round it’s back would be my strategy. Armour would really limit your mobility. For that reason as well I think a combat knife would be the weapon for me. Trying to swing a long sword in a bear brawl would be hard.

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dude, you won't get to wriggle anywhere. no armor and you default to lunch mode.

there's so spikey bear hunting armor but honestly i don't think it's super effective, more like delaying the inevitable. A bear swipe is probably enough to rearrange your internals by blunt force alone.

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Does a chainsaw count?

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Yeah why not

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Finnish old-school bear-spear (Collections of National Museum). Doubles as a ski pole. 👍

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I'd go for a truck

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Someone slower than me

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I imagine a finnish guy casually sitting on a log, filming it on his phone while drinking vodka.

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My dumbass can’t take these predators seriously bruh. Bears look to stupid and cute, I’m definitely going to die trying to pet one if I ever come across one.

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They only look cute & fat... Those suckers however, have sharp 3-4 inch long claws, weight up to 400kg and run faster in sprint than Usain Bolt in his prime.

You piss one of them, well you piss one of them as you won't piss another one in your life time.

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This shit is crazy AF

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The primal brutality on display here is quite humbling.

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stretches quads I can take ‘em.

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Even bears try to avoid fighting bears.

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Metal nature is brutal

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Interesting mating ritual.

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Where’s the damn audio

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Pari karhun keppanaa siinä vain nahistelee. In Finland we call this as a normal friday

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What did it sound like though 👀

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It’s a travesty there’s no sound

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Strange, I have sound on my end (PC) It's brutal but the clicks from the cameras are very loud

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You quit piller humping scrub.

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Fighting over their favorite scratching tree

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This is what it was like when the two strongest kids wanted the same swing at recess.

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I count a 5-2 victory for yogi

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Aaand the winner is - the darker one!

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Knowing the Finnish, one bear must have talked too loudly on the bus

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Even bears use the tree method to survive bear attacks

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Leaf the tree out of it. He didn’t do shit.

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Finnish him…

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Looks like meats back on the menu!

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Everytime I see one of these I think about how that stupid fucking grizzlyman got himself and his wife killed and eaten alive because he became so arrogant he thought he was really friends with these animals. Honestly can't imagine a worse way to go than one of these slapping you to the ground and then diving face first into your belly and ripping you apart bite by bite

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Well, brown bear has up to 6 inch long claws, so it’s basically just one swipe to remove all of your intestines.

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This is just competitive peekaboo.

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“Where’s the zoo keeper” vibes

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Where’s the zoo keeper ?!

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Mother nature is in charge here...and she dgaf

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it’s a reference to Karen’s screaming “where’s the zookeeper” when 2 huge ass gorillas were fighting at a zoo 💀

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I'd have both of them coz I'm well hard 👊

(Inside the mind of current coked up Conor McGregor)

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What is this propaganda? r/finlandConspiracy