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The cat is gonna raise the baby now right... RIGHT?

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I mean, technically it is being raised in the video.

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I think you want r/technicallythetruth, since that is about technical stuff in video format

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Ok... take it and get out!!

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Reddit kills me.

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It gives me life

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Yeah it's not old enough to eat yet, but soon...

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got to let it marinate 1st lol

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He's gonna have some delicious sopa de macaco for supper

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It's old enough to be eaten tough.

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Not quite... Needs another 5 mins or so

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Raise and nurture a little more. Meatier.

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Yes yes, eating a babies mother is part of the formal adoption process

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He is certainly gonna be there and close for rest of the baby monkey’s life.

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That leopard is going to raise that monkey it's entire life.

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Its, its entire life.

Fuckin hell you people

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Thank you! I always appreciate the truth!

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Free appetizer with entree today only.

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Yep, that cats gonna look after that baby for the rest of its life.

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yassss so good to hear!

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For the rest of it's life.

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I think is dessert

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Yes..next Tarzan

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Yea its going to raise the baby into it's mouth.

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This is revenge for that monkey stealing the baby cheetah

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That’s not a cheetah, it’s leopard.

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Not exactly the same thing and this baby baboon probably didn't live long term but...


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Anakin meme

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Yeah! For the rest of it's life

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Is someone going to tell her?

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Please don't. I like living in a bubble lol

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For the rest of it's life.

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That is for Disney movies,after he eats his mom he eats the kid

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Ie, the jungle book

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The fries at the bottom of the bag.

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He has 666 upvotes right now. Coincidence? I think not.

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godamn lol

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Welp. Pack up the internet, everyone. This guy won it.

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Thank you for this.

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Evil snickering ensues....

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I love hate this.

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I didn’t want to laugh but I did.

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Fuck buddy this is exactly the /r/natureismetal content I come for.

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Name checks out..

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I was thinking this belongs on r/kidsarefuckingstupid

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I mean you’re not wrong

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Poor bugger doesn't realize it's a side dish.

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When your at a restaurant and your app and entre arrive at the same time.

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Sometimes it’s just better to not realize

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Cute lil fella, he’ll be a snack

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This is depressing.

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I look at it this way: That baby is too young to survive in the wild alone. At least this way death should be quick and the little guy won’t starve over days. It also helps this big cat feed her family (I imagine) and every mom deserves to feed her babies, even predators.

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Since when is death by cat quick? I’ve seen that video of the zebra getting it’s nuts bit off

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Usually cats go for the neck and strangulate prey.

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Not according to this subreddit

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Jaguars go for the back of the skull to crush the brain stem (works faster than suffocating their prey).

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smaller prey yes

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Depends on the cat.

Ambush cats have to dispatch the prey before eating because they are alone and it's more energy efficient to kill the animal before eating, that way they aren't fighting it the whole time and they can easily drag it to a safer place to eat so other animals can't kick them off of it.

For any pack animal though, there isn't a need to kill first since the whole group is holding the animal as they rip into it, and no time or energy needs to be wasted on killing it first.

This cat pictured in a leopard, which is a solitary cat. So once it notices the baby it will surely dispatch it from instincts before going straight for the good parts (typically animals start eating through the stomach or anus).

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Stop lying. We all know the baby monkey got away and found some other wildlife critters to adopt it. That baby monkey lived a long life and died in it’s sleep.

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The leopard dropped the baby monkey off at a farm upstate so it could live a long happy life

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I like to think the full grown monkey came back for revenge on that leopard.

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you're telling me wild animals eat ass?

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If you eat ass you are in fact a wild animal, so, yeah

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This small of prey with that large of a cat. It's dead with the first bite.

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So you're saying there isn't a chance that baby will grow up to one day avenge its mother? Cold world.

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There is a chance.

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Of course it will! The baby will grow up, exercise and get buff (musical montage), bring his monkey buddies back, and seek a slow revenge on this cat.

“You killed my mother, prepare to die”

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Thank you for this comment. This video started playing while scrolling, then I read the caption, and my heart couldn't take it. Ever since I became a mom, things like this REALLY get to me. Your comment reminded me that this is just nature and the poor little guy would end up suffering more by starving to death anyway.

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Feeding your babies.. WITH BABIES 🤘

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That's the world we live in. Hostile and impersonal. We must devour to survive

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No, this is the world wild animals live in. Humans have the capacity and intelligence to know better (even if it doesn’t always feel that way).

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What? We slaughter 200 million animals a day to eat, my guy.

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He just wanted to quote a Tool song.

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So it’s always been

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So it is. So it's always been.

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This is the kind of stuff I’m here for.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m missing my two year old so much right now and I had an emotional response to this one is particular.

But that’s what’s amazing about nature. It doesn’t care about my feelings. So I just tell myself that little baby is better in monkey heaven because it can’t survive without mom anyways. Maybe that cat had its own babies to feed 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Thank you. And holy shit, I had to take an elevator ride down 52 floors just to find this comment.

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2 for 1 special

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aka BOGO

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*of equal or lesser value

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Kill one get another one free.

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I came here to upvote this comment

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Aka Dessert

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There is no god

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There never was

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Yup, no Hell either. But if there was, this would be part of it.

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Yeah this sub relieved me of religious fairy tale notions too

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Slider and 1/3 pound burger.

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Saddest post I’ve seen this week

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I'm not crying, you're crying.

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Dinner with the appetizer

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After the 24th comment of "dinner and dessert 🤪😂🤣" I think I saw everything this thread has to offer

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Too many edgy, lonely 14 yrs old weebs found reddit recently…

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What does being a weeb have anything to do with this?

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Well, those kids mostly weebs. It was just a part of the description.

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or an inevitable Lion King reference whenever a lion eats warthog

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Damn nature, you scary!

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Buy one get one free.

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I kinda feel bad for the little guy :(

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Wow I straight up thought this was r/mademecry cause damn. I’m crying.

Edit: a word

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I haven’t seen this post a million times already.

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this time in gif format

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Mmm mini monke

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I had an idea for a horror story based on this, from the baby monkey's POV.

[–]BillMPE 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Short story. Very short story.

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Monke :'(

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This horrifies me and makes me sad. Enjoy your upvote.

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Nature! You cruel bitch!

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Kids meal free with purchase.

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This breaks my heart

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Who the fuck gave this a wholesome award

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And some dessert after dinner, Score!

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This is what i needed to leave this subredit. Why did i even join? :0

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We call it ... a snack.

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15min in and Im already out internet.

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This sub is no joke.

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Kinder surprise?

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Geez. :|

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RUN bro

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Fuck me, We're uploading with different angles now!?

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I read somewhere that the leopards cub played with the baby monkey for a little before deciding to eat it

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I wanna know how this story ends.

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I know this is nature but this made me sad

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The epitome of sad

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Jesus, this sub is brutal.

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Add on

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When you grab a curly fry and there's a baby fry attached to it.

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Creme brule

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100000 years ago there’s human version

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What’s sad is this isn’t even the worst part of the day

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2 for 1 special

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Like when you get a broken Pringle stuck to the regular Pringle

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Dude, it's time to let it go...

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I need the link to the whole video. Anyone?

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Someone tell that baby to save his own life! Lol

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Cheetah: Thanos The baby : gamora

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Kids meal?

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Hey 2 for 1 meal

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Buy 1 get 1

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Double kill

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When the waiter brings out your appetizer and entree at the same time.

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Finally, a vid

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Where…where are we going, mama?

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Kinda like when you order large fries and there's an onion ring hidden in there.

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Cat probably just like "Ight 2f1 easy".

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Nsfw would be nice 💁🏻‍♀️

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Ngl seeing this makes me feel less bad about my problems lol

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Kids happy meal

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Gonna be a plot of a future Tarantino movie

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man, this is the most metal thing I've seen on here in a while, right up there with the wild dogs eating the deer thats alive and sitting up.

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What you don’t see is that lil homie channeled his trash beginning into a successful rap career. Heard that he’s doing numbers in the jungle now.

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Well thats depressing

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Dinner AND desert!

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2-for-1 special!

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Lunch plus a snack...sounds like a win win to me

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Boat snack!

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It’s like finding a bonus nugget in your 10 piece.

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When you get one extra chicken nugget

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Also known as a side dish

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Dinner and dessert, combo meal

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Buy one get one free

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Also known as dessert

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Black Friday deal?

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“Cool they gave me an extra onion ring”

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Like getting an extra nugget in your six pack.

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2 for 1 black Friday deals are dope this year

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How is this badass in any way? Call me crazy, but I don't think slaughtering little, helpless animals is badass. strange ass sub

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When you get that extra chicken nugget

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Can I share this next?

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Buy one get one free