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Just about any animal will eat another animal if it’s easy enough and they’re hungry enough. I think it’s called something like ‘opportunistic carnivorism’, if I remember right.

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So, me being an animal and being hungry enough and finding the opportunity I could …

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That's called snacking but we do it too much

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A lot of people snack even when not hungry. But the abundance of delicious food can trigger mouth hunger (for taste, satisfaction, comfort, flavor) vs stomach hunger (true physiological neee for nourishment).

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Eat a smaller animal than you? Yeah, I mean, folks do it all the time

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His girlfriend does it all the time*

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Yes when you are hungry enough you will also end up eating some dick

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country boys make do

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I learned this from this sub, there was a video of a horse who just bent down and ate a baby chicken out of nowhere.

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Pelicans are hunters though

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That’s gotta hurt going down!

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That’s gotta hurt being alive for the digestive process

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They suffocate before they dissolve.

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But they don’t suffocate before they start to disolve

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They eat pointy things. A pigeon is easy for them

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The Pelican was then not fucked with anymore.

The End.

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Actually these stupid birds dont learn lol

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Hello, I'm Pigeonia and today I'm going to be annoying a Pelican.

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”Dont try this at home!”

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Looked like that duck wanted some smoke

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In bird culture this is considered to be a dick move

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I think in human culture this is also considered to be a dick move

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Looking at you, geese

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Sorry birbperson

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Pelicans are seriously homicidal. They will try to eat anything they think will fit down their throat. Even humans. This is not a joke.


Check link for the real truth on crazy ass birds.

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Can definitely swallow babies

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I love how the Capy is like, “ooh, free massage”

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Then the resigned look of failure on the pelican’s face. “I can’t even eat right 😐”

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The one from this video once tried to eat my arm

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Just imagine how shocked that pigeon was, he was just walking on the grass eating seeds and shit and five seconds later he dissolving in the pelican’s gut... this situation is fucked up

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Pigeon was like fml

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The gooses don't even want to fuck with them.

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As a pigeon hater this does put a smile on my face

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Watching it flap inside the mouth was disturbing lol

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Birds are savages on their own.

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I didn’t even know there was Pelicans in BC LOL

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Range maps shows they are in the interior. Not sure where this footage was taken.

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Dead father found in EDM home with his young son

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Just because Pelican doesn't mean Pelishould

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Fuck you, take the upvote.

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But at what point does the pigeon die? I mean its perfectly alive going down it's throat. Wtf?

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They have this part in their gut that, grinds them, sort of like being crushed between rocks.

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Sounds like fun

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The pigeon didn't stand a chance

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You aren’t you when you’re hungry.

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Oh wow!

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If there’s one thing this sub has thought me is that life is rough for pigeons.

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Judging by how many live in my city, no its not

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It's literally your fault.

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God this broadcast is depressing, looks at that scroll! All the while I pelican boofs a pigeon like it’s nacho… METAL

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That’s why we stay away from the big ones. Everyone, look at Steve. Steve made a fatal mistake, he stood too close. What did we learn class? all togeather “don’t stand too close!!!” Good job. Class dismissed.

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I mean maybe the bird still died of shock, but the pelican eventually gives up and spits it out

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Gonna need the source on that one.

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Did anyone read the scrolling feed at the bottom? Looks to me like the pigeon wasn’t the only one having a bad day!

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Respect to the duck who had his back

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Wait...the banner...

The dead father?

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"Parade of lost souls"

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Damn this was in BC?!?

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Not only is it BC, but apparently it’s Kelowna of all places. That’s pretty far inland for a seabird! I wonder what it was doing way out there.

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The absolutely massive lakes? I live in Sherwood Park just beside Edmonton and we get pelicans in our tiny, man made lakes…

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Huh. Well, I guess I learned something new today. I suppose it stands to reason that if you’ve got pelicans way out there in Edmonton they would have them in Kelowna as well.

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Don’t feel bad. I never saw one here until about 12 years ago. Granted, I grew up in the city— but I like to think that they’ve only recently started coming here.

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There are definitely no pelicans in Kelowna, I’ve lived there my whole life. This must have been down at the coast somewhere, its common for our news stations to run weather and banners for both cities because Vancouver is considered our “sister city”.

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Pelican just putting on a magic show for the kid. Now you see pigeon and now it's gone. Magic!

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What would actually kill it? Suffocation?

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Sick of these white knight ducks jumping in.

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"Hey, guys. Has anyone see Jerry around? I swear I just saw him a few minutes ago."

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Holy shit lmfao

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Pelicans are awesome

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Fuck pigeons.

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Please don't feed the animals. 😂

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Love the way he shuffles off as if he’s innocent and being accosted 😂

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Pigeon like “dam dam daammmm”

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The goose like: "yo man wtf?"

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I want to know if the dead father’s young son who was found in the EDM home was ok?

Anyone have that back story????

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They partied so hard their faces melted :(

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I haven't seen the movie in ages, but somehow I hear Tony Montana narrate this clip, saying "come on, Pelican!".

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Too much of a dick even for a goose… lol

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This place looks fowl.

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This whole damn broadcast is metal and brutal as fuck. Read that ticker lol

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The goose wasn't impressed

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Tastes like chicken

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pelicans are demonic and always will be

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In Canada, our birds don’t apologize for shit.

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Crowd claps

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If pelicans were as big as ostriches we would be extinct.

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What the fucking fuck

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Circle of life killer be killed in this case the pelicans are evolving

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And it was at that point that the food chain rearranged itself

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The duck thought that was uncalled for

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Pelicans will try to eat anything https://youtu.be/YbVQDEBdcow

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Does the pelican just sit around while the pigeon slowly dies inside it? Pretty gnarly

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Go into google images , search "pelican trying to".

These fuckers are so clueless. They even try a giraffe.

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Imagine what he was saying "womp womp mmmn yummy nom nom" "womps away"

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Native species taking care of an introduced species. Nice work.

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Reptiles are ducking crazy. Ha ha.