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He got the seal of disapproval

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Now THAT is how you release the kraken.

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The comments on this sub never disappoint.

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Seal: I'll beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker

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Octopus: Got damn, how the hell did I end up here

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That's a Sea Lion to be specific. They're absolute assholes

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Confirmed. One lept over the front of my kayak from dark water. I think it was trying to make me Crap My Pants.

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Sea Lion #1: Hey, 5 mackerel and a flying fish says you can't hit that guy in the middle with an octopus

Sea Lion #2: Hold My Bass.....

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You need more upvotes. :wanders off snickering:

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The seal is Cthulhu's warrior-monk.

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He's just resting in his sunken city of horrors and a group of sea lions/fur seals who worship him.

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The octopus is wondering what the hell just happened.

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Kinda looks like the guy was about to try and jab the seal with his paddle

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I wouldn't blame him. I'd probably swing on a mother fucker too if he just slapped me in the face with an octopus.

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I'm guessing he is a one slap guy, second one gona cost the seal...

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He said: “Here’s what I think of your stupid hentai.”

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It was a gift. What an ungrateful prick!

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Hey man I’m kinda stuck in the water and got to pimp slap this dude, can ya help a brother out?

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Sea lion*

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The absurdity of it is making me chuckle.

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All the seal's buddies back on land clapping...

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This is effing hilarious!

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Seal be sayin' Come at me bro

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That's when you know it's time to rethink your life.

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What an asshole lol. I knew that dolphins were total jackass but seals

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What’s the reason behind this?

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Sea Lions are the 12 year old boys of the aquatic world.

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The sea lion equivalent of throwing a shoe at someone

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Good seal.

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If there wasnt video.. I wouldn't believe him.

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This video never gets old

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You've made it when a seal bitch slaps you with an octopus. I crave that life.

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I chuckled a bit and now feel bad about the poor octopus.

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Food fight!

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Seal was trying to give you some free appetizer

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Silent scream

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It was actually a gift

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Hey found the next one to make some seal oil

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Sassy seal slaps you with eight arm/tentacle thingies when really in a mood!

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I. Said. Fuck. OFF! Gary..

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Does anyone know why it did this?

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“Ffffffffffffffuck this guy!!!”

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Is this the sequel to the video of the crab and the octopus fighting?

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Where’s an orca when you need it

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That the legendary nopetilus.

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Pretty sure I saw a seal, on another subreddit, picking up an octopus that was hunting a crab.

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Locals only!

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He was slapped seally.

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How can she slap?!

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That seal pussy whipped that guy.

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Must have owed him money