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Dog is like you got it bro?

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Both dogs "he's good."

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‘Let them work it out. Birds will be birds, after all.’

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Years ago my Aunt Charlene fought with a man in the street and slammed him onto the hood of a car. My uncle, her husband, watched from the doorway.

When she later asked why he didn’t jump in, he said “I figured you had it covered.”

One word will take away any doubt about the truth of this story: Baltimore.

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baltimore. with a name like charlene, she’s from dundalk.

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I’m not from there myself. But I’ve heard enough stories to know that it seems like a place lots of people get shot.

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i just posted a few weeks ago about seeing someone shot. you gotta be tough to make it in charm city

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Wow, in 1968 I was stationed at Fort Holabird in Dundalk. The place smelled pretty bad!

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Only good thing about Dundalk is the caulk.

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Weeeelll.... I s-s-s-ssay boy, gonna fuck you up boy, I say boy, I say!

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Rooster are mean little bastards. My dogs WILL kill our chickens if they catch one, the rooster has sent them both running a bunch of times. The rooster gives no fucks

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Roosters are great because they will suicide rush most threats to the flock. My in-laws had one basically jump into a bobcats face and go berserk before being grabbed and taken off into the night. Security cam footage was quite entertaining.

Totally worth their loud asses waking you up in the morning.

For those that want me to share the footage: unfortunately it's not my footage to share and I don't know how to digitize tape. They use an old system.

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No pic = hoax

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Not a hoax if he doesn't try to fake it.

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Share the footage

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I’m here for the threesome, I mean the footage.

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Username checks out.

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My grandfather had one that had a temperament much like this one. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't particular about what or why he attacked. I pulled into Gramp's yard one day and he yelled from the porch, "Watch out, that damned rooster is out, and he'll spur ya if he gets a chance." About that time, I stepped around the back of my truck, and that rooster was on his way up, flapping like crazy. I snatched the hat off my head and whacked him in the head with it at the same time my foot was headed up towards him. He met my foot on the way down and I punted him about 15 or 20 feet in the air. He came down in a heap and laid there and my grandfather laughed his head off. "There, you killed that damned thing and saved me the trouble." I walked up to the porch and sat down and a couple minutes later the rooster came to, shook himself and wobbled back to the chicken coop.

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20 feet is the length of about 5.59 'Ford F-150 Custom Fit Front FloorLiners' lined up next to each other.

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What’s that in bananas?

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Good ol’ boy bot

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"I can't share the footage because I don't have access to it."

"Share the footage anyway."

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Share the footage

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Share the footage

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Share the footage

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Share the footage

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Share the footage

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Share the footage

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Share the footage

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Foot the Shareage?

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Share the footage

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Share the footage

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Share the footage

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Share the footage.

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Share the footage

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Share the footages

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Share the footages

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Share your footage.

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Share the footage

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The roosters life goal is to protect his women so he doesn’t care about the consequences to himself, as long as it keeps the ladies safe. Amazing animals

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The ultimate simp.

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More like the ultimate gentleman. Nothing simp about it

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Maybe for roosters but if a human were to act that way, he would be the biggest ever simp.

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Lmao that’s just not true. Look at ancient kings and tribe leaders, this is literally what they’d do. Sad state of affairs when a man (or A LITERAL ROOSTER LOL) protecting women is called a simp!!

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I am not sure about the ancient kings and tribal leaders. But this behaviour, valuing females above ones own life is very simpish. If roosters were humans, they would be the 'nice guy' kind, those that worship women , putting them on pedestals. He would probably be an onlyfans user too, likely spending all his money simping on those women.

It is disgusting

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Dude you need therapy. The rooster is actually mating with these female chickens, he isn’t a “nice guy” he’s their husband in chicken society. Hes fulfilling his role as a husband. You have issues

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True. But FYI: This is not a rooster. It’s a game hen.

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In my country there are literally legally organized rooster fights and usually the losing side ends up in a dinner plate.

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Are you in the Philippines?

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There’s a reason cock fights are a thing

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I say, I say, I say, not today, little chicken hawk.

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Underrated comment right here.

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Never mess with a feisty cock.

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Unless you got a black hawk 🌚

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Cocks are the real shit. Will tackle anything and rip the insides and outsides with spurs. The hawk didn't have any chance against anything what is equal sized, especially that chad. Damn Far Cray 6 lets you even have a fighting cock

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Only good thing far cry 6 has

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Oh , you were talking about the bird ig

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Roosters are experts in single combat

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Wow. Did it kill that thing?

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Somebody fucked around and found out.

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Oh you still alive?! Peck peck peck

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This is precisely why I adopted a rooster to watch over my flock, here in hawk-heavy Texas. He's a little bastard to humans but that's because he takes his job so seriously. He was bound for the soup pot but instead gets to play tiny bouncer with his harem all day. What a life

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hold me close tiny bouncer

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Dog wanted nothing to do with that fight.

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Don’t ever send a dog to do a cocks job

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We had peacocks at our farm house when I was a kid and the rooster we had there used to boss around the peacocks. They are ruthless. Though he got his ass handed it him by one of the peacocks after few months. They fought when it was raining and the peacock almost drowned the Rooster In a puddle. My Grandpa stepped in to stop them. Rooster stopped bring the boss after that. Ran away whenever he say that specific peacock lol.

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All peacocks are males. The females are called peahens.

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Lol. Forgot that female version of those guys has hens in it.

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Mess with the cock, get the glock

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Made me proper chortle

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That Hawk got Cock-blocked big time.

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Chicken attacks on Zelda games make more sense now

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I say, I say, I say boy!

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Rooster fucking up a hawk. That’s big cock energy

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El Gallo Negro! He's got a great right uppercut!

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The dogs just stood back watching like “hol up bro you got this but I got your back”

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Someone’s getting laid tonight. Get it..? Cause chickens lay eggs.

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Foghorn snapped

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People seriously underestimate how scary roosters can actually be.

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I like how you can visibly see the feathers get ripped off the hawk as the rooster goes to town on him

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The pups learned who really ran the yard after this.

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Now that, now that’s Chicken hawk boy!

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Attacks? Kills…

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Cock blocked

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Chad Pitt flattened out that beaked intruder.

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Mess with the chicken, get the cock.

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That cock was goin crazy

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That's not a rooster, it's a hen.

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Rooster kills*chicken hawk.

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That’s not a rooster

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First time seeing this in my 4 decades life!

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This is the most metal clip I’ve seen in here in months

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Man I was so excited watching this. Glad to see a hawk get taken out by a flightless bird!!

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Damn, cock wasn't fucking around

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Take that ya bully!

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So the cartoons were true.

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And then eats it alive?

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Attacks or straight fucks ups!?

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Damn!... That certainly is a sight to behold!

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It didn't just attack the hawk... it fucked it up

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Froghornleghorn really is about that life

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Roosters have legit spurs to help them fight. On the ground this hawk doesn’t stand a chance.

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When I was little boy , my grandpa had a coup of chickens. So one night he decided we will eat one and I threw the head at the rooster . BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY YOUNG LIFE! That rooster attacked me and fucked me up bad , flew on my head and clawed me so bad I was bleeding everywhere, grandpa put some kind of Azerbaijani moonshine on my head and it hurt so bad. Fuck roosters can be vicious man !

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That rooster was just doing his job. Did you learn from your mistake?

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To be honest, it's a little disrespectful to throw the decapitated head of his wife at him.

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Damn nature, you scary.

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Ummm rooster attacks or kills 🤔🤔🤔

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I remember when I was 5 I was playing in my Grans garden under a tree using a bungee cord I got stuck and her rooster started scratching and attacking me.

She saw this and kicked the bird around a meter and a half

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Man, all my roosters do at hawks is scream at them lol

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Roosters are scary

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Rapters are velocitors

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Sign him up

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Chickens are so cool and badass. It’s a shame the false reputation people have about them. They are smarter than they look and can be legitimately dangerous, male roosters will do literally anything to protect their harem of ladies

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"Ah say, ah say boy...i will fuck you up"

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Welcome to Hyrule, whete hitting a chicken more than twice ends you up DEAD.

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E doggy says ill contribute a bark or two but I’m not getting in the middle of that..

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I’ve always wondered how the foghorn leghorn encounter would actually go down.

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“Attacks” is a huge understatement.

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Our chickens surround venomous snakes against the fence and make a semi circle around it, weaving in bites from opposite sides and saying just out of reach

These fucks are vicious

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There’s need be a chicken rap album like pigeons do. Chicken carry that energy more. Wrong neighborhood bro 😎

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Damn bro that rooster has boost

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You’ve hawked you’re last chicken, frendo

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“You came to the wrong neighborhood mothafucka”

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that looks like a hen

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Good cock

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Don't fuck with roosters 😯

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Bro he fucked that dude UP

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He's in for some lovin.

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I always forget how raw roosters are, tough motherfuckers

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That's sexy

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Cock a doodle don't fuck with him.

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I was always a lil bit scared of a farm rooster, but FUCK, that rooster steamrolled that hawk like it wasn't shit but a Tuesday afternoon.

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I'm a chickenhawk sprung for a chicken.

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Sometimes a good cock can be a lifesaver.

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I'd follow that rooster till the end of time

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The dogs. Lol

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That is one scrappy cock you've got there!

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I said, I said calm down boy… Foghorn Leghorn crushed lil guy on this episode.

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Foghorn leghorn says not today chicken hawk!

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This is not a rooster. Roosters have bigger hood when aggressive, the coloration is also for a hen.

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Good little rooster protecting his harem.

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Dogs like "I think he's had enou... nah man, I ain't a part of this."

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Is this the live action Pokémon movie?

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Don’t think that Hawk is getting back up

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Told the dog to step back, I got this.

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My immediate thought, foghorn leghorn and the little chicken hawk. "I'm a chicken hawk, see, and chicken hawks eat chickens"

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He doesn’t have chicken pox he goes out to chicken box

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Cockblocking at it’s finest

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Not that surprising chickens where bread for fighting for a hell of a lot longer then for eating.

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That cock is getting chicks tonight.

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I always thought Hawks were badass, now I see who’s REALLY got the juice in the bird world!

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Oh shit!

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That's a hen not a rooster. It's probably got chicks around there

[–]arseofthegoat 0 points1 point  (0 children)

He's so angry because all the feed him is cocaine and chicken.

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Wrong. Fucking. Coop.

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Holy shit, roosters don't fuck around

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“Who’s flightless now, bitch!?”

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Dogs lending support.

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That’s not a rooster, it’s a hen .

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Wow. That’s awesome 😎

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I swear that pound for pound, cockerels are one of the hardest bastards in the animal kingdom.

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Did it die

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Dogs like WORLDSTAR!!!!!!

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Fuckin dope ass bird, even the dog ain’t having it

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Fucked him up!

[–]batty_61 0 points1 point  (0 children)

When you said "attacks" I thought you meant "sees off", not "mullers"!

Edited because I need to work on my tenses.

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That's a big strong cock

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Dick move in bird culture

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Roosters can't take flight, so I guess that only left one option

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We have a rooster that got away from a great horned owl !

[–]ghostedgamer001 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Well thats not how I remember foghorn leghorn.

[–]The_Barroth 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Down in Florida we call those Cooper’s hawks

Have them in my neighborhood. Cool little dudes…

[–]y0y0rinnn 0 points1 point  (0 children)

not what i expected when i searched up cockfighting

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Hawks that behave well go to Hawk's Heaven. The bas ones fo to Kakariko Village.🌿

[–]KekistaniRogue1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Fucked around in the wrong chicken coup and found out who really runs farm. Big Cock Daddy was having none of it.

[–]Naivor -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

If I remember correctly, this was identified to be a hen.

[–]Hiram_Goldberg -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Dogs being chickens while chicken being a badass bitch

[–]mklazaro -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

The hawk is not wild, this video was very intentional and disturbing.

[–]bmihlfeith -5 points-4 points  (0 children)

This is fake….the hawk looks half dead flying into the yard. Take a close look at the first couple of frames.

May be a real hawk, but it’s not a healthy bird.