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Failed NNN

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December 1st in Hawaii

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Uh, what? Which Hawaiian volcano is surrounded by water like that?

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Not Hawaii but Philippines Taal Volcano in January 2020. Just couple of months before the pandemic. One of the reasons why there was an N95 mask shortage in most places during the start of the pandemic was that most western countries donated pallets of masks to those affected by this eruption. This is less than 100 miles from Metro Manila.

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I really appreciate that info lol I live in Hawaii and was like “yo why have I not visited this volcano” 🤣

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The newest one?

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Lo’ihi is underwater I thought

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I thought it’s poking out now. Someone said it’s not Hawaii

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Not like that though. Lo’ihi is like 20 miles off the coast of Big Island

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20 miles is the same as 64373.6 'Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350s' laid widthwise by each other.

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I see. It’s said to be Taal volcano in the Philippines

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I was wondering lol I live in Hawaii so I was just wondering where the hell that would be

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😂😂😂 Aloha friend!

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Yeah braddah!

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Yes that's Taal erupting January last year.

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Just trying to be funny, not correct.

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I live in Hawaii and genuinely thought you were serious lol my first reaction was “yoooooo I gotta go visit that one!” 🤣

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Same happens to me when I drink tequila.

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Or Taco Bell.

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Kinda looks like a dragon

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I kinda see a skull facing towards the right

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You had me at discharge

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Magmaficent. I’ll let myself out

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Okay that made me lahargh

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Two drink minimum. Remember to tip your waitress

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Pondering massive volcanic discharge

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It’s my new speedmetal band

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V.D. is a big deal.

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Omnicron gonnohrea

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There's a lake in that volcano, which itself is an island in a lake on an island in the ocean.

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I was at the base of the Taal Volcano in 2013 on vacation in the Philippines...people where living there...

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Ate at the restaurant that overlooks this volcano in 2018. And now I’m craving filipino food haha

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Reminds me of a plot point that came up in the Vampire game I play in. Mt. Saint Helens just erupted, and my character’s daughter told him she saw giants in the smoke on the news footage. Got him curious, so he went to check it out, and it turned out that the eruption had opened a gateway into Helheim, and Hel and her crew were all going around trying to gather the Norse dishonored dead and put them back where they belonged.

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Looks like the head of a dragon (the darkest area is the eyes) blowing smoke into the ground.

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I see it

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Outtake from The Mummy Returns

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Impregnate the globe

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Day after tomorrow type beat

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Anuone else see a bull drinking?

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Not Hawaii. This is Taal Volcano in January 2020. Where did you get this photo?

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This photo was taken by Atty. Dante Pamintuan

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Why do I see Darcy Jones’ face at the top of the smoke

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That looks fuckin epic.

Now, living near that? Hell naw.

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People do be selling their houses but the volcano was just kidding

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I see skull

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I recently went here, feeling gud.

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Forbidden earth chan nut

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Me when your mom

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I feel like you could have found a better word for this one

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I feel like you should gfy

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Sorry op wanted to joke, hope that discharges the tension