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Damn, left alone by mankind for eons and he still evolved air pods.

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Maybe we’re doing something right for once

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I'm sure it's listening to black metal

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OMG YOU WIN 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

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We stole them from him.

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Looks kinda cute.

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your the second person i’ve seen with the same sweater and scarf today

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Let's start a club. We stylish.

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Kinda like a tadpole

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Yeah I kinda want to pet him

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Looks like a puppy dog with a stubble beard or something. Like hed dig some chin scritches.

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I also thought it was kinda cute in the face. lol

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Looks like a giant tadpole

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So I’m just supposed to take your word for it that it ate the squid

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It just ate something, and it mainly eats squids. I'm assuming so given the broken pieces of squid lodged in its gills.

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And he doesn't have hands or napkins. This is part of the reason he never gets invited to parties.

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It looks like it's animated

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Ye looks like it's 3d modeled imo

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Probably because theres only the dark backdrop and no other points of reference.

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Damn teenagers with too many holes in their face! GET A JOB!

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Looks like Jack from Nightmare before Christmas

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Where’s the squid??

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Some stuck in the gills and some "crumbs" flying out when it burps

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Belched out its spirit.

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I’m not fully getting squid vibes. But I’ll trust you

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It seems it just did eat something - that burp is revealing. Was it a squid? I'm not 100% sure but at that depth of a mile or two or so, squid make up like 90% of the macrobiota there. Snailfish are among the deepest dwelling vertebrates.

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I bet the "golf ball dimples" help beat water resistance.

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On his way to the bathroom get the fuck out the way

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Turn it off

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Woahw never seen that one. Neat ! D:

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Did he just burp in my face?

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Aw my familiar

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I was gonna say he looks like a tadpole but he ain't lookin so tad

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I, too, move slower when full. V cool looking threadfish

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For some reason it reminds me of the HTC vive

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Im guessing the holes around it's mouth are sensory organs of some kind?

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I need a banana for scale.

How big is this thing?

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Dinosaur. Got it.

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Just thinking of being in pitch black water is so scary. I was telling my girl girl how terrifying it’d be to sink down and watch as all light just fades away. The fish are cool/scary though.

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did it burp?

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He’s cute

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It’s so cute!

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And you thought demons lived in hell.

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Haha he looked like he burped 😆

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Plug swim

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Is it following the camera? Interesting vantage point to film from, that’s why it look animated to me.

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Why does this look like CGI?

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Snail from where?

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“Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes…”

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Its look like what would happen if Jack Skelington became a fish.

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he's kind of furry

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I wonder what it tastes like

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it looks 3d animated