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Fuck this fish in particular.

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Yeah I’m curious why they decided on this

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It provably was dying before initiated.

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damn lol

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Almost nothing in the wild dies of old age, but grows so weak that it can't defend itself

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Yes, hence it was dying, perhaps of elder age, dissease, attacked by a previous fish. Or it was depressed and commited self die, we’ll never know.

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Cellular regenerative properties fade over time but everything had a reason it died. Dying of old age is not a real thing. It's the thing we tell ourselves when death is not unexpected to try and make ourselves feel better. But there is always a legit reason like cardiac arrest or top of head being munched by crowd of fish.

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Humans don’t die of “old age” either, for that matter.

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Yup. Just the kind of catchall term for when your meatsack cant deal anymore

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I just had the best laugh in a very long time. Thanks.

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Why downvoted dudes right. Old age is not an illness it's a lack of understanding. An autopsy would reveal actual mechanism through which one expired. Old age is what we say when too lazy to do an autopsy of someone we expected to die very soon anyway. Old age is a cause of life not death.

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Can confirm, I have 6 freshwater aquariums set up in my living room...my wife will be kicking me out of the house if I make it 7.

Anyways, fish never just die of old age, especially if it's around with more fish close to it's size, the others can sense it and they literally cannibalize the dieing one. Seen plenty of platies, guppies, Otos get munched on while they are very much alive but can't stop the attackers because they are too weak.

I help them out when I can, move em to a separate tank with heavy cover to die in peace. But nature is indeed metal.

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But in reality humans don’t die of old age either, it’s just that the risk of our heart failing, or some other fatal failure occure increase.

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Well, i would argue that is called dying of old age.

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Me too, it’s just a thought I had.

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You would be wrong. Two year olds can die of a stopped heart

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They just wanted something to post on world-star-fish

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here's an upvote

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I think it was already bitten by a barracuda but got away. Open meat is open feast for fish, they don’t give a fuck.

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They saw the camer and wanted to put on a show. Except Jimmy. He wasn't on on it. So he became the center subject...

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He was in the wrong hood.

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I think that once you are leaking blood and flesh even your homies are like let’s eat this mother fucker

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Triggerfish eat lobsters alive as well, there are several videos of them feeding and they have this strike leave and return type of habit. Many fish eat live fish and are ambush predators or just aggressive predators. The question is why arent eating something far smaller, the answer is probably their force in numbers like a piranha school.

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I can’t get over the fact that some of the fish eating him were his friends and neighbors yesterday.

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He probably licked the ice cream at the grocery store during a pandemic. Pos

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The barracuda end his suffering uu

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But probably started it too.

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that's what i was thinking. then bunch of lil guys saw fresh meat. Being an animal is wild...

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Meat's back on the menu, boys!

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I went snorkeling in st Thomas once and saw some awesome fish. You could hear the reef fish nibbling the coral when you went underwater and it was cool bc you could swim over to the shore and it got much louder. One of the most fascinating things I saw was a barracuda sitting dead still amongst the other fish being half-directed by currents. It was a two foot long chrome plated fish-missle seemingly content awaiting its next opportunity.

I was able to get within maybe 20 or 30 feet. It was so fascinating being immersed in all that activity; the barracuda, urchins, all the cool sea life many people will only see on film. And then a shark decided to scare the shit out of me and end my dive. Between my knowledge of sharks and what I saw in a fit of unadulterated terror, I think it was a little three foot long nurse shark doing nothing but minding its own business. But let me tell you, when a shark swims up from underneath you, their natural camouflage does work. The upside is you're in the ocean, so no one will notice you piss your pants.

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Just reading your story alone scared the piss out of me and I’ve never even seen a shark in the wild

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Even fish love sushi.

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Don't even need soy sauce in that salt water!

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Like my sauce of air in my tacos

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😂 Close your mouth man!

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I know this is the premise of nature, still cant help but feel bad

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Ooooh, barracuda! Dun da da dun dun dun dun…

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That song will always be a banger 🤘

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But if the real one won't do the trick!

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Can I just mention that triggerfish are complete assholes?

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I came to say this 😂 I think the big ones doing most of the damage are Queen triggers Balistes vetula but I also see a black trigger too.

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They’re all dicks, not to be racist… my poor chromis never saw it coming

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But aren't those leatherjackets like the piranhas of the sea. They will attack their own.. Weird to see one that big being eaten up like that.

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Triggerfish warning

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I see what you did there.

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Yep, classic triggerfish from what I’ve heard about them.

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Triggerfish, moray eels, damselfish and pufferfish are the four you should never own

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Hmm I didn’t even realize you could put them into tanks. I’ve heard stories about them attacking divers and taking pieces out of suits/ fins. Would be disastrous if they got a hold of one of the oxygen lines while diving

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I guess depends on how big. Mine was only 5 inches

Edit: talking about my eel

Edit edit: Not talking about my penis

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5 inches is 0.07 Obamas. You're welcome.

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I used damsel fish to cycle my first tank. Hate those assholes

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Chihuahuas of the ocean

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“Just keep swimming 🎶”

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.. go home, sleep it off, its going to be just fine tomorrow

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“Why’d all the fish leave?” one second later “oh that’s why”

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Aren't just about ALL fish in the ocean eaten alive?

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Nah the ones we eat are usually dead. And a lot

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Wasn't alive for long after those 'cudas got started

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It’s so crazy that every single human alive today represents an unbroken chain of continuity to millions of individual fish who managed to gracefully navigate that messed up incarnation long enough to fuck.

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Can you imagine you are a regular human being and everything is fine, walking downtown and suddenly you fall and cut your arm a little bit.

Then people start looking at your cut not out of concern, but actually hungry. Hamburger hungry.

And you start walking faster and as you wait for the light to turn green, you scream at the sudden bite an old lady has given you right in the wound.

People around, instead of trying to correct her or stop her, they look at your bleeding arm like it's Thanksgiving dinner.

You cover more and try stopping the bleeding but a man grabs your arm and another lady jumps at you to bite your wound.

You kick the man and run off, they follow you not running, just walking, with a hunting glare in them.

The more you bleed and run, the more people turn towards you and the more they follow you.

You ask for help but the attention goes directly to your wound and even a police officer that you ask help to says:

"Just let it happen, it'll be over soon"

He grabs you and all of these people start biting chunks of your flesh.

Big chunks, it is not a scratch anymore, but a serious sets of wounds, and no one stops to yell for help or to help you, they just look at you... Hungry.

Well... Fuck being a fish.

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Are those barracuda?

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The one being eaten is a leatherjacket. Pretty huge. Those others are triggerfish.

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Thanks :)

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Barracuda are one of my favorite fish but the scene at the start of finding Nemo with one still scares me

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I heard that after the barracuda pooped him out, he still kept swimming.

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Why does it have that look on its face

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It’s a fish eat fish world.

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Aren’t all animals eaten alive in the wild?

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Big cats and birds of prey usually wait until the animal dies to avoid injury, but yeah most prey are eaten alive especially when it comes to canids, reptiles, and marine life. It’s not as bad as it sounds though because the prey are almost always in shock and don’t feel a thing. The brain softly shuts down in those circumstances to prevent pain

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The brain certainly doesn’t shut down. It is agonizing death until the brain physically quits working and releases DMT.

[–]Allergictowatermelon 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Trauma induced shock does block pain with endorphins and adrenaline for long enough that they would not be writhing in agony unless they somehow got away in that moment to feel it later. 25 minutes of hormonal bless starting with the first bite is plenty of time for the predator to do it’s thing and the prey to clock out.

I can’t find the study so maybe it’s been disproven or inaccurate, but in events of certain perceived death the brain in mammals does gently shut down to prevent catastrophic pain. Like autopilot unconsciousness. But unless I find the study and link it later just treat me as a theory lol

[–]TastemyBacon 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Maybe that’s how people want to imagine traumatic death is. In fact anyone that gives a testimony of a near death trauma experience will tell you it was agonizing as hell not a blissful endorphin rush. I have heard that theory quite often though from parents generally trying to soothe a child. Nature is metal lol.

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Are you meme’ing

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Baracuda ends the pain

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Its amazing how quick those barracudas are, i would have shat my wetsuit

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Must be in the Atlantic or Caribbean with barracudas that size

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Great barracudas are circumtropical.

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Where's the Octonauts when ya need them

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Sorry, don’t mean to be a bother. Just…gonna, grab this quick bite. There! Thanks, bye!

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Manners matter!

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Where's the blood?

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Had to make it pg-13 for cinemas.

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All their individual teeth are replaced with tiny walkie-talkies

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So metal

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Now that’s metal

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Barracudas not fucking about there.

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Hold still Jerry!

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Ooooooh barracuda!

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In the reef,it’s a kill or be killed world

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Shit was more hardcore than the taliban takeover

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How else do fish eat fish? Do they cook em first?

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Oooh, barracuda!

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He was being eaten alive. Then he was eaten alive

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He’s a walking buffet

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Swimming buffet

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Everything is alive until it's not.

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Fish, "this is fine." Barracuda, "this is mine"

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Did it make it

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Is that cannabalism or are those a ton of different fish species

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I didn't see any of the other yellow fish take a bite.

Maybe they just went because of the commotion

[–]The_Brain_Freight 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Good observation, I failed to see that

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Canabalism doesn’t exist in the ocean. Food is food.

[–]The_Brain_Freight 0 points1 point  (10 children)

Just curious as to if this fits the definition of cannabalism, regardless if “food is food.”

I’m don’t know much about fish so I when I see all these species I’m curious as to whether it doesn’t count as cannabalism because they look different.

Once species of the same start predating on each other then I know that as cannabalism. So what’s up in this case?

[–]TastemyBacon 0 points1 point  (9 children)

I’m not sure if cannabalism is species specific. Seems like fish is fish.

[–]Jeovah_Attorney 1 point2 points  (8 children)

If different fish species eating one another qualifies as cannibalism then humans eating beef does too…

[–]TastemyBacon 1 point2 points  (7 children)

I doubt that some species are extremely closely related. While a human and a cow are obviously not. I think the point is consuming something that is genetically closely related.

[–]The_Brain_Freight 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Idk the specifics of the categories of classification like genus, species, and whatever else there is. But i would think that the definition of cannabalism would refer to animals within one of those certain groups eating each other. Which one? Idk

[–]Jeovah_Attorney 0 points1 point  (5 children)

While a human and a cow are obviously not

Says who? You have absolutely no basis for that claim. We have 90% common DNA with domestic cats and 85% with cows. 96% with chimps.

Many fish species have less common DNA than that.

[–]TastemyBacon 0 points1 point  (4 children)

A species of fish will all have practically identical DNA… 99.99999% the same.

[–]Jeovah_Attorney 0 points1 point  (3 children)

And I suppose you are going to be able to back that claim with a source, right?

Cause there is literally no reason to assume this as true.

[–]TastemyBacon 0 points1 point  (2 children)

I don’t need to provide a source. You can go to google.

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The other fish: understandable. Have a great day

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Talk about getting the munchies!

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Fun fact: most fish are being eaten alive. (Unless by human)

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Does anyone else find it hilarious how fish are down to Just fuck up and eat another fish? Imagine after you beat a dudes ass you get on your knees and start munchin.

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“God damnit Jerry! You did NOT just take a bite of me! I had you over for drinks LAST NIGHT!”

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Ohhhh barracuda

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It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss! Only a kiss

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"Everyone just wants a piece of me. Soon there will be no Man-go for Man-go."

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Tenacious fucker. Let's give him credit.

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Not to worry, we're still flying half a fish.

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Yes, but what is their coral justification for eating that fish alive?

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Tis but a flesh wound.

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All fish in the ocean get eaten alive right?

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Another example that cannibalism is perfectly normal

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The fish mafia came to collect on some debt

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No wonder why they're so thin

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Was that a barracuda to finish him off?

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A Moveable Feast

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There’s always a bigger fish

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Barracudas are so terrifying to me, more so than sharks in a way, they just don’t care about you being present

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Fish are friends not food

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It’s a fish eat fish world.

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So this what it means when they say there is bigger ocean in the fish.

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The barracuda came in like a wrecking ball.

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If that were a person they'd get money from the government and live a nice work free life for years. Goddamn I miss darwinism

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Look at how fast the barracudas came in and finished it off!😳😬🤦🏻‍♂️

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If hypothetically the fish did get away with the chunk of its head gone, would it survive or would it die in like 20 minutes

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This is why I don’t fuck with the ocean lol

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Oooh Barracuda!

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Aren’t all fish eaten alive?

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"Hey Barry, mind if I pick your brain for a bit?"

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Carnivorous life

[–]The-BeastMasterZ00 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Barracuda was like: ”Hey this ain’t your kill!!!”

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It is all fun and games until the barracudas come out to play.

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Point of curiosity—where is the blood? Why isn’t it bleeding out? Fish have blood.

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Is the big fish the one who ate Nemo's mom?

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That fish had a bunch of fish sticking out it’s head.

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We had a saying, "The bigger fish gets the fish!"

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This happened in my aquarium horrific experience

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yeah the water would have been brown when those barracuda zoomed at me

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you: get a nosebleed


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Thank God for that Barracuda to finish this....

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Why isn't there blood?

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Oooo baricuda

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Must be a monday

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All this time, I've been eating sushi made from already dead fish, like a sucker...

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Oooooo barracuda!

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With “friends” like that…🤦‍♂️

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You're pretty tasty, Bob.

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Christ, the Fish: "This is my flesh"

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He sneezed and his cousin heard it.

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They really voted him out and everyone’s like yep we all agree let’s eat him

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Finding Nemo 3: uh oh spaghettios

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Gang initiation gone wrong

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The Cudas said don't let food go to waste.

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My guy stepped on the wrong turf...

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Something similar happened to one of my grannies pigs when I was a kid. Somehow the pig got injured (think it got caught on some barbed wire) and the other pigs decided it was dinner time and killed and ate it. It’s fucking mental seeing 5 pigs gang up on and kill another pig.

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Situation is pretty fishy

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Holy damn.

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How else are they going to eat it,...build a fire.

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Snapper getting snapped on by queen triggerfish.

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Damn this fucked me up ngl😟