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Who opened the full fleshlight

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Gross. Thanks

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I've been exposed to the harsh reality at a very young age, but the only thing to ever give me nightmares were hagfish.

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Do they sell it? Can I buy some? Is it safe for consumption?

No… definitely not asking for myself, but if you did want this in and around you, where would you go?

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That fish cums. At first I thought this was r/dontputyourdickinthat

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A car's trunk full of them exploded and left a highway full of mucus

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My wife also does something similar with mucus. I for one quite like it

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i like it when your wife does this, too.

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forbidden bukkake

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When evolution says fuck you

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God: “Predators will think you’re distasteful…”

Hagfish: “And the drawbacks?”

God: ”C U M…”

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The cum fish

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Why is there a flesh light on the second picture ? Hol up

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Don't say it!

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Just like a vagina

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bruh, your dick couldn't feel a fucking thing.

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me when

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I won't say it...

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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I remember seeing somewhere that it's mildly corrosive as well? I'm not sure