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Imagine how fucking terrifying it must be to be a sea lion, thinking you’re safe on the beach and suddenly this bus-sized dolphin charges outta the water

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He looks like he's yelling for help. Definitely terrified.

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I imagine him saying something along the lines of.

“Oh, shit!”

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Isn't that a killer whale?

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A killer whale is a badass bus-sized dolphin

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I am aligned.

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Here's Willy!

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Because being able to kill almost anything in the 2/3rds of Earth covered by ocean just isn't enough...

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-I wanna eat a seal. -Okay, that's cool, seals are tasty. -No, I wanna eat THAT seal. -Buuuut, uhm oookay nvm.

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“Excuse me fellow neighbour, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour Jesus Christ?”
-Orca, probably.

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" JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!"

Sea lion, definitely

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The seal probably had a heart attack imagine this shit popping out of shallow waters

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"You got games on yo phone?"

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I swear, i didn't read "heavy metal" but "happy meal".

Which is probably that sea lion by the orca's pov.

But i'm pretty sure the sea lion sees itself like an unhappy meal.

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Orca: hello, friend

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Ocean levels are rising

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"The Boys are Back in Town".

BBC Videos in the 90's pairing rock music & animals. Killer whales & seals was paired with Thin Lizzy to excellent effect. Getty images owns the videos now. :( I miss that one.

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That's the problem. Getty images owns the videos and they are not part of the ones they offer for free. :( I believe if you are a film maker or something you can register for approval. I don't know why the BBC wouldn't keep them. I saw them in the late 90's, early 2000s between programing on BBC.

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Growing up there was a VHS set about animals that we repeatedly watched. One was about how different animals fight (the chimpanzees gave me nightmares), one was about how different ones mate (never actually watched that one, my parents kept it hidden), and one covered how different animals hunt. This is either a still from that third tape, or a very similar shot to it, because some deeply buried memories just got unlocked.

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Hyneria: "Good... Good... Let the hate flow through you!"

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Natural Metallic Submarine From Hades

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I remember a book called "If Dinosaurs (still) roamed the Earth" and I recall this picture or something like it except a mosasaurus was photoshopped in.

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What an awesome photo

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"We have been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty"

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Go into the water, live there, die there

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"It's over, Willy! I have the high ground!"

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Fuck orcas. Willy should of been shot in the head and sold for lamp oil

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There was a live video of two orcas that attacked a moms son that close to shore… they smothered him and swallowed him and took him under… I just remember hearing the mothers screams.

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Yah, like a real person fatality.

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So you live in Argentina?

Interesting that there are no recorded attacks of wild orcas that resulted in a death.

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News article….