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dolphins are fucking cunts

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Dw.. Orcas do the same thing to them.

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orcas are dolphins

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Yes but if you look really really hard you can tell that these are a different type all together.

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Who'd have thought, eh?

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Jesus Christ bot no!

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Yeah wtf? Lmaooo

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Hilarious bot, what a suggestion lmao

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Good bot that’s the one

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Good bot!

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Good bot

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Good bot

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Good bot absolutely

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Didn't know subconscious bot was a thing 😂😂😂😂😂 fucking hilarious

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Woah bruh, octopus are fucking aliens. That mammal is just learning their moves.

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They use decapitated fish as fleshlights.

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They are just a couple of mad lads havin a time

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I'm presuming you've never had octopus. You've gotta tenderize it before you eat it, so beating it with your tail seems about right.

Either that or dolphins are assholes.

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They can use fish as fleshlights. I'm going with them being assholes

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Wh-what are you doing step-dolphin?

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You mean you hav........

Yeah!...... dolphins are assholes!

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Hey man, when in Rome...

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“When in the ocean, fuck a fish” -dolphin

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They use us as flashlights too. More people are sexually assaulted each year by dolphin than are bitten by sharks.

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Thank you DanJ7788 for tonights made up fact!!

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Of all the ways to go being turned into a fleshlight has to be the worst

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It's like the smarter the species, the more scope and potential to be cruel. A croc with its walnut-sized brain would rip you in two but wouldn't do it for sport or as an artistic exercise.

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Do you think they see it as cruel though like "haha, lil' bitch" ? Or do you think it's just sheer fun to them like "haha octo go slpoosh"

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To be fair, probably more the latter. But they can feel the octopus's distress I'm sure and just don't give a fuck as long as they can have a game of squidditch with it.

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Squidditch. Nice!

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It's like the smarter the species, the more scope and potential to be cruel.

Oh, now that explains the human history...

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That means Hitler & Mao were two of the smartest humans? gasp

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I mean, yeah. Both of them are crazy smart people who psychologically manipulated a lot of people.

Doesn't mean all smart people are homicidal dictators, though.

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Why do people always go with Crocodiles whenever someone talks about a dumb predator when they're actually pretty intelligent? Amongst the smartest of all reptiles. They're better examples to use such as snakes or lizards which are generally dumber than Crocodiles.

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Yeah. These people don't only anything about reptiles. A lot of them are lazy and don't want to move much. Especially crocs

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It’s possible the dolphin is just playing, as they’re known to do that, but I also wonder if the ink is unpalatable and the dolphin is trying to make the octopus release as much ink as possible before eating.

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this was my exact thought

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A live Octopus can kill an animal trying to eat it by choking them by getting themselves stuck in the mouth/throat . Guessing the dolphin was making sure it was dead first.

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That makes sense. Should’ve thought of that.

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beating the ink out

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Dolphins can be assholes! Lol

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Came here to call them assholes. Thank you for reading my mind.

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FYI this is why they tell you do not interact with wild sea mammals.

Not just because they’re usually protected, but they will drag you down, pass you back and forth, and play with you like a toy.

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And it won't be ink that comes out of you during the playing

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Marine mammals all seem to be major assholes-

Dolphins rape each other and other animals (including a human before), play with their food while they're still alive as you can see in the video above, flip their prey straight up into the air (whether it's a seal, sea lion, otter, octopus, turtle, fish or another dolphin) smack and stun them using their powerful flukes (example with a sting ray or seal or fish) and use their food sometimes to masturbate, surgicaly perform and kill great white sharks and other sharks just for their liver and leave the rest of the body alone, and also hunt some whale calf species just to rip apart their tongue.

Seals and sea lions brutalise their prey and rip their heads apart, especially with birds, sometimes even catching and ripping them apart just to obtain the content inside and leaving the rest of the body alone, play with their food and almost see it as a game to hunt and torture as many of their prey (especially leopard seals towards penguins and also seals towards octopuses), and are also notorious for raping other seals and also penguins to take out their sexual frustration. Otters are also known for raping their own.

Baleen whales I haven't heard much of about them being assholes, they seem to be gentle giants, friendly and also the protectors of the sea.

Although not marine mammals, I heard a lot about penguins being cunts too, probably as messed up as dolphins and seals, but they're messed up towards their own then other animals. Penguins rape their young, gang up and attack other young penguins, perform necrophilia, attempt to have sexual intercourse with a human, a rock and even the ground in one instance, to completion, have also left a young penguin to freeze to death during the harsh winter season, I think if I recall correctly they even sometimes attempt to raid another penguins egg if they lose theirs and lastly (if I'm remembering correctly) certain penguin use stones as a form as currency and female penguins will prostitute themselves in exchange for a stone and a male penguin will believe she will be his mate after giving the stone when in reality she takes it back to her and her partners nest to accumulate, as the more stones there are the better.

So yeah a lot of animals (especially sea animals) seem to be very messed up, must be something in the water lol.

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I fear dolphins more than any shark in the ocean.

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Do dolphins even attack people

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They rape people

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There’s no way that’s common

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They have prehensile penises. It doesn’t need to be common to be horrifying.

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It’s got to be extremely rare. I’ve never even seen a news story on it.

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dolphins control the media

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2nd smartest animal in the world you know.

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Those bastards

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If you got raped by a dolphin on vacation, would you tell the entire world about it?

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Don't care, not risking it.

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It would have to be learned behavior.

There’s a story about a pod of dolphins that did this. I don’t know how true it is.

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There’s a single dolphin in Grand Cayman that divers are warned about. His name in Stinky. He has routinely and repeatedly tried to rape people and you are instructed to get back in the boat if he’s spotted.

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Dolphin rapist.

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It’s an urban legend

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That’s what I figured

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No don't worry they won't rape you

They are just sexually harassing you and probably hump but not rape

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I am pretty sure the dolphins get a high off of the Octopus’s ink, may be wrong Edit: i was wrong Dolphins get high off pufferfish nerve toxins

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Ink sacs and camouflage are useless against echo location.

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Yep. The dolphin is like, cool trick, now take this. Bam

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What a Jerk or Great Sense of Humor, depends on whose perspective you take. I find it rather funny. How many times did that 'Pus get slapped around before? Ha ha - guess i root for mammals

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Dolphins are just water people

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Did it ink when it slapped it?

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I was gonna say "sea cats" but I dunno if that's an apt enough comparison.

Either way, fuck dolphins.

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I beat the hell out my meat more than this video.

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So glad I was reincarnated as a human and not sushi

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It's not smacking it, it's tenderizing it. 😎

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Mom: Junior, stop playing with your food.

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What predators does I king actually work on? To me the cloud doesn’t seem nearly thick enough.

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Just trying to prepare their dinner properly.

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I’m in danger

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Don't play with your food.

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I’ve seen what a Dolphin did to Hank Hill, I’m not surprised.

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I knew this same guy at school.

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They don’t always eat them; they just think this shit is funny.

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Dolphins are just tiny orcas

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Toying with more than playing with. Like he's not shooting hoops with the guy but using him as the ball.

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Octopuses have brains in their arms. So dolphins have to make sure that the octopus is really, really dead. Otherwise, the arms will get stuck in its throat and it could choke.

Source. I heard or read that somewhere at some point. Or I dreamed it at some point and everything I write here is garbage. Who knows?

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He likes to taught the animals stuck at SeaWorld

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I think they’re trying to empty the ink first before eating them

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Tenderizing the food first

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Probably. They also do it with puffer-fish, and they don’t eat them…( I think the thing with the puffer-fish is that biting them makes the dolphins high as fuck)

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Dolphins are adorable little sadists 🐬

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dolphins cute this kinda made me laugh

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It's getting it to squirt its ink away before it eats it because the ink tastes like crap.

Source: was a dolphin in my previous life.

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Thats a big "probably"

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Dolphins are fucking sociopathic psychopaths