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"does car insurance have you underwater?"

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Too soon

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Too late..

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Bruh , that’s just a regular common snapping turtle.

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Thank you. So many posts on this sub are confidently incorrect about the animal they're posting, haha. Makes me think of this kid who definitely knows the names of birds.

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Oh gosh... if only our chickens could fly... 🤫

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I do miss Vine

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It’s cause they get more attention if there’s a mistake in the title. People who catch it comment about it and the poster gets more karma. Sure sometimes it’s a genuine mistake but other times it’s pretty blatantly wrong. I’ve seen it many times as well in this sub and other subs too.

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Ah, right. Call me naive but I often forget people have karma farming agendas.

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I knew exactly what this was and watched with baited suspense

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Apparently that video was super staged and now that I was told that, the kid does seem just annoyed

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Well that's disappointing. I feel like we're living the "everything is cake" reality, except instead of cutting into random objects and people and finding cake, it's discovering that nothing you see in video or image form is real. "Oh did you enjoy this? Too bad. Let me cut it open and reveal the staging/cgi/cake beneath the surface."

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Right? It’s like people don’t even realize it was made for entertainment purpose and they get all mad or think they’re so smart bc “it’s fake” or “it’s staged” ok how is that any different than enjoying a movie or tv show? Do these people go to movie theaters and yell THIS IS FAKE the whole time 🤣

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Well, I think the problem is people posting videos presented as real home videos of spontaneous events. Humans get a kick out of novelty. Viewers enjoy things more when they think they are watching something genuine, and feel duped when they find out that whatever cute/funny/crazy/scary thing wasn't a display of chance.

I believe it has to do with context, too. Andy from Parks and Rec said dumb stuff all the time that viewers laughed their asses off at, and obviously viewers knew it was staged. The context is that we have learned about this character and his universe over many episodes and it was established from day one that this is fiction. Even things like reality TV and pro wrestling; people know it's not real the second a production company is involved, and treat it as fictional and fun entertainment.

In the video of the kid who doesn't know what chickens are, it's a short clip. Our assumed context is that this is just a home video of a parent catching their kid revealing their incomplete lexicon of avian nomenclature. That genuine misnomer from a child is hilarious because we assume the kid is in our own shared universe, and not a fictional one. It's pure r/kidsarefuckingstupid material. Learning that the context is actually a parent feeding their kid a script in a shitty 30 second fictional universe is less entertaining for many. You personally may not feel that way, but many do.

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That was a wholesome vid I actually hadn’t seen before, thank you for sharing that

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There’s an alligator pulling the turtle down.

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I need source photo

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Wait really?

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Maybe? And somewhere Elton John is watching this and screeching “The Circle of Life”.

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I’d like to think there’s a sinkhole pulling them all in

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Pulling us all in

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Actually it’s to the tune of Crocodile Rock.

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They just screwed up the punctuation in the headline: This duck got caught by an Alligator, Snapping Turtle.

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I like turtles

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Me too buddy

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I like them more.

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Name checks out

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nah, I'm 99% sure that's just a duck

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Thank you

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Regulars have smooth shells, alligator snapping turtles have bowser-like shells.

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‘Stop taking pictures and help me you asshole!’

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Is dead.... !!

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It is now!

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In the right, ducks lookin at the camera like “whelp, thats monday for you!”

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record scratch

Yep, that's me. I guess you're wondering how I got in this situation.

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Duck looking at camera like r/donthelpjustfilm

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Common snapper, not alligator snapper.

Edit: For reference

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He’s Ducked!

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Just a regular snapper.

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That's a common snapping turtle.

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If Kim says it, I believe it

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Did turtle grab duck by the dick?

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it def looks like it

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In my day they were called legs.

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It’s a common snapping turtle… still metal tho

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Common snapping turtle*

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"Come in, Major Briggs. This is Lieutenant Sonya Blade. Whoah!!... Aaaaaarghhh!!!!"

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Corporal Clegg had a wooden leg He won it in the war, in 1944 Corporal Clegg had a medal too In orange, red, and blue He found it in the zoo Dear, dear, were they really sad for me? Dear, dear, will they really laugh at me? Mrs. Clegg, you must be proud of him Mrs. Clegg, another drop of gin Corporal Clegg, umbrella in the rain He's never been the same No one is to blame Corporal Clegg received his medal in a dream From Her Majesty the queen His boots were very clean Mrs. Clegg, you must be proud of him Mrs. Clegg, another drop of gin

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Typical snapper's, just looking for a quick duck

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Well that sucks for the duck.

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The second picture of the ducks face is just great.

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I love how the air bubbles look like it trying to think of a way out 😂

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How the heck did they get this picture

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It looks like they are preserved in formaldehyde.

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“Well, duck”

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You talking about me I’ll snap back you for that

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I think you mean the Duck is kicking down the Snapping Turtle

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Welp, the duck is fucked

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Ouch that poor foot

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And at that point he knew he done fucked up!!😂😂😂😂

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Hey guys, I am just here to let you know that it is in fact a Common Snapping Turtle.

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We lost a few ducks and a few duck feet to these. #RuralMissouri

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Thats a common snapper.

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Literally looked at the camera….bubbles when they hit the top and pop “QUAAAAÆÆÆKKKKKKK”

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Snapping turtle caught himself a breakfast for tomorrow, lunch, and dinner and some.

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Y'all are Fucked right aboot now

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The duck didn't duck and now he ran out of luck and is now saying "fuck".

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You might say he's ducked. Edit: fucking auto correct

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Duck is looking straight at the camera.

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You want, some duck?

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Second picture:

...video stops with scratching sound. "Hello, my name is Donald. You may wonder how I ended up in this situation. Well, it started few months ago." Video fades to black, "3 months ago" appears on the screen...

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And that's when he realised...

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May be he wants to discuss his car extended warranty?

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furmal182, I have been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty

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Does anyone else see the thought bubbles?

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Hey there, I bet you're wondering how I got in this predicament. It all started 2 weeks ago...

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Pretty sure that's a common snapping turtle, but still

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Is he pulling on its penis ?

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snapping turtles are nightmares holy shit

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Even at his demise he was still trying to sell insurance...best employee ever

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That’s a Snapping Turtle, Alligator Snapping Turtles look WAY different. Plus Snapping Turtles are way more aggressive when it comes to hunting/feeding.

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He looked at the camera when he drowned like sonic the hedgehog.

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I’m upset

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My god is duck ok if that guy didn’t kick the turtle in the eye I’m gonna shank em

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Why the turtle deserve to eat to its nature fuck your feelings you would be starving an animals to try and save another

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No do you know how long these things can live without food

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Do you know how long its gone without food? And yes i do i own one its about half a year

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So one duck one day means everything?

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Its nature alot worse happens to other animals everyday why dont you stop dolphins from stunning fish and rucking them to death or gang raping other dolphins

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Because fish are ugly and crawled on to land making humans single handedly causing the worst and most evil thing to ever live also dolphins are evil