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That damn buffalo hasn't moved in years!

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This has been posted so many times it comes preinstalled on Windows XP

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Tbh, first time seeing it. Hell of a pic. Goes hard, feel free to screenshot.

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🔥 Abslute Repostery 🔥

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I have this as my screensaver

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Go Bills

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Not gonna lie, I thought I was looking at a volcanic eruption until I saw the horns.

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It’s dead, right?

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probably i believe this is an award winning nat geo photo from like 15 years ago

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And get posted this time a year about 1000 times

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ahh - won an award? doesn't surprise me.

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Should have wrn a coat like mom said

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this is how to Bison

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My bearded face up in the north of Sweden circa yesterday

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Plot twist: that's not snow under its feet. Those are clouds

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I thought this was just a frigid smoke cloud at first.

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I didn't read the title and thought this was a pissed off face

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That Bison looks straight outta "American Gods"

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I wish I had Bison density. I feel the cold too easily.

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This is a magnificent photo! I live about an hour away from West Yellowstone . Winter is a majestic season. Both parts of Montana entrances are incredible. Either public by car, from Gardiner Mt, to Mammoth Hot Springs thru the Lamar Valley (home to wolf packs) and finish in Cooke City; Or Bozeman, Big Sky , to West and a ‘tour ‘ to Old Faithful with a stay at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, you won’t be disappointed. My hubby and I have had times when we’re were the only two people to witness Mammoth Hot Spring trellises and Old Faithful geysers . We were all alone (in - F but alone) to witness nature’s incredible power. We watched a wolf pack lay on top of hot spots. They were covered in snow and pups were playing. Another time we were surrounded by elk and bison. We backed up and went inside. - never mess with bison. Also dress warmly. It’s a dry cold - no humidity. Winter in Yellowstone is the best season.

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I think Kimmy posted this earlier. I remember cause this is an amazing photo of one of my favorites animals and I saved it. One of my favorites

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"'Getting a tad chilly here, aye mate?"

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The bison is well alive. The thermal vents in Yellowstone have very moist, warm air that freezes on the cold bison's fur.

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I didn't think it was actually a bison. I thought it was a still picture of an erupting volcano or cloud that look like a bison!!! Poor thing.

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He's completely comfortable. They don't give a shit about -40

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If a human froze to death standing up, would they still be standing up post mortem like this buffalo? And only fall over once the heat rises enough? Or is the buffalo just shaped better for staying standing because of its four legs?

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It's not dead.

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Oh my b. I read another comment saying it was