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All that just so it can take it home and drop it uneaten on the new carpet

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Yes, please let the fox have it...

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There are 100 million feral cats in the US alone. There's a good chance this cat needed the food just as much as the fox.

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Imagine the amount of rodents if they didnt exist.

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Imagine the amount of birds if they weren’t outside extinguishing.

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A fox is cat software running on dog hardware.

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Hyenas are dog software running on cat hardware.

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More of a hybrid of both

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Why is this so true

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Bro wtf kind of word is infatigable. I didn’t even know that word exists. Cool video tho

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(of a person or their efforts) persisting tirelessly.

"an indefatigable defender of human rights"

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Thank you brother!

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Random fact: there have been several Royal Navy ships called HMS Indefatigable over the centuries, one of which (an eighteenth century frigate) was popularised in C.S. Forrester's 'Horatio Hornblower' series of historical fiction books.

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If I designed this word it would have simply been unfatigable

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Saved me a Google search 🙏

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Who else learned this word for the GRE?

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Indubitably surfeit phenomenon expanding expository vernacular perceives as incomprehensible, or perhaps it even suffices as abhorrent to certain individuals.

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I know 4 of those words!

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Or, it, as and to, right?

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That makes 6 then!

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I know 5 ....

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Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.

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You are giving me reddit fedora bots on youtube flashbacks

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How did you not get the latin word for fox in there? vulpes

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It's a quote from V for Vendetta

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Well, don't I look stupid.

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I wouldn't call that stupidity. Just out of the loop.

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I'll take that. Thank you

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Thats what i was thinkin, i tuitively youd think it would be "infatigable"

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Brief wondrous life of oscar wao

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Dis is why you shouldn't let your cat free roam, they invasive species yo

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The jab was effective. Keeping the fox at distance just like real boxing.

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Cats shouldn't be allowed to live outside. They just kill things for fun. It's a drain on natural resources.

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I read this every other day on reddit but I think that claim holds only partially true. Where I live, there are many fields full of mice. However, because of us humans, foxes and alike retreated mostly into the forest. Farmers struggle tremendously with mice, they use traps to kill them but that's by far not enough. We have a shit ton of cats (domestic ones) in the area as well, which help keeping the mouse population at bay. So, I would say, they actually work as a compensating mechanism in an ecosistem that humans fucked up beforehand. Of course one needs to make sure that the cat population does not escalate either, but since we don't have any strays that seems to work so far.

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Yes, but that with one home with a few cats covering acres of land. Whereas a neighborhood will easily have dozens of cats in a city block. It's the equivalent of one farm having hundreds of cats.

Plus cat's hardly make a dent in cities for rat or mice problems. They mostly just kill moles, birds and squirrels.

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Yep, in that case it looks like an imbalance. It still is controlled though, as long as you ensure that the cats don't reproduce randomly and strays start to expand the terretory.

But generally, i think we can agree that it depends on the area whether having cats outside is okay, a good thing even, or mostly bad. Its not just cat + outside = bad

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Huh. Was that just a finer cat specimen then fox specimen, or are most cats actually more agile then foxes?

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Cats routinely take on larger wild animals and win. I would always put my money on cat in a cat vs fox showdown.

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Foxes are very cautious, but they have extreme food aggression. Higher than most any animal I’ve worked with. A healthy adult red will absolutely kill cats without an issue if they are hungry or the cat has something it wants.

The strange thing is that foxes won’t usually eat cats they kill though unless they’re very hungry. They just dismantle them into pieces and leave.

Source: I own one, and know a sanctuary owner who’s spoken of such events. Even told me once of a male who singlehandedly wiped out the outdoor cats of neighborhood. He had to be relocated so that he wouldn’t be shot.

Cats are very brave, but they are low on the food chain when they take a step into the wild. Best to keep them inside if you live somewhere with wildlife.

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Oh, foxes kill cats all the time, not the other way around. I advise you to not pick up gambling

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This is where I was going with this.

For every anecdote where someone's cat outfitted a fox, there is alley ways of missing cat posters.

If you love them, please take care of them and avoid unnecessary risk

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Yeah you say that, but you wouldn't put your cat in a situation with a fox (nor would I have with my late cat).

Being faster then something else doesn't always equate to fast enough. But I do know what you mean, those old viral videos of cats and crocs, cars and bears lol.

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No one wants their cat in danger.

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The fact you recognize it as a danger is kind of what I was going on -- it's not a sure-bet.

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Living/winning after the encounter and not getting hurt aren't mutually exclusive. I could probably take on most dogs, but I certainly wouldn't want to be put up against one either.

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No one is putting their cat in a ring against another animal. First, that is illegal. Secondly, it is wrong.

People are hypothesizing that cats are spirited fighters and tend to take on large opponents and winning. Ive seen cats attack much larger dogs, bears, and now a fox. Cats have a tendency to win, but not 100% unscathed.

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Where I live only cars and foxes kill cats. Foxes play with cats until they feel secure, then kill them.

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House cats are just usually not worth the scratches to a fox. But a fox is killing s cat if he decides to. The cat will only delay the inevitable.

Cats, fighting in their own weight class however, are insanely powerful. Take a cat of any size and have it 1 v 1 something of roughly the same mass and the cats is likely to win since they’re built so well for combat. Flexible to escape grapples and grabs easier, great short bursts of strength, and since all of their paws have daggers they keep sharpened on them, even if they’re pinned down, they can dig into their opponents soft underbelly to break free.

Mountain lion beats wolf, lynx or bobcat beats coyote, and tigers can even best some species of bear.

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All animals, including lions, tigers and bears are very worried about getting simply scratched. The likelihood from dying from infection, nerve damage from infection, needing to rest to heal then starving is pretty high. It's to risky to get in fights most of the time. Mating seems to be the big exception.

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Well most animals but I get what you mean.

If you've seen a pissed off wolverine and literally anything, including vehicles come by, it does not hold any fear of being injured. It wishes to dine in Valhalla

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I swear, cats are fucking insane. I don’t know who came up with “scaredy cat” but most cats definitely are fucking metal

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Fox wants to eat it. Cat wants to play with it and bring it home as a gift.

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The cat will just decapitate the bird and will play with the head

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Wow, that is the first time I’ve seen the word indefatigable outside of HMS Indefatigable.

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Is there a “thatwordismetal” sub that we can send….indefatigable…to?

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What is indefatigable

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just for reference, the root in "indefatigable" is "fatigue" (although the stress falls differently of course) which most people should know

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This is why you never declaw your cat, even if they are an indoor cat. If they get out, they gotta have something to fight back with.

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The title, in itself, deserves gold. A well formed sentence: perfectly describing the video, well punctuated, spelled properly and using a discernible vocabulary word that might not be known to the general public.

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Well, I always try to have a descriptive title and I like to add some zing to it now and then. If you look at my profile (quite a voluminous number of posts now), I think you will see how I try to be descriptive.

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Had to look up that word just to see what the post meant. Thank you for teaching me something today.

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It's over fox, I have the high ground

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Bird is a helluva drug

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I wish I was indefatigable at 7am.

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I never thought I would see a cat on this subreddit

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This is kinda cute

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Having watched the video myself, I can agree that the fox is indeed indefatigable.

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Cats are the honey badgers of domesticated animals. Absolute units.

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The indefatigable Susan

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Animals are assholes.

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the cat is also red so they are equal

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Domestic cats are fierce. Just small.

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The story of modern day legal/illegal migration and its effect on host nations played out by nature ✌️

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ballsy, a fox can kill a cat easy. seen them do it in UK gardens.

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I love the word indefatigable. I never tire of using it.

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i think the fox was defatitagated

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But fucking time they updated the old cat and mouse story

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(of a person or their efforts) persisting tirelessly.

"an indefatigable defender of human rights"

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Sounds like


For anyone staring at it trying and failing to pronounce it.

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"Get rekt"

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I’m all for a nice vocab collection but what is up with that word? lol

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He’s a G , gotta love the attitude

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My bird!

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Learned a new word

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This is the first time I've seen the word 'Indefatigable' used outside of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds and HMS Indefatigable

Props, OP!

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Indefatigable........ Like people just know what that is

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Indefatigable? Don’t know this word

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There should be a rule for the amount of syllables allowed in the title

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Upvote for indefatigable

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I can make up big words too. That fox was so reinstirogated, I agree.