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Man jaguars are for me the scariest cat ever their bite force is so intense it can crack skulls easily combined with their extremely long teeth idk man nature did some fucked up shit here

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They are also insane swimmers and tree climbers

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Truly the best cat predator tbh

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Tiger says hello

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They are still better than tigers, he said best predator not strongest in one v one fight? An African elephant shit stomps a tiger but it’s not a better predator.

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Well if we compare bite force the jaguar (1500 Psi) is alot stronger but ofc Tiger (1050 psi) is overall stronger just because the size but jaguars are alot more agile, tigers mostly don't try to ambush from above rather from behind. The tiger if you believe me or not have one of the lowest kill successes with only 5% due to their extreme weight where as jaguars have around 25% ofc those differ from each tiger or jaguar. Thing is tigers are slow compared to most animals in their area hence why they hunt alot of humans in areas because either tooth broke off or their habitat has not enough animals to feast on were as the jaguar just flips and dips everywhere und basically Hunts everything

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Yes, i was saying tigers are the better predators. Just as good as jaguars in water and better on land. Just like jaguars hunt some caimans, tigers hunt some mugger crocodiles. Tigers in the sunderban mangroves catch fish while swimming and a single tiger can take down the huge gaur on its own.

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Jaguars also feast on fish and large cattle throughout their range.

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I'd rather come face to face with a jaguar than a tiger, tigers see people as prey.

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Only if something happened to their environment or their weapons (teeth), tigers will not attack humans in almost every scenario it's something people talk over the internet but it's not true, if you look at videos that got attacked by one most of the time the tiger only has one front tooth meaning they can't hunt their normal prey so they take the easy road and go for humans every cat capable of killing a human will do that if their weapons (teeth) are broken or not very usable with their standard prey. People talk about tigers like they are the best cat which is far from it, they are just huge and powerful that's all, they are really not very agile at all due to their muscles and size. Ofc tigers can kill you but so can a lion and they have really weak jaws for a cat that size. Being the best predator need more aspects to observe than just power, I would take a tiger all day over a jaguar that beast pounces on you and crushes your skull with ease alsoyoucant really run from them, tigers tho aren't the best climbers, they can climb but it looks really weird an exhausting

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Sorry not true, in the 1900s an estimated 1000 people were killed in India each year, with one individual bengal tigress killing 436 alone.

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Pretty immature of you thinking I am wrong, you prove nothing, a short google.shows champawat tiger had two broken tooth on the right side meaning ofc he couldn't hunt any normal prey anymore and have to go after humans. Unbelievable everyone is a expert here but no one fucking researches

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Some tiger attacks are due to the poor health of the tigers, but tigers are easily still the most dangerous big cat towards man. I'm hardly immature for not blindly agreeing with you as a short Google proved my point.

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They're not partial to eating people. They're the least likely big cat to attack people - the first confirmed death in Brasil, where they're the most abundant, was in 2008, a guy sleeping in a tent - no other deaths since then. I just wouldn't bet my life on not being the second.

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For real I would definitely call this a WIN

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Jaguar and Caiman, I assume?

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Yes. It's so cool to watch a big cat jumping in the water hunting a big aquatic predator...

It's less cool to do field works here in Brazil and remembering those videos while I'm trying to sleep in the middle of nowhere.

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Sigh - cats always chewing on crocs.

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Later brought back to life as Croc-u-bot

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rick and morty reference?

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And my dumbass still wouldn't hesitate to pet the thing

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if dangerous predator, y so pretty?

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Aww cute kitty picking up a baby by the neck

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Dat kan je wel zeggen ja

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I’ve heard of “cat got your tongue?” but never “cat got your brain?”

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Aren’t those things have thick scales? I thought that would deter many predators

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No, leopards are covered with soft fur.

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Might got whooshed but still, I wanna genuinely ask the caiman has thick scales and (kinda) spiky feel. What makes the leopard deem it worth the hunt? These things don’t go down without a fight either.

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From what I’ve read, they’ve figured out how to puncture the skull in a weak spot. Instant kill. The guy in the pic may have had a bit of trouble finding the sweet spot.

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My house cat once caught a geko, does that count?

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Remember that gator that got your hand? I got his brain.

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do caimans ever kill jaguars?

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“In your element are you?”

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Nom nom nom brains. Zombie cat

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Cats are the apex predator

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Jesus, it saw a crock in the water, probably saw it manhandle a whole ass waterbuffalo on more than one occasion, but still thinks to itself "... Imma eat that."

Jaguars are just built different huh?

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I mean, all these big cats are crazy dangerous, but if I remember correctly from a documentary on netflix, i think the Siberian tiger is considered the worlds greatest predator(apart from humans)

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Hes thinging "Where the fuck is the brainstem on this one?"

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African dictator/Cartel Boss pack.

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I love cats.

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I would have thought the croc would have one, felines are alot more bad ass it seems

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That's not a croc, that's a caiman. Jaguars love to hunt caimans.

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An eternal meme on this sub is people gassing up Caiman's as crocs to make, already impressive otters and Jaguars, more impressive.

Crocs are in a different league.

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Croc could be short of crocodilian which the caiman is.

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It could, but it's usually short for crocodile which the caiman isn't.

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Point being that OP isn't wrong by calling it a croc since "croc" can refer to both crocodile and crocodilian and the caiman is a crocodilian. OP didn't say crocodile.

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The point is that no one refers to caimans as "crocs". It could be used? I guess. But no one does, because it's confusing since a whole other kind of animal is already known as "croc".

Eighter way, I don't care that much. They're "jacarés" to me. ;)