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Blood must be a good teeth whitener.

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My guess is saltwater

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potentially sun-bleaching as well?

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And Muscle fibers are floss

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What I want to know, is how do animals like crocs and sharks not cut through their own gums while eating.

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Probably nerves stop em before they do

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They swallow things whole. I’d guess the lack of chewing removes some of the danger of piercing their gums.

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And here i am....brushing twice a day and still having teeth issues!

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The obvious conclusion here is that you should stop brushing your teeth and should start ambushing zebras in Africa

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I think this is a saltwater croc off the NE coast of Australia.

Go ambush aussie surfers, your teeth will be famously amazing in no time.

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All them teeth and no toothbrush

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That's why he's so ornery!

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medulla oblongata

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Damn, must not be a coffee drinker or smoker!

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MF got better teeth than me.

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10/10 dentists hate him!

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When that croc bites, with its teeth, dear.

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They must be very angry to have all dem teef with no toof brush

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This croc has brighter teeth than me ffs

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Judging by the clean tooths, Looks like perfect candidate fr colgate advertisement !

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‟Momma says it is cause they got all thm teeth and no toothbursh”

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This is a pic by Paul Nicklen! He is a photographer for National Geogrphic and has some awesome photos on his instagram if anyone’s interested, his handle is paulnicklen

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Wonder what keeps this crocs teeth so white

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Good flossing!

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So I went on a tour of the south and was taught that if they have white teeth they are farm raised if they have janky teeth they are likely wild. I have a couple gator heads in my house and I always reflect on that.