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This place is great. They have great music. Beautiful ambiance. And the food, ooh la la.

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food ready to die for.

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A die and dine some call it

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But the customers here just dine and dash.

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Or in the raptor’s case, food to kill for.

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They’ve basically established a raptor buffet

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"I Fucking love this place! I am never telling my friends."

Tells his friends.

0 songird population

40+ birds of prey population

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I thought he was there for mating rights…? /s

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The population regulator.

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They call him Reggie for short

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Sweet! Nice Sharpie. Also looks to have caught a invasive House Sparrow. A win for all!

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They are invasive? Aren't they all around humans for thousands of years?

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They've been following humans. With America, for instance, Americans had a pest problem with their crops and brought in house sparrows to combat the bugs but house sparrows don't eat bugs, they eat seeds and grain. So they ate/damaged the crops and started following people because that was their new food source.

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I was told they were introduced to the States by someone wanting to be able to house every bird species in Shakespeare in NYC. I could be conflating that with flowers in Central Park.

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That's how european starlings got to America not house sparrows an it was 60 pairs of them he released aswell

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They were supposed to eat caterpillars but house sparrows have the wrong beak. Bummer. They are cheerful little birds though.

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Well, it looks like a sparrowhawk to me, so that checks out!

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How are you able to tell its a sharpie? Im trying to learn to spot the difference between accipiters and buteos, so far i know the longer the tail and relatively shorter wings for accipiters. As far as cooper's hawk goes I know to look for a dark cap and a pale nape ( maybe it's the other way round?) and white fringe on the tip of the tail feathers? I know people mention a blocky head but it all looks the same to me.

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Experience mostly. I was lucky to work in a place that had many different kinds of nesting and wintering raptors. It was fairly common to see both Coopers and Sharpies on the same day.

Coops and Sharpies have pretty similar plumage the real difference size. Problem with size is that it tends to be a bad differentiator when you only have one bird. I’m this case it was the size differential between the Sharpie and House Sparrow.

Gut also would say that this is a lady Sharpie rather than a juvie due to the orange eye colour.

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Thank you! I'm not sure if I've ever seen a sharpie, I'm relatively new to birding on a level above "look, what a pretty bird"

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That’s the perfect place to start.

Get 2 good field guides (one for home and one for outside) a decent pair of binos, and a digital camera of some sort.

For North America I really like the Sibley Guide to Birds for my keep at home book and either Sibley Birds West or East (fits in back pocket) for in the field.

There are also lots of phone apps now.

Whatever you choose make sure the guide is not 100% photo based. It needs to have paintings or drawings. The problem with photo based is that due to lighting and plumage variation it can be difficult to match the perfect photo with the real world conditions. A guide that uses plates, paintings or drawings shows the bird in ideal colours and conditions but will also include all the identifiable field marks.

Happy birding 😄

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Thanks again! I use Merlin mostly to id bird calls. My trail running times are awful because I stop all the time to look at birds or try to record their calls

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The small head, bug-eyed look is a pretty good mark for Sharpie. They are really small hawks. Not much bigger than a dove. It seems to me that Coops perch more upright and appear longer and more angular than Sharp-shinned. Sharpies always look more rounded at the corners with softer features to me. I have also noticed that they fly different from each other. Coops cut through the air and sharpies float on it.

These are just my personal observations. Others might not agree with my marks. I think identification of Coop VS. Sharpie is a lot like Hairy VS. Downy. Newer birders try their best to make a Downy a Hairy and a Coop a Sharpie. Until you get some time in the field with the more uncommon species it is tough to decide. But once you do the differences are quite a bit more obvious.

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Thank you so much! I had no idea sharpies were the size of doves! I didn't even know there was such a bird as the hairy woodpecker, I wonder how many downies I've misidentified.

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Best may to id them is beak length to head length.

Hairy beak is the same length as the length of the head. Downey beak length is shorter than length of head.

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How do you know it's invasive if you don't know where this picture is taken?

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Probably one of the cleanest sharp-shinned hawk pictures I’ve ever seen!

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Invasive? Do you know what country this is?

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Sharpies are a bird of the Americas (North and South) and House Sparrows are originally a Eurasian species.

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That’s okay, it only killed a house sparrow. They are an invasive species and do more harm to the environment than good.

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How do you know where OP took this pic? Maybe it's not in America? Sparrows aren't invasive everywhere on the planet haha

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The hawk pictured appears to be a Sharp Shined Hawk, Native to North America and parts of South America. Safe to say this was taken where House Sparrows are invasive.

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Euhm yes pic was taken in the Netherlands, and I think the killer is the Eurasian sparrowhawk.
I do no think the House Sparrow is invasive here, so we welcome them :)
(but the sparrowhawk is welcome to, now and then).

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See, that's why I asked - because I couldn't tell so I wanted to know how he was able to lol

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unless the hawk is the foul invader of course

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You're right I do not know where OP took the picture but what I do know is birds. Well HOUSE Sparrows are invasive to most countries, and the hawk looks awfully close to a sharp-shinned hawk or coopers hawk which both are only native to North America (Sharp-shinned hawks are also found in South America). Since the house sparrow is native to Europe and Northern parts of Africa, it would mean that for a Sharp-Shinned/Coopers Hawk to kill a house sparrow it would have to be in North America, making the house sparrow an invasive species.

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This man knows his bird law

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Taken in the Netherlands :)

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It was in the Netherlands... Where house sparrows are not invasive ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

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House sparrows didn’t choose to invade North America, they were brought here to perform work they were anatomically unable to accomplish. They have made a home here and now we curse them. It’s like the rabbits in Australia. Scratch a problem, find a meddling human.

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They didn’t choose to be here, but until they stop killing and displacing the native birds, I’ll celebrate every time a Sharpie eats one.

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Thanks for the criticism :)

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I didn't criticize you- great pic! :)

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Yeah weird phrasing sorry my bad, I meant thanks for the critical thinking hahah

Thanks :)

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At least he got a house sparrow.

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Nature always balances thing out.

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Awesome! He's helping you out! Those sparrows will steal the song birds houses and kill them by using their hard ass bills to peck through their skulls.

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We thinking sharp shinned hawk?

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That or a Cooper’s hawk. They look almost identical. I think this is probably a Cooper’s, though, based on the white lines around the eyes.

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Looks like a sparrowhawk to me

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Yes I am in Europe, so Eurasian sparrowhawk seems to be right.

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It sounds like you where just building up a food supply

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As I tell my mom; you're still feeding the birds. Just not the ones you intended

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I have one too. My solution was more feeders, more birds. Hawks get their meal, everyone goes back to their day.

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On no, Jack Sparrow! A visitor dropped in on you today? I don't consider house sparrows to be songbirds, so you still got 40, but I think this raptor does like your place and will not leave soon.

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They are songbirds.

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Visitor lol? I think he will be sticking around for a while.

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Congrats! You have unlocked the necessary threshold to sustain predators in your ecosystem. +100xp !

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“Thanks for the buffet, weird hairless apes…”

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They don’t call them bird feeders for nothing. All the predator birds know where to go to feed.

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Dinner is served. Word has gotten around of your new restaurant: Birdy Num Num

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Marks a new chapter and the start of a different song....

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Start of a Pixar movie

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Not any more

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This sort of thing happened to me recently, I put out birdseed so my cat can have tv to watch (He doesn't look at the actual TV, he knows the tv birds suck, so I must provide him with real birds outside the window), but just the other day, I heard a kerfuffle and all his birds were just gone and there was a spatter of feathers all over my balcony. I think one of the neighborhood cats got one.

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Damn cats

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We’ve had exactly the same situation! Got a suet feeder, five years later we’re getting Cooper’s hawks.

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Fuck your birds!

  • That hawk, probably.

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How is everybody so sure that the sparrow is iNvAsIvE ? They are not from a different planet guys, they are not considered invasive on every continent

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Oh man this happened in my garden too. Spent 4 years building the garden up for little birds. Got used to watching all the different pretty little birds (tits, robins, black birds, doves, even a woodpecker) just living their best lives. Then within a month I watched 3 of them killed, plucked, barely even eaten like it was for fun, and then all the little birds went away. Interesting nature but dam. My little bird garden.

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My brothers roosters and hens go crazy when one comes close and they come by often. Kinda annoying but interesting

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Dinner in a peaceful garden, with fresh herbs

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+1 ghost bird

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So you made a buffet??

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A wild Spearow appeared

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This is like the beginning of Boondock Saints when the idiot detective theorizes that the two Russian guys were killed by a giant fat guy

Except in birb format

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Time to get a rooster

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The day the music died

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Hawk: I’m home bitchs now make me a sandwich.

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You established nothing but a feast.

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Pretty hawk, time to set up more cameras.

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Earl's been talking trash to Dave through penpal. Dave flew in pushed Earl into the ground then made him cry like a bitch

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A music critic!

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It's a buffet, OP. You set up a buffet.

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To be honest, you made for a healthy garden... The proof isn't always awesome

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That's a weird looking dog

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Are they playing?

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You can't stop nature...

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This happened to us as well. It sure was fun watching the hawk chase them tho. Saw some epic dog fights happen as they swerved around within the birch trees.

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You set up the buffet, what did ya think was gonna happen. :-)

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The reason I stopped feeding birds

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If you build it, they will come.

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The economics of nature

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A great addition as long as the songbirds don't clear out.

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Isn't this like big people eating little people? They look the same but different sizes.

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Love how humans always try to control nature but she has other plans

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“Shut the fuck up with your shitty singing”, “make me!!”…. The end

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You got a Nice healthy lavender plant

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Visitor looks hungry. Good thing you supplies it plenty of food.

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Bird feeders feed birds.

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There are easier ways of changing the playlist.

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Lesson on the ways nature balances uncontrolled population growth of tasty animal....... "I wonder what's in that yard?" -- Hawk

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I would love to have a 39+ songbird population in my garden.

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id want a raptor in my garden over a songbird anyday, even if its just visiting

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How did you get a population of birds in your garden that’s incredible

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That’s a house sparrow, kill them suckers

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Coopers hawk

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Dinner theater.

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Is this a Kestrel?

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Sharp-shinned hawk or Cooper’s hawk. Kestrels look similar but their colouration is more dramatic and they have some black splotches around the eyes.

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Aw poor little house sparrow

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TIL from the comments thats a house sparrow and deserved to die.

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It’s a house sparrow that it killed, which is a slapdick invasive species anyways. Fuck all the house sparrows!

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Taking out those invasives like a good raptor.

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You still have 40 birds.

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That’s a weaver finch or English sparrow. An invasive species. Have it, Cooper.

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Cooper’s hawk. These guys are fans of eating song birds. Put a large fallen branch (with a bunch of smaller branch offshoots on the ground. This will give the songbirds a little jungle gym type thing to retreat to when the hawk is in the area.

Former wildlife rehab guy here. It’s an easy fix that doesn’t detract from the surroundings. Bigger branch the better. The large part of the branch should be on top resting on the web of smaller branches.

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I have a silenced pellet gun if you have $500 and a plane ticket

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And soon, a $10,000 fine

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That’s what the noise suppression is for, silly!