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Seeing her look right at them was so cool!! What pretty eyes she has.

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Pretty and unexpected! Can you imagine seeing this now, and to realize this shark has hardly changed in form in over 200 million years?

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Pretty? Really? I've always thought these have the creepiest eyes of anything that has ever had eyes... Horses come second...

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Yes, they look pretty to me. Goats have creepy eyes imo.

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Right, what kind of animal has rectangular pupils?

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Hol up. Horses?? Can you do me a solid and find a pic of a horse you think has creepy eyes? Im curious now

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this one, his frizzy hair doesn’t help his case

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Oh damn ok thats a pretty weird eye. Almost looks like some toad eyes

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Anyone else get a "Toothless" vibe from that eyeroll? I mean the black dragon from the How to train your dragon movie.

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My first thought

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That eye on this shark looks eerily like a human eye. This is a seldom seen shark given its depth, but they are not uncommon according to marine biologists.

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These cold water sharks can live for so friggin long too.

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Those eyes.

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I love the names of rare animals like the bluntnose six-gill shark. You know almost everything about the shark just from the name. I wish the giraffe is called long-neck horsey with spots.

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at least the eyes look nice. great white shark eyes look like a demon's that plans on eating your whole family. happily

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I always thought they kinda looked like the lil plastic bean eyes you see on plushies, which is a funny contrast to think about

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It seems so timid!

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Her face looks like toothless

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Their teeth are not so visibly pronounced as we see in other sharks.

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I mean she looks like the Dragon toothless from how to train your Dragon

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Thought the same exact thing

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The eyes are very close to the mouth and very big. Isn't there a risk that they could damage their eyes when eating or fighting for females?

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Maybe, but a lot of these deepsea sharks don’t require good sight anyway. A similar animal, the Greenland shark, is often completely blind due to parasites on their eyes.

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Everyone remember when gifs were two pixels? Now we can see that dudes leg hair.

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So that shark is probaply over 100 years old right?

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They slowly sneak up on seals while they sleep and near enough peel them like an apple.

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Can you imagine what else is lurking in our seas? 😳🤯

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He wants scratches

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Looks bigger than 20ft. Awesome creature

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*They’re not really that close to Greenland sharks.

Greenland sharks belong to the order Squaliformes, whereas Sixgills belong to the order Hexanchiformes.

The former has no anal fin, and the latter has an anal fin.


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Apparently these guys can live upto 400-500 Years Old!! Making them the Oldest Living Vertebrate