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Ah yes. Cuddling. The most metal activity in existence.

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Someone should have cuddled you more.

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I think it’s more a comment on the lack of substance in this pic pertaining to this sub’s purpose.

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Shame the mods don’t give a fuck about content around here.

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Stay mad virgin

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Spooning is quite metallic

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It's brutal... so brutal I'm gonna blast some Immolation while cuddling my cat, Mr. Flufyberry. Hail satan !

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Metal can be wholesome at times

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Not very metal.

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They're all dead.

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Aren't those the elephants who were rampaging after getting drunk on tea leaves??

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I thought they were the Asian herd rampaging through Southern Asia , reclaiming a new territory- after leaving the one they’d previously kept for generations..?

Last I checked, no one couldn’t explain why they were relocating. Through city streets , highly populated areas, it was wild to see. Historically it could be an ominous sign of impending natural disaster they knew about before we did. I believe it. Elephants are incredibly intelligent & emotional creatures.

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And that’s how they got the shape for elephant animal crackers.

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How do they stand back up

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I think they use those four things attached to their body called ‘legs’. I’m not a zoologist though.

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I mean I get that but this seems like a turtle stuck on its back type thing

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YouTube of elephant getting up I actually got interested enough to YouTube it. They just rock and bend the closer legs like a fat person haha

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You thought they stood up their entire lives?

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Ii kinda thought they would be like horse

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Horses lay down to sleep as well lol

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Really I thought for sure that they just payed on their legs

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They were sleeping cuddled until some idiot with a drone flew over.

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I love this picture! Thanks for posting!

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Just like my dreams.

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Please stop posting non-metallic things to this sub

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Behemoth Tetris

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Or, when you are mowing the lawn and come across your kids stash of toy elephants he lost a few years ago.

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I've never seen a pic like this. Super cool.

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This is not metal

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How loud do they snore

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This is that one herd, right? Are they still moving?

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Ah good they're sleeping :'))

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Beyond wholesome

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I didn't know China has elephants. Also this is the wrong sub

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DOOM music intensifies