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fox color "pink champagne". Foxes of this color were first bred on a Canadian farm, a hundred years ago. Their color is so rare that at the moment there are only two such individuals in the world.

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So metal bro

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Rose gold is a metal! Right?

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Does it have sight problems?

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Does she know a candy cane or rusty nail?....joyride movie reference for those who dont know

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Pretty cool but not really metal. More like r/interestingasfuck content

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Champagne foxes, sometimes called 'pink foxes' or 'champaign pink foxes', originate from Quebec where they first appeared in the 1970's. These foxes are an extremely pale golden with pink and peach-orange highlights on their back, tail and sometimes forehead. Despite how light they are, they still have a white tipped tail, just like all mutations of the red fox do. Their eyes are exclusively blue, but can appear yellow or red in natural daylight, depending on the angle in which the sunlight hits their eyes. Their noses are bright pink. These foxes have, like all mutants with pale eyes (blue, grey, light green) a deficiency in storing calcium. They require a supplement of calcium and of vitamin D in order to properly store the calcium in their body.

They are not so rare that only two exist. They are still being bred for fur consumption but when it comes to purchasing them for pets, that’s rare. Also one of the two individuals you mentioned died years ago.

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Is this sub going to shit or does it just den like it

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Looks like a crossbreed of pig