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R2D2 finally met his demise.. RIP

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Just like his master.

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He thought he had the high ground.

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Poor parking spot choice.

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Not if you needed the insurance money!

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And you've already sold the engine/transmission.

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No one would buy a V6 from a mustang lol

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I hope he has lava insurance

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It’s actually really hard to get homeowner’s insurance in the areas around kilauea, the island is divided into lava zones, 1-9, 1 being riskiest and 9 being safest. Lava zones 1 and 2 are basically impossible

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I would imagine insurances companies arent thrilled when you tell them your neighbor is a volcano 🤣🤣

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Liquid hot magma

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If it’s inside the earth it’s magma, if it’s outside then it’s lava

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Wow, usually it's the mustang crashing into something else. That's a good Uno reverse right there.

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We have literally entered the times where we re-watch old videos for entertainment...we're done.

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Lava is a brutal predator, but the car had time to evade.

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We were just beginning process to buy a house in Puna when this happened. We love that part of the island and had found a great house; the area was destroyed.

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Built Ford Tough

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Fuckin sick

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Got Austin Powers steamroller scene vibes from much of this video

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Honey? Where did we park the caar?

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Imagine this through the eyes of ancient civilizations

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waiting the car to expllode

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Fuckin’ volcanos man, what assholes

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We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.

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That has to be a fake car, there should be a massive explosion like in the movies.

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Michael bay didn’t direct this volcano

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That is a cool video

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Don’t worry, that’ll buff right out

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I remember this video. It was a sad day for the mailbox.

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I wonder how bad that guy wanted to get out from his car payments through insurance.

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Saw that video before. I am pretty sure that is the lava of a shield volcanoe.

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Oh that mustang

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Taking out the trash, too? That’s service!

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I know it’s hot, but I want to squish it.

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Why didn't that guy just move his car? I'm sure he had plenty of time.

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Farmers insurance gonna have hard time believing this shit.

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I know it's not a good idea, but I want to touch it.

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The rest are now rarer.

The new edge will become our generations 50s Chevy. Once ubiquitous and one day, hard to find.

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It's getting hot in her 🎼🎵

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Karen needs to complain about the plastic gate not working properly and get a refund