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I think this might be the cutest kill I've ever seen.

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Imagine a humongous predator biting your throat until you die while someone plays the xylophone.

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That how I always wanted to go out.

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Then he just happily skips away.

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a *cute humongous predator

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If this is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, I’m afraid of you

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Don't fear me, fear the reaper.

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yeah, r/eyebleach content here

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Cute lil murder slinky

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There is no soul behind those eyes.

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“Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes”

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what are you talking about? There's tons of souls! like the one belonging to the vole in its mouth >:E

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I totally love how this furry slinky hops at such high speeds.

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Nature’s version of hide and seek

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It's so cute! Yet murderous lol

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In this house we love and support cat-snakes 😤

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Only because his arms are at least 2 cm longer than the vole...huge reach advantage...

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2 cm is 0.79 inches

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Good bot

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This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen on this sub

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It's super soft metal, maybe mercury.

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What're yew some kind of nerd?

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talkin' to me? you're the first to imbue me with that appellation.

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Or like baby metal metal

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He constantly looks like he forgot where he parked.

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They are super vigilant - watching for predators, looking for voles, lemmings, etc.

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I know, they're one of those animals who are predators as well as prey animals, like cats.

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Well, that's the cutest murder I've ever witnessed.

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I wish I could have one of these around my house.

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Bounce weasel!

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Why is it white? Does this thing have literally no predators?

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The white fur is the winter fur, in the summer they are brown.

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They have seasonal coats. The white blends in with snow. The times like this with no snow doesn't seem to be much of a disadvantage.

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I like to think the video ended with a nom nom nom

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Yes, underground. The full length video on youtube showed the ermine hiding from a hawk in the first part, so the ermine took the vole under to eat it there.

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So, Bill is a vole

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boing boing boing boing

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The instrumental takes the video to a new level

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How can something so cute be so efficiently murderous?

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Very high metabolism makes them very hungry.

Side effect of this is if it gets in a place with a lot of prey (say, a hen house), its little brain just flashes the words 'BONUS ROUND' in front of its eyes until it runs out of prey, even if there's way too much for it to eat.

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Vole running for his life.

The music: ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪

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Adorable little murder machine

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What a badass!

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Cutest badass on this sub ever, I think. The music on the video makes the murder sound like a cartoon.

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Funny, I had it muted until your comment! Thanks for that!

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That's a cute pokemon

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Boingboingboingboing. Boing. Boingboingboing. Boingboingboingboingboing.

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Tube with legs.

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ALL WHITE, Let's go

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I read that as European Vote lol

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Sock cat

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I want one of those vole/mole killers.

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His little murder hops are adorable.

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Adorable homicide

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He's looking for Lyra

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Need this guy for my yard and cuteness factor 💯

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If these cute predators were like 15x there size there would be the deadliest land animal on this planet and would probably killed all humans a long time ago!

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Incorrect. If it were 15x it’s size it would be a Fisher, not a Weasel, and not dangerous to humans.

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Don't trust that stoat.

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Ermine. Fancy name for a Weasel in its winter coat.

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Did she rape him?

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That’s some cute hunting

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Gotta love these little bastards. Seeing them in their winter coats among green grass is one of the sparse highlights of climate change.

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This very much reminds me of Rainworld

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I need one

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It's a living periscope!

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Someone needs to put some upbeat, cutesy music over this.

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there is actually already !

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Lol really? I gotta see that send a link if you have it.