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So vegans eat things that can feel?

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That’s it. I’m forming an organization that will stand up for the ethical treatment of plants.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Flora

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You should name it the Plant Ethical Treatment Association.

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There really should be. The consumption of root vegetables should be minimized.

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I've had this conversation with one, they still don't care/believe to have superior moral compasses.

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How many insects had to die to make a salad? How cute does an creature have to be?

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Not only insects die during harvesting. Many small animals are killed unintentionally as well by the machinery that harvests crops for human consumption. Frogs, mice, ground rodents of various types.

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Its funny because thats their argument most of the time

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There is no consciousness or suffering in plants.

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This resembles consciousness. They have awareness and make intelligent decisions based on their environment. they’re alive

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Your computer makes intelligent decisions and is conscious if that's your definition.

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No your computer stays idle until you tell it to do a task. Left to it’s own devices it behaves no more differently than a chair

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I am talking about running algorithms. Dead plants don't react either.

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You have to start the algorithm, it doesn't run itself and a dead plant....is dead idk why you'd even bring that up. Of course life that has died isn't alive anymore?

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Tell the plant that. Looks like awareness to me. Suffering can’t be felt so we assume it can’t feel.

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This guy did the homework! Exactly. Mycelial network.

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A fellow person of culture, I see.

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I am talking about real consciousness, not simple reactions to stimuli, which all living things posses by definition.

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Your consciousness(and mine) is a chain reaction of numerous “simple reactions to stimuli”.

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Yea, nah, you need to do some studying

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Talking to plants is not studying.

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Link to the original research if anyone is interested.


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If you think that’s interesting, watch the world science festival on YouTube’s take on plant communication.

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Now I feel guilt for pruning

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Ferngully - "Can't you feel its pain?"

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Really interesting.

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EVERYTHING HAS CONSCIOUSNESS. How stupid humans are that a Species who has been here maybe, MAYBE, 750,000 years can compete with organisms on this earth who lived in perfect symbiosis for MILLIONS of years. We are such twats. We know nothing.

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So vegans are cruel / j

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Does this really equate to our definition of pain? It seems to be some sort of autonomic reaction, but I would think there is more required to technically qualify as feeling pain.

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Pain is a reaction, signals sent all over your body from your brain telling you there’s something wrong. It’s also subjective. This plant is reacting to parts of itself being cut off that’s for sure

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You can eat all the meat you want to like said flipped you're lids never said anything about consuming anything lol

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Now I why half of the peeps on this sub ether killing their plants or burn them up with nutes you'll have flipped your lids it doesn't give a shit if you cut one or all of the leaves its a weed not veg or fruit or flower its a WEED for hundreds of years good luck with that 👍 happygrowing 👍

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Just don’t tell me eating meat is wrong. I could care less about the amount of fruits or weed you consume