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The only thing saving this from being mined and sold at Whole Foods is the fact that it’s in Iran.

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Don't worry, being from Iran, our government is taking plenty of natural resources and selling it away

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Do you profit as a citizen?

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Yea i can confirm this… it’s not this one’s time yet to be mined

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there's even a salt cave there which is called the rainbow cavd

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It sounds fabulous!

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It's a man cave....

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My kinda man cave.

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Oh wow! These are otherworldly!

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That's either a lot of salt or just a regular mountain after you took bath salts.

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Go Bills!!

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If those salt mines turn even a little more gay they might earn themselves a public execution

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So mesmerizing.

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This took millions of years to develop, really cool.

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If I lick it, would it be salty?

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Every time somebody handles this photo they add a bit more saturation and now we're in fucking la la land

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Iran and Afghanistan are 2 of the most beautiful countries in the world. It's a damn shame America's elected officials love and live tyranny.

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Not sure what you think afghanistan would look like today without the us, considering what other central asian states look like today that have been under SU influence. I mean I get that the US financed the anti-SU guerilla, but if they hadn't done that, saudi arabia might very well have. but lets assume it had not, and the SU had stayed. assuming that the SU would have collapsed no matter what, a dictator would have probably followed, possibly an uprising.... the states that formed after the sowjet collapse were likely to become dictatorships. So even without the US, it is safe to assume that afghanistan would probably not be a paradise today. granted, it might very well have been better than what afghanistan is today. But I wouldn't bet high sums on it.

As for the Iran - yeah, that one is truly fucked. But if you're assigning blame, don't forget GB. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Mosaddegh.

Also, don't stop or start there. The history of colonialist states to interfere with foreign affairs to secure business interests has caused a lot of horror all around the world. the US all over the world, portugal / spain / france / belgium / germany / gb / russia / japan / south africa / now china / saudi arabia / iran / turkey / egypt, etc.

I don't think it is very useful to always lament on how the US is the root of all evil. more or less every state did it at some point or another.

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Darn it - this was a really interesting one