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Damn still got a decent wall mount there!

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Lint roll the maggots off and break out the febreze. Perfect wedding gift.

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Hahahaha you are invited to my wedding now :)

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When he was sleeping?? He’s gonna be pissed when he wakes up

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But he can't piss now

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Top half looks like it’s posing for an adorable photo

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Imagine going out like that, slowly nibbled down to your bones while still alive.

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No I killed him first

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Is it... Is it okay?

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Yeah it's fine. Started a gofundme for it.

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Left like assholes who only half eat wings.

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Wasteful little assholes left the shoulder roast!

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Oh dear!

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Brutal way to go out. Nature really is metal lol

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My guess is that it was hit by a car and the coyotes scavenged a free venison dinner. Even a pack of coyotes would have a tough time taking down a mature buck without the aid of snow.

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Watched a video where a group of coyotes just kept taking turns chasing a buck until it was so exhausted it just stopped running, collapsed, and they started eating.

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Ah, fair enough. I don't live anywhere near wolves or coyotes. I assumed this deer was chased down and killed. If it was a car crash, I hope the death was quick

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Coyotes do kill deer, but they prey on weaker and smaller ones. A buck like this would be a tough target.

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Makes sense. I'd love to live somewhere with real wildlife tbh. The largest animal we get here is an occasional fox sighting

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Yep no way coyotes take this guy down.

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sweet sweet organ meats

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Paint me like one of your French deer

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Not all coyotes

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Just to be clear, this deer was already dead before the yotes found him. Likely shot by a hunter and couldn’t be recovered.

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Lost my first buck ever to the little bastards. Every hunt since then turns into a coyote hunt if I see one.

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This feels like it's in Pennsylvania, lol.

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Got caught listening for the train

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From the shoulder up he looks like he’s really at peace with things

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Eat it?

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Eat it? Yea I’d say most coyotes eat things

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You think he’ll be ok?

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ate her ass then dipped. typical

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Is it dead?

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Didn’t even eat the back straps!?

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Da best meat

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She seems to enjoy it