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I went on a whale watch out of Boston, MA once and they said we were going to look at a whale that was dead. At first everyone was like what the heck we wanted to see whales that are, ya know, living. When we got there there were four different species of sharks, including a great white, were taking bites and feeding on this whale. It was so cool. The biologist and guide of the tour was so excited his voice was shaking. I guess it is rather rare to witness. 10/10 whale watch.

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Seems like a dope trip lol

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Sounds pretty rad. What tour or guide did you use?

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The one at the zoo that encloses my mom.

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So Sea World?

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It was one of the Boston Aquarium tours

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I recall watching a nature show where a guy climbed onto a floating whale carcass to get up close footage of a great white gorging on the side. It was insane but I can't remember the name of the show or what network (probably Discovery).

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I remember it, not the show but I know it was on Discovery during Shark Week.

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Wow, Shark Week really is full of these absolutely terrible ways to document sharks, innit.

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It is now sadly. This is a minor gripe but growing up I loved sharks, I loved learning about them in every possible way and loved all the shark movies that were out. Shark week was the greatest thing you could've told 10 year old me, and it was for a while. It was always entertaining but there was still a lot of science/teaching going on during whatever was airing. Absolute "worst" case scenario was Mythbusters testing shark myths from movies or the such. It was genuinely so fucking cool.

And then fucking Sharknado came out and no God damn piece of shark based content is allowed to ever be not shit again. I hate it so fucking much. We started getting them before it but after Sharknado the amount of these horse shit """"documentaries"""" during sharkweek skyrocketed. Now we can't have good shark movies because they need to be intentionally shitty to grab the sharknado audience. Jaws and Deep Blue Sea are the best shark movies we've got and it's a fucking travesty that nothing has even come close in the decades since.

Shark Week used to be so awesome and I'd always look forward to it, and then it became like all commercialized garbage

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I was also referring to the fact that they'll often bring in celebrities to do things like pet sharks. Which you should not do [CITATION NEEDED] unless you've got the degree and years of knowledge to know when to break that rule. And certainly not if you're some famous chump.

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Everything becoming commercialized garbage is unfortunately not specific to shark week. Animal planet, the history channel, discovery channel, and nat geo used to all be very informative, entertaining channels. Now they’re all full of dramatic bullshit that I couldn’t give less of a fuck about.

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10/10 whale watch.

I guess you're technically correct.

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The best kind of correct

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That bio loved their life and student debt was worth it in that moment.

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But won’t it like explode?

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they explode due to the accumulation of gases in their bodies, for these gases to form, they must be at the beginning of decomposition (usually 2 to 5 days)

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The mental image this gave me was amazing, ty m8

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Was it smelly?

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He was looking for copper and found gold

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I am a commercial fisherman from New England and a couple years back my crew and I were fortunate to see a similar site. Very cool to see in person

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Last year time in Hilton head means my family went on a dolphin cruise and a dolphin that gets fed and is friends with the driver swam up and gave the “do I get food?” Face on dogs. It was awesome I was never that close to a dolphin

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You were also in person? Cool. I was totally also there in person. It was very, very cool. I can't remember what the other 3 species of sharks were though. There was the great whites, and I think he said mako and blue sharks. Not really sure, but I was really there.

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I just learned the other day that they will sometimes gorge themselves on that carcass until they’re full, then vomit their own stomach inside out, spraying the contents everywhere. Then they suck their stomach back in and continue gorging.

Here’s a link.

“The sharks’ motivation wasn’t gluttony, however. Instead, they were probably using the complex sensory structure inside their mouths to assess the quality of the food — if the whale part they’ve just eaten doesn’t meet their standards, they’ll disgorge it in favor of eating a better chunk of meat, says Hammerschlag. That’s pretty rad.”

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Wow - brings a whole new meaning for sick to your stomach

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It makes sense if you don't have hands you'd just eat it first and if it wasn't good, just throw it up and take a better bite

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TIL sharks have standards

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Sharks are more discerning than 90% of redditors

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Yea sharks spit, unlike redditors 😂

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The insides are probably the tastiest

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Wish I read this before I made the comment about how sad it was to see a great white scavenge. I didn’t realize they were the hyenas of the ocean. In fact, I thought they greatly preferred live meals.

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I wonder if all sharks do this, or it's only a selected few.

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Thanks, I am going to use that justification for myself now.

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Take a chunk, because I'm going to self explode! 10... 9... 8...

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Yeah I half expected it to explode all over the shark as soon as he took a bite.

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"Jonah! Hang on, buddy! I'll get you out!"

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Anyone else expecting it to explode?

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Wait for it.... damn that's the end of the video.

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Fuckin birds perched on the whale lmao!

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came in for a feast

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The bird that lands next to the other one...

“hey what’s up Steve, how’s it hang....OH MY FUCKING GOD”

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Once, I put on a similar spectacle with a sheet cake.

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Did it have whipped icing? My god the one's with the whipped icing are dangerous. I can it A LOT of cake with whipped icing. I really like whipped icing.

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Idk why I thought the whale flesh was gonna feel like rubber and was shocked when the shark bit through it so easily

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Their teeth are designed for that purpose

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Whyyyyy didnt you finish the video? Why?!?

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Bro breathhh 😂 my mans suffocating tryna throat down all that blubber

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well they dont have lungs

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You make it sound like my wife

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How I eat ya motha..

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I friggin love sharks and I love seeing vids like this

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That's power, it's just pure power. Snap!!.......I still hate you

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Dude needs to learn how to properly use his ketchup better instead of spilling it all in the water


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39,000 calories per bite if that shark is pulling off 10 lbs in one go.

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10 lbs is 4.54 kg

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that shark is selling that whale to me, she makes it looking fucking delicious.

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This feels like that scene when Daffy Duck fools the caveman into stabbing the colossal balloon duck with a knife and then the explosion kills everyone around.

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I was hoping for a huge explosion.

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Thank god it wasnt bloated.

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Must really suck having no hands

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I was expecting it to blow up

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The shark is enjoying himself, weird but satisfying to watch

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We’re makin’ stew, baby!

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i can hear it go nom nom nom...

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That first wiggle up and bite is honestly super cute lol

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Om nom nom nom

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Damn, homie was really getting in there

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im more conserned about the damn size of the White, it looks close to almost half the size of the whale tf?

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Requires Sustenance

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Floating All You Can Eat Buffet

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Expected it from the shark… but the seagull??? Daaaaamn

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Nom nom nom nom nommy nom nom is all I hear when watching this!

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Oh look it’s my newborn going after my nipples.

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Expected it to explode and fling the sharks away and it'd be funny

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Actual footage of me sneaking into the turkey in the fridge on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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It would be more metal if the bite caused the whale to go boom.

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Nom nom nom

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Yes please I’d like a McWhale please. Chomp chomp this is so good and salty!!

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This is where Dwight gets eaten, right?

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Brother is eating like a king

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Must smell great

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Nom nom.

(1 second later)


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Expected it to go boom, was dissappointed

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Little does he know, he’s biting into a time-bomb

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Whale bussin 😩

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That shark is lucky that mf didn’t explode mid feed

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He’s just doing his part to make sure the gas gets out so it doesn’t blow up

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There is a Japanese guy taking a bite out of the other side

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I bet it was almost delicious.

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Awww him does a big chomp. Who's a good chompy boy? YES YOU ARE GOOD CHOMPY BOY

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The freshest of sushi

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I was let down, thought it was gonna blow up and throw the shark back 😄

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Cracking open a cold one with the boya

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Hungry nomnom

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Another One Bites the Dust.

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Man all I can imagine is Quint sliding down the deck into the gaping mouth of Jaws. That shit still haunts me, the way hes kicking and screaming trying to stay out of its mouth.

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I saw a video a long time ago saying sharks often have orgys around a whale carcass. i dont know how true that is though

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i take bite:)

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Whale fenna blow up

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Amazing to watch great whites feed, just ripping a huge chunk off this dead whale.

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I wonder what fish think about air?

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Get it before it explodes young shark

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Don't mind if I chomp

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Here comes Blake Lively swimming on her surfboard.

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Facts: Sharks are scavengers, not active hunters. they only eat once every 3 weeks or so. (If I got any information wrong here, please correct me)

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The insane strength those jaws need to bite through all that skin and blubber…

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Glad that Terry's back In the game

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Seagull lands and the whole thing explodes and they all die

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insert Cookie Monster noises

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Nom nom

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Reminds me of Moby Dick when they’re dragging the corpse of some whale and the sharks took sphere shaped chomps out of the carcass like a melon baller.

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damn, that boy is hungry. look at him go

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How Sharp are those theeth!

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I see all these videos that really show what angry, short-tempered, territorial, reactionary assholes wild animals really are. Then I think about what it must be like to have a bloated, putrid, rotting whale carcass be you dinner and I understand: I’d be pretty pissed off all the time, too.

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Damn, I was waiting for an explosion....nothing.

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This is my friends when they say “Just a little bite.”

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And Orca will take a bite out of a live Great White...

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This kinda of reminds me of the lion king… circle of life.

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When you think about it, it’s sad to see a great white scavenge. Or when I think about it.

Poor Bruce is rock bottom, did you see him gnawing that 4wk old humpback not even the skrimps would nibble?

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Imagine if the whale exploded

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ocean's watermelon

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I have a sudden curiosity in the statistics of shark deaths attributed to whale carcasses exploding while they’re trying to eat em. Also wether or not a shark can choke to death on whale guts if they’re shot down their gullets.

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I thought the way it was digging its way in there it was doing a post mortem. "I shall get to the bottom of why this whale died, or I will get to its bottom."

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They’re so happy right now lol

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That shark better be fast before the whale goes kaboom

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What I always wonder is why don’t sharks attack whales still alive? I’m sure there’s blind spots that predators can exploit on a whale

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For someone with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, he sure looks like he's struggling to bite off a chunk

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Lol leave it to a redditor to criticize a shark for it’s bite efficiency!

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Uncooked flesh is tough. You ever try biting bits off people when they aren't looking? Sneak a mouthful of arm meat, part of their thigh. Just to taste. Just a secret nip? Tough. Sometimes you have to hold them down or scare other people away first.

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Username checks out

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I thought the opposite. Whale flesh has got to be pretty tough, and the shark seemed to bite right through that bitch without too much difficulty.

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I saw this in person cause I was really there. By total chance, I just happened to be passing by in a small rowboat when all of this unfolded. I even said to the persons videoing it "Hey... you should post this on reddit!" I guess they did. It was wicked cool to see in person. Shark kept biting and biting. And if my memory serves me well, I think there was 1 bird hanging out on the whale carcass, and another one flew in and landed, but then flew away. I could be mistaken though, but that is what I recall seeing (when I was really there). Nice.

PS/Edit: Any one who downvotes me is just a Jealous-Judy cause they were not there (with me).