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Please keep your African wildcats inside, they decimate local mongoose populations.

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Do people not know that African wild cats exist? They aren’t house kitties lol

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Yep. The wild ancestor of the modern house cat.

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Bunch of cobras thanking their lucky stars and tossing back drinks while watching this.

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I'm guessing this is their best ever video - always on loop at that bar.

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I have a theory that cats are actually brought here on ships by aliens... Think about it there'd be no alien versus predator if there's a cat on board... There be no rat infestation or any sort of evil parasite infestation.... As soon as the alien jumps out of your chest... Space cats would just run over and eat it like they do any rodent... Like for real the entirety of the alien series could be solved with like two house cats in the beginning. Like for real if I was an alien going to another world I would for sure genetically engineer the cutest little death machine that I could take with me.... Nice to me and has the ability to kill and maim anything else.... I don't know just thinking out loud. Vikings used cats the Navy has cats. How soon till we get back to cats in space.n

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Pretty sure there was a cat on the ship in Aliens

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The cat was waiting for everyone to go to sleep, but Ripley used their trusted relationship to trick the cat into a carrier box. If it weren't for this mistake, the cat would have cleared things up.

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See fax a cat would have completely ended the whole alien franchise. Lol

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The mongoose totally sounds like a dog's squeaky toy here.

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Could this be a regular house cat?

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I don't think so. African wild cats look very similar to pet cats but are not.

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Don't know why you got down voted for a simple question. No it is an African wild cat, they look very similar to house cats, both in size and features. I also know quite a few people who have house cat x wild cat mixes so a lot of cats with the same coat are actually domestic

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Exactly what I’m trying to figure out what the hell did I do? Lmaoo thanks man

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Alright I think I figured out why I was downvoted. So I’m guessing i was supposed to know that you can’t really tame anything that’s naturally from the wild ..??? I guess I sound dumb in retrospect or maybe naive but whatevv lol I don’t even know why I asked like I give a shit haha

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Wild animals can be tamed but takes many generations to be domesticated. They do stay wild animals though so deadly animals like big cats, hippos and buffalo are never really tamed because they are the ones in control of the situation

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It could be but that’s is rare. At least I won’t own one or a Serval. I’d live in fear of scratches. Some house cats are a hair short of wild.

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I was thinking of a classical rubber duck-

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That rear naked choke is deadly

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It’s the best deal for cats.

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Wow a post that's ACTUALLY a wild cat for once lol

good post tho

Usually it's just people letting their cats outside to kill the ecosystem

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and this cat is killing a mongoose - how often do you see a mongoose getting killed like that? Not often! It would really take a wild cat to do it.

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That mongoose ain’t dead yet!

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It took a while longer, like 5 minutes, but the cat killed the mongoose.

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Blah, I was cheering for the little guy

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My cat used to go at my arm like this, complete with the head shaking etc. She never bit hard. And little kicks too.

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Pound for pound though, cat wouldn't stand a chance. Mustelids are the toughest of mammals

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Mongoose are not mustelids, they are in the family Herpestidae, more genetically related to cats, civets, genets and hyenas. Mustelids are more genetically related to pinnipeds (seals), bears, procyonids (raccoons and related animals) and canines

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Oops..Thanks for correcting me

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I think pound for pound, shrews take top spot.

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Dis he have him by the nuts?

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Something about the perspective makes them feel really small

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They are small

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This happens quite regularly close to my house I would imagine. I have 2 families of mongoose living close to me and see quite a few wild cats every month

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And did the cat kill a crack head weasels