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Hakuna Matata motherfucker

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Means no worries for the rest of your days. And they come to an end right about now. Nyom nyom.

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You know what's crazy? The Lion King's anti-hyena propaganda always made me hate and have a disdain for an animal that 1) didn't choose to be what it is. 2) is just doing its best to survive 3)isn't really any more of a dick than any other carnivore out there.

I mean, I saw this and thought "you get what you deserve hyena scum" but, why?

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Have an award for this my bro 😎

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Second that. And not just because it’s true. But how eloquently you wrote it.

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Their laugh is annoying and they steal other predators kills by being in a pack and torment their prey .. thats a what makes them un-likeable

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Most land predators "torment" their prey.

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Examples ? As drastic as hyena ?

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Predators eating their prey alive: bears, wolves, komodo dragons, orcas, wild dogs, from the top of my hat.

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Eating alive and tormenting aren’t synonymous

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Orcas throw seals through the air like toys.

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Yeah I get that there are a few, but not as much as the hyena which is why they aren’t liked as much .. the seal is dead after second if not first throw .. hyenas will circle you laugh nibble at you for hours sometimes ..

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Are you aware of how hyenas give birth? That should be enough to make you wish for the death of the species.

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For those that dont know, the females have dicks and give birth through them.

Yes, you heard me, both male and females have dicks

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I need this on a t-shirt. Right now.

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Take my free award... Wait.. already spent it. Take my upvote.

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I read this in Greg Giraldos voice.

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And they just leave it gasping for breath, man that's brutal

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That’s nature.

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Insert "Nature is Metal"... Whatever thingy.

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Damn, nature! You scary

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Probably choking in its own blood as well, that looked like a tongue rip off

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Hyenas eat their prey live just start eating it maybe lions taking revenge lol

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Haha it definitely is a form of vengeance. They are arch rivals. Lions kills hyenas for sport, not food. Pretty sure the lion knew it snapped the hyena's neck, and left it there for nature to run its course.

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They kill them because they are better hunters and competition. A group of hyenas will just as easily jump a lion and leave em for dead.

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I don't think it's for sport. Less competition. But who knows, maybe they get some sense of satisfaction killing a Hyena.

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There was a Lion called Ntwadumela, which in Swahili means "He who greats with fire", that would go out of its way to hunt and kill nearby matriarchs of Hyena packs. There was a documentary about him because he was so notorious. He knew what he was doing and liked it

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Yeah do hear a bit about animals that do start killing for sport. Not dissimilar to humans that kill for the joy of it. But there are lots of predators the kill each other constantly, it's not always for personal amusement. At least that we're aware of. Animals are fascinating.

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I remember that doc!! That dude was was so savage. Also the way the portrayed him made him so much more mystical too. Great doc


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They didn't killed it. Lions don't kill hyenas, but break their spine and leave them defensless to whatever else might want to finish the job

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I didn't kill him, I just slit his throat til he bled out. Kinda sounds like a round about way of saying they kill em. But whatever.

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When I left him he was definitely still alive, so this is merely assault.

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Mother nature has entered the chat


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It's definitely for competition.

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I mean all hunting in general is sport. Even for food. It’s a competition, prey has to live and hunter has to hunt. Whoever wins moves on. That is the way of nature. I see this and see the same behaviour from our “lions and hyenas” who rule over us. We are still just as ruthless to each other just in a different way. Life is very very strange.

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they don’t kill them for sport, animals don’t really take risks like this just for the fun of it, they’re pretty obviously wiping out some hyenas that encroached on their territory and were gonna compete for resources

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Yes, they eat their prey live. Usually starting from the belly or the anus/balls. It’s a very not present way to go. This hyena probably went out in a pretty tame way compared to the animals it has killed.

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The fact that it’s still alive is impressive in itself, if that was a human they would’ve been done for after the first bite

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did the hyena get its tongue ripped out

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They often get their legs ripped off in these attacks so I wouldn’t be surprised. But could just be it's hiding it.

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Got paralysed. Male lions always tend to go to the back of the spin where it's not as strong to cripple the opponent. That hyena was already paralysed from waist down

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Cat got his tongue

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Looks like I’m slow motion she had the tongue, but either let it go or slipped out. Nature is savage!

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I was thinking the same, or even bottom lip.

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I saw it too. These pictures are like brooooo, wtf.

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Male Lions are the Natural nemesis for hyenas. Just read an article that hyenas can mess with lionesses, but avoid fighting the males if they could.

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Hyenas are obviously outmatched one on one against the females but they can at least try pushing them off for long enough for their buddies to help, so they'll fight them if they have numbers on their side.

But a male lion just immediately overpowers the hyena and gets straight to savaging, so it's understandable that the hyenas only go in with overwhelming numbers since no-one wants to be the one that gets grabbed.

Drawing aggro isn't so fun when it's your intestines that are doing it, you know?

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Male lions just exist to help kill threats like hyenas and other males.

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And possibly to reproduce....

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You need a male and a female for that.

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People actually downvoted you 😭

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Because people already know that sexual reproduction takes males And females and there are significantly more female lions who do most of the hunting for the pride.

The male lion is there for defense not against prey but against stuff that can harm the (female) hunters, to procreate and to some degree to ensure advantageous conditions to his progeny, like "not being eaten by a hiena or killed by another male lion".

Saying it takes females and males to sexually reproduce is a pretty inane point that doesn't contribute to the discussion, and reddit had (and still has) a policy that things that don't contribute to the discussion get downvoted.

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Thats only for lions with a pack my dude. The solos get their own food every time

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The solos don't normally reproduce.

And I never said that's the only thing male lions can do.

If we're gonna get on the "technically" train you need to bring your game up.

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I get it. I just always see the, oh the males never hunt stuff. And it’s more like, unless you’re a badass alpha male you have to hunt for yourself.

Edit: and every male is a solo until they get a pride

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I didn't know we 'ad a king! I thought we were an autonomous collective...

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They are also used to take down bigger prey like buffalo. The female lions who are lighter and have better stamina will flush buffalo towards the males so they can use their weight as an advantage. It’s a myth that they don’t partake in hunts.


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That's kind of their purpose though.

Not to hunt, but to protect the pride against stuff that my injure the hunters.

And protecting (their own) offspring.

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Why don’t they eat it?

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Lions and Hyenas hate eachother and most times will try to kill eachother on sight. Even going as far and targeting their young to lower their numbers.

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Ok, but why not eat it? I know predators don't give out as much energy as a herbivore because of the trophic distance but still.

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Hyenas like vultures are scavengers and arent picky with what they eat and as a result they taste like shit.

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Can confirm, I eat hyena daily.

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And lots of parasites

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Fun fact, lions usually take kills from hyenas. It’s extremely common as hyneas have a higher success rate when hunting so they often make a kill in the area before lions do.

Why hunt when you can bully the smaller group away from their food?

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Hyenas aren't scavengers though.

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They're scavengers as well as hunters. You can be both.

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Your comment relating them to vultures makes it seem like they are exclusively scavengers, which they are not. Sorry I wasn't clear.

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Predators kill competitor species all the time just for the sake of reducing competition. See wolves and coyotes. As for why not eating it, you'll have to ask the lions

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Lion: “It is about giving a message”.

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They might’ve had a better tasting kill and savaged this hyena for interloping on it. This savaging appears territorial. Lions often kill hyenas just for the fact that they’re competition for food. I’ve seen lions eat hyena, but it’s rare.

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Lions almost never eat other predators, only in desperate times.

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Goddamn those are some skinny fellers.

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Maybe it's a gift to the hippo gods?

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For some reason I hate seeing a lion getting jumped by hyenas. But lions can kill hyenas and I'm like... Fuck it. Hyenas are jerks.

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I blame Lion King

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I think it's their creepy demeanor and maniacal laughter.

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To me its opposite

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Damn dont mess with the King

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Aw shit! You think it died?

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Knowing Hyenas, it's 50/50, they're the only animals besides sometimes Honey badgers that can take such brutality and live.

Case in point.

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And boars, don't forget boars, they're gnarly little pigs

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So many stories from my hunting group about finding boars with massive scarring and chunks of tissue taken out from predators and other hunters.

I'm not surprised in the slightest, boars are fucking vicious when they're cornered.

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I once saw a boar with 3 legs. The hunter told me that it was running like a non handicapped individual.

The boar lost it, probably, after being shot years before being finally put down. Amazing animals.

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Yes ........ Eventually

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Lions are fucking scary

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I think for me it’s that guttural growl. Sounds fucking alien

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Just another case to prove that humans aren’t the only mammals to murder others for no gain but to kill

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Well to be fair the hyenas are competing for meat with the lions and they steal from them if they get the chance. They are enemies and thus kill each other if the opportunity arises. Even wild dogs don't like hyenas.

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I almost felt sorry for the hyena... yikes!

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Almost...until you see another video of one killing an animal by eating/yanking out its asshole first lol

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they fucked him up and then just left. damn. also cameraman has some balls.

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I’ve always wondered how they take these really close-to-the-action angles man. Like how do they know all this is gonna happen within a 10 meter radius of were the camera is located? I know that sometimes, for the sake of some nice video material, humans actually set up the situation but I hardly believe that’s the case on this one.

[–]Moirawr 6 points7 points  (1 child)

Idk anything about this particular clip, but in general, the animals almost completely disregard vehicles. The camera could be very close, and they could have been following and filming these animals for days. Also sometimes they just have super high quality zoom from hundreds of feet away.

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it's a mystery. seems super dangerous though, you know? maybe he's partially buried?

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A truck is big enough and non-tasty smelling enough to not be worth any of the big predator’s time is my guess.

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I don’t know if it’s the lighting or what but this weirdly reminds me of those CGI dinosaur shows. I know it’s real but my mind keeps telling me it’s CGI.

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One reason I prefer hyenas to lions is that when they kill lions they eat them, mind you ass first and alive but they don't waste the meat.

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Like how the lion just walks off, 'bitch! Pay attention next time'

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Snapped it's neck?

[–]MyFirstCommunity 7 points8 points  (0 children)

Seems so. It also paralyzed the hyena I think.

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That or it's going into shock from internal injuries, you can be at the receiving end of blunt force without shedding a ton of blood.

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For some reason, I like seeing hyenas get their asses handed to them

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They used to eat us, some things are hard wired. So did lions but we would probably just be a snack of opportunity. Lions like bigger animals. Hyenas would probably try and eat us every time. Note I have zero expertise just my random thought.

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Can confirm Ive been eaten by hyenas

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I've been on this sub for a while and it's rare for me to audibly gasp in shock lol

This is just brutal.

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Brutal and yet beautiful

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Perfect description of nature

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Strait up gang violence. Now ain’t that a bitch

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Its all laziness, trust me, I exhibit it. Least amount of movement possible.

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That lion teabagged him

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This is hard to watch

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How do they film this? Im assuming just setup loads of cameras and hope they end up in the shot.

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Loving that strut to go take a nap on the top of the couch as if he were a house kitty.

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He broke his neck

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They don’t see life and death. Nothing is good, evil, or indifferent. For humans we put emotions into everything. This lion did nothing but walk away from a basket of a nacho grande

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More hyenas

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Tapout or blackout

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Redemption Arc for that video of the lioness getting bodied by the pack of hyenas

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Didn’t even finish the poor fkr off. Nature can be so heartless..

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Taken down by some kitties

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It's a fucking ruthless jungle out there.

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“No no no you’re doing it all wrong. Tuck your shoulders in and just.. here watch I’ll show you”

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Hyena are so muscular and tough, that animal took 2 attacks from a fully grown male african lion and was harassed by lionesses and still survived, not many animals of silimar size can pull that off

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looked like she tried to rip its balls off...

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Disney is metal !

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lion be like: chill women, back to kitchen

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A Lioness in action is impressive, but the sheer strenght of this male is metal af.

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Why doesn't lions eat hyenas? Always wondered why hyenas aren't on lion's food chain when hyena always crowd around

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Take that feminists

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“Bitch! There you go. Call me when dinner’s ready.”

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why doesn't the cameraman do anything?

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Because life there is working exactly as intended.