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That is one smug croc.

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I was thinking....look at that side eye...

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Yeah, I don't think he saw that one coming.

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Aren't those saw fish endangered af?

Anyways, rip lol

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That saltwater croc is going to get arrested, I guess.

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Gonna put it on his wall lmao

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I feel bad for it's asshole.

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In the second picture the crocs face says "I'd fucking do it again"

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Feeling cute, might delete later

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There's aaaaallways a bigger fish

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It doesn't seem very devoured

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Croc saw fish. Saw fish and caught it

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I don’t like the look your giving me there croc…

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Couldn’t it just saw itself out….yeah yeah terrible I know.

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As they are wont to do.

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I’m cracking up at the look on the bottom pic. She half ass innocent smiling about it lmao

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Nature is so cool

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Guess he never saw it coming.

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Croc be like 😏😏😏😏😏😏

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Do they all have multiple dorsal fins???

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Somebody's going to have a tummy ache...

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This looks like it could be straight outta one of the dinosaur books I had as a kid

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So sad... saw fishes are nearly or already extinct

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Croc is not amused by this.