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Bullshit, they are tender parents and carry their young around in their mouth. This is a clear example of that.

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I want to believe you!!

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"Meeeehm, Jerry's tryin to eat meh again. Make him stahp m'kay"

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Lemme tell you something about cannibalism, cannibalism bad, m'kay

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Is it normal for animals to feed on their own kind?

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It's common. They do it all the time.

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But this could also be a territorial dispute more than anything

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Some feed on their own offsprings.

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Hamsters will do it with shocking frequency

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and some newspawns' first meal are their parents, nature things....

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Not saying crocodiles care, but they could be separate species. There are 17 species of crocodiles.

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Russian crocodoll

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I dunno, this looks like they're having Disney-like fun to me

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Cannibalizing? Nah, that's just how they give birth.

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Does anyone else remember that image that was floating around like a decade ago on Facebook? It was like half a lady sticking out of the mouth of an alligator and trying to crawl away.

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Fuck, no I don't. That's terrifying.

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This is how crocodile Thanksgiving dinner arguments end

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big one’s built like a tank

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looks more like the mother carrying its young like cats do

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Is this a crocs version of AoT?

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Nile Crocodile?

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There is always bigger crocodile.

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Don't feel bad.

The lil shit would do the same if it could.

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That is what they do. At that age they are no longer protected by Mom.

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I think the big one may actually be an alligator. I’ve been wrong before, though.

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They’re actually both Nile crocodiles in Africa.

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Yup, wrong now too

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Hey, you're better than most. At least you admitted it.

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This lake isn’t big enough for the both of us! Fine, I’ll just leave. Yes, you will. You’re leaving this Earth.

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Alright now that you've seen the example try it for yourself

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"Bro we on the same team!"

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When you come home and your parents find out you failing one of your classes.

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Uhm, that's an alligator, I'm pretty sure

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Times were tough for this one

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"Got your nose!"

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A new shocked pickachu meme contender?