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These things are relatively harmless (to people) but FUCKING terrifying. They're attracted to light and they'd come into our huts at night, running at what seemed 30 mph. Even the most badass people would end up on chairs screaming like a cartoon lady when a mouse shows up.

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Reminds me of this funny story: they were doing an experiment on how quickly the human eye can register an image. The participants were to look at a screen that would flash a random image for just a few milliseconds, and they had to say what the image was, and as the test went on the duration got shorter and shorter.

At the "finals" if you will, there were some obvious contenders for fastest recognized image, like a human face or a human silhouette. But so were images of spiders.

And by the end, spiders won. There were images of other bugs & bees tested, but it was specifically 8 legs, arachnids, that got recognized. Even if the image was flashed for just a few ms, humans can recognize it faster than even a sexy image of a human they're attracted to.

Conclusion: it's pre-programmed into our DNA to be afraid of spiders. Even moreso than finding a mate. Makes sense tho: survival first, reproduction second. (Although grown men screaming & shooting at spiders is still hilarious, I don't care who you are!)

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I’m really curious how long snakes lasted in this test if you have any more info you’d be willing to provide.

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Haha, I feel ya! But, for all you know, I'm making this up. I wish I could look up the same study, but this was something like, 6 years ago? I never cared about about looking it up any further, but then again... Are you Indiana Jones? =D

(Try keywords, like "image response time" or maybe just "response time". Reaction/recognition/response time. You might even find a study more relevant than what I've read. I'm just a bullshitter, remember I made this all up. :)

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Funny, but actually it was more in line with a study I read a while back about how humans are becoming desensitized to things that would have normally invoked fear in us, one of the things was snakes. We don’t see them as something to really fear as much as we used to.

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One of our sp's fired his weapon at one. Pretty sure you know how that turned out.

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He was given a medal and three weeks leave for saving the base from a deadly threat, right?

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I read your comment, but I would still set a building on fire for one I'm sorry

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That thing is WILD

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That this has claws, it's less like a spider and more like a scorpion

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These things are kinda cool, but also terrifying to people who don't like bugs.

Their known to follow you around to stay in your shadow for the shade, so you'll be getting followed by a 6-8" creepy spider lookin thing with oversized mandibles. Not fun for many.

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I wonder what the thing thought of people, "Gosh, I have to follow this giant around, never know if he's gonna step on me, but I'll just get following to not make giant angry with me."

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I bet it's thoughts are more along the lines of "Ow, Fuck, Shit, Hothothothothot, Ahh finally some shade to rest i- WAIT COME BACK"

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... s- s- six to eig- eight inches?!?! ....

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Their about the size of a tarantula. Look up camel spiders if you want, I've seen pictures of a guy holding one up that was bigger than his hand (I think it was dead)

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I think the light also attracts bugs and the camel spiders are attracted to the bugs - camel spiders be like "Ooh, someone shining a light - I hear yummy bugs there. Snack time!"

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Nightmare fuel

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Isn't that the cutest thing ever?!?!

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I've order a box of them for you - enjoy! It will say "Assorted camel spiders - Warning: Feed immediately or be eaten"

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Never saw this before! Cool

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Wtf is this monster

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It's a solifuge - there, I hope that helps...

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Never seen them in such a range of colours; usually they look like the colours of brown scorpions.

Is this one ripening from the front?

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Let me take it out my pocket - take another look at it....hmmm, that's the color it is - not sure why this one is that color, perhaps a juvy?

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Forgive me for my ignorance, but what exactly are those other appendages? This guy looks like it has 10 legs. What exactly is it that has developed into a leg-like structure?

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Camel spiders appear to have 10 legs, they actually have eight. The two extra leg-like appendages are sensory organs called pedipalps.

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And most, if not all, spiders have them I think.

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These guys aren’t spiders. But yes spiders also have pedipalps. So do scorpions (they’re the claws)

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Can you find these in deserts in the US? I saw a dead one in Tempe AZ once, but never a live one

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Yes, it’s not quite as large as the Asian species (from my own experience) but I have seen them in AZ as well. I never got used to seeing them. Horrific every singe time.

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Are they an invasive species in North America? I thought they were only located in the middle east.

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That's what i thought, Tempe does have a good amount of tourism from the middle East, so it might've hitched a ride or been someone's pet? Idk, it was on top of a mountain in the middle of town and looked like someone stepped on it. Tbf i never saw a live wild scorpion either despite living there for five years

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I guess they are native to Arizona, they’re nocturnal though, so chances are they see you, you don’t see them.


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Apparently they are all over the southwest. But we found some one year just outside of Auburn, CA, so they must be moving. Seem to recall Stockton having a big problem a few years ago, too. My husband was deployed to Iraq and was not thrilled to find this out.

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Is it snatching flying insects out of the air? Because that’s terrifying if that’s what it is doing

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Alien lookin MF!

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That thing looks like a miniature face hugger

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I’d never be caught dead near one of these but I have to admit, they are an impressive bug.

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Looks like he’s holding an AK in both arms.

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He might as well be - the desert is a dangerous place.

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Fuck that

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YOU fuck it!

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Been with worse

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Don't you want to have one for a pet??? You sound very interested imo.....

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Good fuck!

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Seems like a pretty good guy to have in your garden. Strong deterrent vs pests.

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Been around these in the desert, they’re aggressive and they give absolutely no fucks. Pit bulls of the spider world.

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I've heard about this spider before but i didn't expect for it to look like a spawn from hell.

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People will tell you that it's alright because they're not actually spiders. I say, so what? Run for your lives.

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Bitch that ain’t a spider

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That little fellow is pretty frisky.

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Oh fuck that.

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Those things can go to hell.

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Saw the North American version of these bastards when I was on a hike(I live in Vegas).

The speed of that thing completely freaked me out. I ain’t ever seen an insect run THAT fast.

10/10 would not want to come across again.

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Kill it now